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Improve the Health of Your Data


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How healthy is your data?
Data health is a multi-dimensional indicator of the integrity and effectiveness of your organization's most valuable asset. It is something that is increasingly difficult to be sure of when your data is growing in size and complexity, and when your team is becoming more dispersed.

Get insight into your Big Data like never before with the Data Health Dashboards in QuerySurge, the leading Data Testing software. These dashboards will enable you to easily see trends in both your data and your team's performance.

In this slide deck, you will learn how to:
- Improve your data quality
- Reduce your costs & risks
- Accelerate your data testing cycles
- Share information with your team
- Gain a holistic view of the health of your data

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Improve the Health of Your Data

  1. 1. Improve the built by Bill Hayduk Founder / CEO Martin Henry-Lester Product Specialist Automate your Data Warehouse & Big Data Testing and Reap the Benefits QuerySurge™
  2. 2. built by QuerySurge™ About FACTS Founded: 1996 Locations: New York (HQ), Atlanta, Philadelphia, Phoenix Strategic Partners: IBM, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Teradata, HortonWorks, Cloudera, Amazon Software: QuerySurge RTTS is the leading provider of software & data quality for critical business systems
  3. 3. built by QuerySurge™ Current Data Trends
  4. 4. Data Impact in Business Walmart handles > 1 million customer transactions every hour. Facebook handles 40 billion photos from its user base. Google processes 1 Terabyte per hour Twitter processes 85 million tweets per day eBay processes 80 Terabytes per day built by QuerySurge™
  5. 5. “Data warehouses are more critical than ever to business operations. Their value keeps growing because they represent a company’s crown jewels.” - Forbes built by QuerySurge™ Current Data Trends Data Warehouses Technologies: traditional vendors Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Teradata, SAP, other
  6. 6. built by QuerySurge™ Current Data Trends “85% of data is coming from net-new data sources” (mobile, social media, web, etc.) - Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden “Analysts estimate enterprise data growth of 50x y-o-y through 2020” -Hadoop Summit 2014 Solution: Big Data Technologies: Hadoop, NoSQL, In-Memory DB Large Data growth
  7. 7. Relational DB & Data Warehousing Source Data @ BI, Analytics & Reporting Ingestion built by QuerySurge™ Sample Use Case: New Data Architecture
  8. 8. built by QuerySurge™ The Bad Side of Data
  9. 9. built by QuerySurge™
  10. 10. Strategic Decisions based on BI (may) = competitive advantage but… Strategic Decisions based on Bad Data (will) = a loss of $millions$ “Poor data quality cost companies $8.2 million annually…25% reported that bad data was costing them more than $20 million every year…4% put the figure up to $100 million” - Gartner survey built by QuerySurge™ The Business Effect of Data “Most companies estimate they're analyzing a mere 12% of the data they have.” - Forrester Research study these companies are using BI to provide a competitive advantage…
  11. 11. built by QuerySurge™ The Solution Test & Monitor the Health of Your Data with Surge the Data Testing solution for Big Data
  12. 12. What is QuerySurge™? the collaborative Data Testing solution that finds bad data & provides a holistic view of your data’s health built by the Data Testing solution for Big Data
  13. 13. • Reduce your costs & risks • Improve your data quality • Accelerate your testing cycles • Share information with your team with QuerySurge™ you can: built by QuerySurge™ • Provides huge ROI (i.e. 1,300%)* *based on client’s calculation of Return on Investment
  14. 14. the QuerySurge advantage built by QuerySurge™ Automate the entire testing cycle  Automate kickoff, tests, comparison, auto-emailed results Create Tests easily with no SQL programming  Query Wizards ensure minimal time & effort to create tests Test across different platforms  data warehouse, Hadoop, NoSQL, database, flat file, XML Collaborate with team  Data Health dashboard, shared tests & auto-emailed reports Verify more data & do it quickly  verifies up to 100% of all data up to 1,000 x faster Integrate for Continuous Delivery  Integrates with most Build, ETL & QA management software
  15. 15. Finding Bad Data SQL HQL SQL HQL SQL SQL  QS pulls data from data sources  QS pulls data from target data store  QS compares data quickly  QS generates reports, audit trails How? Reports, Data Health Dashboard built by QuerySurge™ Source Data Target Data
  16. 16. QuerySurge™ Architecture Web-based… Installs on... Linux Connects to… …or any other JDBC compliant data source built by QuerySurge™ QuerySurge Controller QuerySurge Server QuerySurge Agents Flat Files
  17. 17. Collaboration Testers - functional testing - regression testing - result analysis Developers / DBAs - unit testing - result analysis Data Analysts - review, analyze data - verify mapping failures Operations teams - monitoring - result analysis Managers - oversight - result analysis Share information on the built by QuerySurge™
  18. 18. Design Library • Create Query Pairs (source & target SQLs) – Create custom SQLs QuerySurge™ Modules Scheduling  Build groups of Query Pairs  Schedule Test Runs ‒ Run now ‒ Run every Friday at 11pm ‒ Automatically run from ETL tool, automated build software, test Management software built by QuerySurge™
  19. 19. Deep-Dive Reporting  Examine and automatically email test results Run Dashboard  View real-time execution  Analyze real-time results QuerySurge™ Modules built by QuerySurge™
  20. 20. built by QuerySurge™
  21. 21. built by QuerySurge™ • view data reliability & pass rate • add, move, filter, zoom-in on any data widget & underlying data • verify build success or failure
  22. 22. built by QuerySurge™ individual Data Widgets add, drop, move, filter, print, zoom- in, zoom-out on any widget & underlying data
  23. 23. built by QuerySurge™ Smith, Steve more Data Widgets add, drop, move, filter, zoom-in, zoom-out on any widget & underlying data
  24. 24. Try QuerySurge for free! (1) a Trial in the Cloud of QuerySurge, including self-learning tutorial that works with sample data for 3 days or (2) a downloaded Trial of QuerySurge, including self-learning tutorial with sample data or your data for 15 days or (3) a Proof of Concept of QuerySurge, including a kickoff & setup meeting and weekly meetings with our team of experts for 30 days more information, Go here QuerySurge built by QuerySurge™ TRIAL IN THE CLOUD the Data Testing solution
  25. 25. © 2015 Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. 25 To see the video of this Webinar please visit: Improve the QuerySurge built by QuerySurge™ the Data Testing solution