Overview of Document Management in RTO KnowHow


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Slides from public webinar held 5th September 2013. Overview of benefits and capabilities of RTO KnowHow document management. Please call 1300 676 870 for more information.

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Overview of Document Management in RTO KnowHow

  1. 1. Document Management in RTO KnowHow How to use RTO KnowHow to efficiently store, manage and distribute your RTO documents
  2. 2. Contents: This slide presentation includes an overview of the following topics: • Overview of benefits an capabilities • Uploading/Storing Documents including Policies and Procedures, Forms and Training & Assessment Strategies • Customising Access permissions: Document Folders and Roles • Finding stored documents • Mapping to Standards and Related Documentation • Standards Master List • Review Dates • Compliance Matrix • Document Approval • Version Change
  3. 3. Benefits of using RTO KnowHow to manage your documents • Live and up-to-date compliance matrix at the click of a button. • Centrally manage all documents and customise staff access levels. • On or off-site, your staff will have easy access to current documents. • Centrally manage all policies, procedures and forms, link them to RTO standards assign responsibility and manage versions. • Find documents easily by searching or sorting by key information. • Version control and automatic archiving of previous versions. • Inbuilt approvals system
  4. 4. Overview of Document Management • Stored and Organised according 4 type areas - Documents - Policies and Procedures - Forms - Training and Assessment Strategies • 2 ways to create a document - Upload existing file - Use our text editors and fields to create a document from scratch • Tree View & List View - Documents - (folders) - Policies, Procedures & Forms – (Quality Areas) - Training and Assessment Strategies – (Qualifications & Courses) • Approvals • Compliance Matrix
  5. 5. Settings to check before you start • Print logo setting (Management > My Account> System settings) • Document Coding (Management > My Account> System settings) - Use Own Coding - Use Default Coding - Use No Coding • Related Master Lists (Management > Master Lists) - Document Folders (click Edit to review access) - Quality Areas - Standards • User Role Settings (Management > Roles) - those which relate to Documents, Policies & Procedures, Forms and T&A Strategies
  6. 6. Uploading/Creating/Storing • Creating/Uploading Documents 1. Choose type (document/policy&procedure/form/T&A Strategy) 2. Click ‘Add New’ button • 2 ways to create a document - Upload existing file - Use our text editors and fields to create a document from scratch • Using all fields and settings (e.g.): - Starting Version Number - Mapping Documents - Linking to Related - Publishing Details
  7. 7. Drafting, editing and submitting for approval • Document Status and visibility of documents • Edit a Document • Choose Approver • Approvals manager
  8. 8. Version change & automatic archiving • View and then Create new version • Old version is linked to new as document history but not showing for access on its own • Use of under review status • Archived list and status
  9. 9. • Easily see documents overdue for review • Find according to standards or other document details. – filters and data sorting • View/edit/download functionality Locating Documents