Regional Task Force on the Homeless - What We Do


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A brief overview of our organization.

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Regional Task Force on the Homeless - What We Do

  1. 1. Regional Task Force on the Homeless (RTFH) - Fact Sheet RTFH Background About Us Who FH In 1984 the City of San Diego created the RTThe RTFH is San Diego County’s The RTFH supports “Mayor’s Task Force on Homelessness”.resource for comprehensivedata on homelessness. We 45+ From these early efforts, the RTFH expanded to serve the full County as the data andsupport dozens of local service agencies and technical center for area service providers.providers via technical training,help desk, and key reports that 300+ The RTFH is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.results in critical funding for unique Our trusted analysisenables government and serviceagencies to acquire resources, Daily, our staff of 1. Homeless Managementto expand services, collaborate, 9 Information System (HMIS)and to implement effective works with a user base of Dozens of agencies rely on the HMIS tosolutions on homelessness in the streamline client referrals, improve caseSan Diego region. 400+ management, effectively use emergency and growing... resources, and produce accurate, timely, required reporting. The RTFH 500+ provides ongoing help desk, technical training, analysis, and reporting for volunteers help count hundreds of unique local programs. 9,000+ homeless persons in our 2011 annual count. 2. Point-In-Time Count (PITC) The PITC is an important annual event that assesses homelessness (on the street and in shelters) throughout San Diego County: how many, who, where, why, and other critical demographics are gathered. This information enables local3. Regional Homeless Profile (RHP) agencies to implement services and to find solutions that enable individualsThe RHP is an annual comprehensive analysis and report on and families to become housed again.homelessness in San Diego County - its 18 cities and the areas. The RTFH researches, publishes anddisseminates the RHP which includes statistical and demographicanalysis, provides critical insights into homelessness, enabling ourcommunity to better understand and subsequently address solutions. 858-292-7627 info@rtfhsd.org4. Homeless Advocacy & Reconnection Program (HARP) twitter@RTFHSDThe HARP offers those searching for their loved ones an opportunity to send them a message possibly reunite both parties if all consent. The RTFH can act as an intermediary tocontact service providers who may have supported the homeless individual or family. 4699 Murphy Canyon Road San Diego, CA 92123 Working together, we CAN solve homelessness. Some of our Partners/Supporters... U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Dev. City of San Diego Community Resource Center Alliance Healthcare Foundation City of Chula Vista San Diego Housing Commission McCarthy Family Foundation City of Escondido SD County Housing & Comm. Dev. OliverMcMillan City of Oceanside SD County Health & Human Services San Diego Grantmakers City of El Cajon The United Way of San Diego City Target Corporation City of Encinitas Employees Contribution Club The Anthony Robbins Foundation City of National City ...and many more great supporters The Parker Foundation City of Carlsbad and volunteers
  2. 2. Regional  Task  Force  on  The  Homeless  (RTFH) San  Diego  County  Service  Providers  Supported  by  the  RTFH211  San  Diego North  County  LifelineAlliance  Winter  Shelter North  County  Solu:ons  for  ChangeAlpha  Project  for  the  Homeless Opera:on  HopeAssocia:on  for  Community  Housing  Solu:ons Overcoming  GangsBread  of  Life Pathfinders  of  San  DiegoCatholic  Chari:es Project  ConnectCenter  for  Social  Support  and  Educa:on Salva:on  ArmyCity  of  Oceanside San  Pasqual  AcademyCommunity  Connec:on SAY  San  DiegoCommunity  Housing South  Bay  Community  ServicesCommunity  Research  Founda:on San  Diego  County  Housing  AuthorityCommunity  Resource  Center San  Diego  Housing  CommissionCrisis  House San  Diego  Rescue  MissionEast  County  Transi:onal  Living  Center San  Diego  Youth  ServicesEcumenical  Council  of  San  Diego  County Second  Chance  ProgramEpiscopal  Community  Services Senior  Community  ServicesHealth  and  Human  Services  Agency Stepping  HigherHome  Start Stepping  Stone  of  San  DiegoIntegrated  Life  Skills TownspeopleInterfaith  Community  Services Travelers  Aid  Society  of  San  DiegoInterfaith  Shelter  Network United  African  American  Ministerial  CouncilJacobs  Center United  Methodist  Urban  MinistriesJewish  Family  Service  of  San  Diego Volunteers  of  AmericaKurdish  Human  Rights  Watch Veterans  Village  of  San  DiegoLutheran  Social  Services Welcome  Home  MinistriesMcAlister  Ins:tute  for  Treatment Womens  Resource  CenterMental  Health  Systems YMCA  of  San  Diego  County YWCA  of  San  Diego  County