Rspca launches ‘animal welfare report card’


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The RSPCA is giving people a chance to act as ‘teacher’ and write their own report card assessing the coalition government in Westminster in their performance on Animal Welfare.

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Rspca launches ‘animal welfare report card’

  1. 1. RSPCA launches ‘Animal Welfare Report Card’ Facebook app gives users the chance to be to be ‘teacher’ Tuesday 8 May 2012 The RSPCA is giving people a chance to act as ‘teacher’ and write their own report card assessing the coalition government in Westminster in their performance on Animal Welfare. As a result of growing frustrations from the public about key animal welfare issues the RSPCA has responded by launching a Facebook app in the style of an end of term „report card‟ so that everyone concerned with animal welfare can share their views. The charity has also published its own „school report‟, analysing what the government in England has achieved in key animal welfare areas including pet animal issues, farming, wild animals and research. Each area has been graded from A to F depending on the progress made and the promises given in these particular areas. Now it wants the public to have their say The “report card” Facebook app on the RSPCA‟s official page enables users to be „the teacher‟ in grading the government in Westminster on „subjects‟ offering background on the issue and „teachers notes‟. The report takes on an old fashioned school master style with comments on the „pupil‟s performance‟ including remarks such as “from their homework it is abundantly clear that in the classroom, information is going in one ear, and out of the other. See me!” What is clear is that while there have been encouraging signs in some areas, there is still much to be done and in some cases progress has stalled completely or, even worse, the issue has actually gone backwards. David Bowles, director of communications, said: “What has been highlighted in this school report is the clear divide between how the public feel and how the government acts. “The public is extremely concerned about animal welfare, as seen in the huge number of responses to consultations on badgers, circuses and laboratory animals, so it is very concerning that the government appears to have ignored these. The phrase „could do better‟ certainly sums up this first report. “ The aim of the report is to highlight each issue against the promises made and to ensure Westminster is Contacts held accountable, especially when assurances have been made to improve welfare. We will continue toPress office direct lines: monitor their progress and grade accordingly. 0300 123 0244/0288 E-mail: The government‟s grades are as follows: Dog control and irresponsible dog owners E Over-population and identification of dogs t: @rspca_official Laying hens B f: Beak trimming B Chicken and poultry meat C Duty press officer Labelling of farm animal products D (evenings and weekends) Game bird standards E Tel 08448 222888 Wild animals in circuses E and ask for pager Control of Bovine TB FAIL number 828825 Regulating the use of animals in laboratories D Southwater, Horsham Cloning FAIL West Sussex The RSPCA hopes that the government will take the comments in the report on board and will look to RH13 9RS improve on their grades for the upcoming year as there are many people who are watching closely and Tel 0300 1234 555 holding the government to account.
  2. 2. Notes to editors The complete report and „Animal Welfare Report Card‟ Facebook app ” on our Facebook page: Further information can be found by logging onto our website: For further information or for an interview request please contact the RSPCA press office on 0300 1232 0244/0288. On a bank holiday please call the duty press officer on 08448 222888 and ask for pager number 828825. ContactsPress office direct lines: 0300 123 0244/0288 E-mail: t: @rspca_official f: Duty press officer (evenings and weekends) Tel 08448 222888 and ask for pager number 828825 Southwater, Horsham West Sussex RH13 9RS Tel 0300 1234 0048