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RSPCA - Charity Christmas Gifts


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Christmas is coming. And for our inspectors, the festive period is likely to bring even more cases of abandoned and abused animals.

Around 350 animals are now being abandoned every day - a 65% increase on five years ago. But with our income down and our fuel, food and care costs spiralling, we're struggling to rescue and care for all the animals that desperately need our help.

So please help us cover these vitally important costs and make sure more vulnerable animals survive - this Christmas and beyond.

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RSPCA - Charity Christmas Gifts

  1. 1. Charity Christmas gifts
  2. 2. Gifts for animal lovers to support the RSPCARSPCA Animalternative charity gifts are a fantastic way ofbuying the animal lover in your life a meaningful gift. With100 percent of the profit from Animalternative being usedby the RSPCA to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals.
  3. 3. Gifts for animal lovers to support the RSPCA You can send the gift either as a printed card or ecard, both of which can be personalised with your message. Or if you prefer, we can send a blank printed card for you to hand write.
  4. 4. So why not wish the animal lover in your life a veryMerry Christmas with our buy an animal Christmas dinner charity gift.
  5. 5. What can I buy?You will find a large range of Animalternative charity gifts, such as nurse a cat back to health, dog bed & breakfast, wildlife rehabilitation and much more. And if you want to give a real gift as well, then there are lots of gifts to choose from, including a range of cuddly toys, sweets, chocolates and a fox tea towel that turns into a cushion!
  6. 6. Gifts for petsWe also have a great range of gifts for pets, including beds, bowls and dog collar and leads. Whatever gift you buy, 100 percent of the profit will be used to fund the work of the RSPCA.So, what are you waiting for? Visit Animalternative today.
  7. 7. For more information visit the RSPCA Thank You