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RSPCA - All About Cottage Holidays


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We’ve teamed up with cottages4you to bring you a fantastic selection of pet-friendly cottages.

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RSPCA - All About Cottage Holidays

  1. 1. All AboutCottage Holidays
  2. 2. Make a donation forevery holiday bookedthrough theRSPCA/Cottage4you site!We have joined forces with cottages4you to bring you over 13,000 self-catering holiday cottages, villas and gites in the UK and overseas. Whetheryoure looking for a cosy romantic retreat, a fun-filled family getaway, or somewhere large, lavishand filled with luxury, youll find a great selection of properties to suit everyone.
  3. 3. Arriving & departing Except for short breaks, all bookings run weekly from Saturday to Saturday, unless otherwise stated. When you have paid for your holiday in full, you will be sent details of how to find your property and where to collect the keys on arrival. On your departure day, you are required to leave your property by 10am. This is to allow the owner or caretaker sufficient time to prepare the holiday cottage for the next arrivals.
  4. 4. PassportsIf you are planning to travel toa destination outside the UK,please ensure you familiariseyourself with the relevantpassport and visa requirementsfor your destination. It is yourresponsibility to ensure that allmembers of your party,including any children, have avalid passport and visa (whereappropriate).
  5. 5. PetsMany properties featured on ourwebsite or in our brochure welcomepets.Take any other kind of holiday and itcan cost you a small fortune payingothers to look after your pets whileyou’re away. And, after all, whyshould you have to leave thembehind when they’re part of thefamily? Many holiday cottageswelcome pets for a small additionalcharge of just £20 per pet, perweek or per short break. Look outfor the pets welcome symbol, or usethe online search facility at ourwebsite.
  6. 6. PetsIf you are taking your pet onholiday, you must respect thesefew simple, common senserequests:• Please keep your pets off thefurniture.• Please exercise your petsoutside the garden.• Please remove pet hairs fromcarpets before you leave.• Please don’t leave your petsunattended in the property orgarden.• Please do not allow petsupstairs or in the bedrooms.
  7. 7. PetsWhere pets are not permitted at a property, this is clearlystated in the property description.However, registered guide and support dogs belonging tothose with visual and hearing impairments are allowed inall pet friendly holiday cottages featured on our website orin our brochure even where the property description statesthat pets are not allowed.
  8. 8. PetsCustomers with allergies shouldbe aware that we cannotguarantee that a registeredguide and/or support dog has notstayed in their chosen dogfriendly holiday cottage, nor canwe accept liability for anysuffering which may occur as aresult of such animals havingbeen present.
  9. 9. PetsIf you are travelling to adestination outside the UK, it isyour responsibility to ensurethat, if you want to take yourpet with you, you familiarizeyourself with the relevantinformation about Pet Passports,etc, and that you make all thenecessary arrangements throughyour vet well before departure.
  10. 10. Gardens & parking facilities Many dog friendly cottages have gardens where you can enjoy peace and privacy. Most properties also offer space for off-road parking; details are stated in the property description. If you require an enclosed garden suitable for children and pets, please check with your holiday adviser when you book, or use the search facility on our website. You must not leave children or pets unsupervised in the garden.
  11. 11. Cleaning All pet friendly properties are cleaned between lets so all you have to do when you get there is unpack and put the kettle on. In the UK and Ireland there is no extra charge for cleaning, unless extra, heavy cleaning is required after you leave, or you do not leave the property and its contents as you found them. In other countries a cleaning charge may apply.
  12. 12. Sleeping Arrangements, Bed linen & towelsProperty descriptions show the“ideal” number that a propertywill sleep, based on a maximum ofone or two people in a room. If aproperty also shows a highercapacity (shown by “4+2” or “4-6”), this means extra people canbe accommodated in additionalsleeping arrangements (forexample extra beds in a bedroomor sofa beds). Under nocircumstances may more than themaximum number of personsindicated occupy a property.
  13. 13. Sleeping Arrangements, Bed linen & towelsMost dog friendly holiday property owners provide linen at noextra charge, and this is stated in the brochure description.If linen is supplied at the property, this does not include cotlinen - you should bring linen for cots in all cases (includingpillows and blankets or duvets).
  14. 14. Sleeping Arrangements, Bed linen & towelsSome property owners prefer tohire their bed linen and/or towels.Bed linen can be hired at £4 perperson per week.Towels can be hired at £2 perperson per week. If bed linen andtowels are hired together then acharge of £4 per person per weekwill apply.If you want to hire bed linen ortowels, you must remember torequest this at the time ofbooking.
  15. 15. Televisions and other facilitiesAll properties (unless otherwise stated) have a cooker and afridge.All properties (unless otherwise stated) have at least onetelevision that receives terrestrial channels, and thereforechannels local to the relevant destination. Additionalchannels may be available where satellite, freeview or cabletelevision is listed in the property description.
  16. 16. Properties with character If you choose to holiday in an older pet friendly cottage, remember that much of its character and charm is due to its age. Many of the properties featured are over 100 years old and were built before the days of damp-proof courses and cavity insulation. Also, please remember that should traditional cottage features (steep stairs or low beams, for example) be a problem for any member of your party, you must mention this when you call to book.
  17. 17. For more information visit the RSPCA pet friendly cottages dog friendly holiday cottages dog friendly cottages pet friendly holiday cottagesThank You