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End note web slides


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End note web slides

  1. 1. University Computing Service EndNote Web for Bibliographies Wednesday 2nd June Rosemary Rodd HELP-DESK@UCS.CAM.AC.UK Welcome University Computing Service
  2. 2. University Computing Service Health and Safety
  3. 3. University Computing Service General Information  Objectives: learn to use the software to capture and format references  Pre-requisites: use of MS Word and a Web Browser  Duration & Break: 2 hours  Course Material: workbook  Delivery Style: self-paced  Follow-on course: None
  4. 4. University Computing Service  Sign in: Pink Attendance Sheet  Please fill in Green Review Form at the end of the course  Let us know if you need assistance: Please ask questions General Information
  5. 5. University Computing Service What is EndNote Web? A web-browser based database program specifically designed to store and manipulate references. It is the “lite” version of the desktop computer EndNote professional, but is also sometimes used as an adjunct to it (for example as a convenient way to collect references from the web). References may be used to document any kind of information source. For example: Print material: books, journal articles... Audiovisual: TV, radio, film, podcast... Music: CD, MPG... Images: paintings, drawings, photos... Web pages
  6. 6. University Computing Service Why is it important to document your sources?  Avoid the appearance of plagiarism.  Enable other people to refer back to them if they want to check your conclusions, or simply read more about a topic.  For your own benefit, so you can go back and re-read or check them, and so that you can keep track of where your ideas came from.
  7. 7. University Computing Service Why use software for this?  Human beings are good at overall analysis and getting "the big picture"  Human beings are very bad at applying fiddly layout and punctuation rules in a consistent manner.  Computers are mindless, but they will be absolutely consistent if you set them up with suitable rules.  By using a bibliography management program you can produce neat, consistent references without lots of correcting and retyping.
  8. 8. University Computing Service Other benefits  EndNote can help you to search for references online.  Store references with your own notes, links to PDFs, images etc.  References are searchable, and you can add your own keywords.
  9. 9. University Computing Service Check with your supervisor! EndNote Web does not offer as many reference output layouts as the full version of EndNote and it is not possible to make your own changes to them. Most disciplines only require that your references are set out consistently and contain all the information needed, but some demand complex layouts which EndNote Web is not capable of reproducing. ALWAYS produce a small sample and show it to your supervisor, publisher etc. for approval before doing a large amount of work. If EndNote Web is not able to produce satisfactory results you may need to change to the full version. Don't leave this until the week before you are due to submit your work!
  10. 10. University Computing Service Be aware EndNote web is not primarily designed to be the sole reference management package for post-graduate use and you may find its limitations make it insufficient for your needs. In particular, you may find that it cannot cope with formatting very large (several MB) documents. If you use EndNote web you make yourself entirely dependent upon the availability of Thomson Reuters’ servers. If they are unavailable for some reason (e.g. maintenance or upgrades), you will not be able to access your data. This means it is VERY IMPORTANT that you don’t leave any crucial final printout until the last minute.
  11. 11. University Computing Service
  12. 12. University Computing Service
  13. 13. University Computing Service This course covers  Getting references into EndNote Web (searching online or manual input).  Using EndNote Web to insert formatted references into a Word document.