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Introduction to the RSNO Maestro Music resources that accompany the concerts for schools.

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  1. 1. Welcome to FIVE – the RSNO’s Maestro Music Concert 2011! <br />The RSNO’s schools concert programmes are devised and developed to engage young people attending an RSNO concert. But coming along to a live performance is only part of the process. There is so much more to discover, explore and discuss in school, at home, and with your mates! <br />It is always best to prepare yourself for what you are about to see before any live event. Most audiences love going to a perfomance because they know what they’re going to see, whether that be a Shakespeare play or a Lady GaGa gig. So it’s a very good use of your time before the concert to listen to, think about, and discuss the music featured in the RSNO programme. Click here for an illustrated guide on how to use music sharing programmes to listen to music online.<br />What to do next: <br />Watch the video clips of our presenter Paul Rissmann and musicians from the RSNO talk about the music as part of FIVE:<br />Introduction by Paul Rissmann (Coming Soon!)<br />Beethoven Symphony No5, 1st movement discussed by Martin Gibson, Principal Timpani (Coming Soon!)<br />Vaughan Williams Symphony No5, 2nd movement ‘Scherzo’ discussed by Michael Rae, Assistant Principal Double Bass (Coming Soon!)<br />Schoenberg 5 Pieces for Orchestra, No3 ‘Farben’ discussed by John Cushing, Principal Clarinet, and David Hubbard, Principal Bassoon (Coming Soon!)<br />Mahler Symphony No5, 4th movement ‘Adagietto’ discussed by David Chivers, Assistant Principal First Violin (Coming Soon!)<br />Shostakovich Symphony No5, 4th movement discussed by Davur Juul Magnussen, Principal Trombone (Coming Soon!)<br />Do they sound interesting? Do you think you’d like to see them perform? Do you want to post any questions for them?<br />Now, click on the tabs below to find out about of topics that connect these pieces to the world around us now and back in time to when they were written: <br />See how Vaughan Williams is connected to Nationalism, and why his music sounds so “English”. <br />What is the point? How did Pointillism move in the art world, and what does this have to do with Schoenberg? <br />How did Shostakovich deal with Censorship under the Soviet government? How are today’s artists dealing with censorship and other social pressures?<br />What is Sonata Form, and how did Beethoven use it to create one of the most famous pieces in music history? (Coming Soon!)<br />What was Mahler saying when he wrote his Adagietto? It’s probably not what you’d expect! Read the Listening Guide to learn more…<br />After the concert RSNO musicians will post Composition Resources for teachers, giving you the chance to explore some of the compositional techniques used in the concert programme. These are designed for music teachers to explore with their pupils and there will be a competition to enter at the end. The winning composition will be performed and recorded by RSNO musicians, and the runners up will receive free tickets to one of our Naked Classics concerts. Stay tuned for more!<br />