Opendata - : how did we do it?


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" : how did we do it?"

Presentation by professor Nigel Shadbolt,
UK Open Data Advisor ,17th March 2011, Paris.

Conference organized by RSLN, Microsoft France social lab.

Video of Nigel keynote is here :

(RSLN is Microsoft France Social Lab)

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Opendata - : how did we do it?

  1. 1. : how did we do it?Professor Nigel ShadboltUK Open Data Advisor16th March 2011Paris Nigel Shadbolt
  2. 2. A race always helps… online Open Government relaunch January 1, 2009 December 8, 2009 Openness will strengthen May 21, 2010 May 21, 2009 our democracy and promote Directive released with semantic web 57 Data Sets ~2000 Data Sets featured efficiency and effectiveness in Government. --- President Obama 2010 … 2009 June, 2010 ~6000 Data Sets January 19, 2010 ~3000 Data Sets June30,2009 Putting Govt Data online online- Semantic Web and beta Linked Data enabled2005
  3. 3. “Where there is no vision the peopleperish” Proverbs 29,18 Cholera Bicycling traffic cases accidents
  4. 4. Open Data is not partisan•  Tim Berners-Lee and myself appointed 9th June 2009 and set about creating•  Open Data referenced in both main UK party manifestos•  Reappointed to Public Sector Transparency Board June 2010•  Governments, local authorities, cities releasing data
  5. 5. Promote Open Data at all levels: the state,regions and cities
  6. 6. Use a range of arguments•  Transparency•  Accountability•  Engagement•  Improve Public Services•  Efficiency – better for less•  Economic and social value•  Government as a platform
  7. 7. Publish and the apps come
  8. 8. Publish data that matters…
  9. 9. In the UK most recently crime….
  10. 10. Embed Public Data Principles•  Data release driven by public and businesses•  Publish the data unless good reason not to•  Public data will be timely and fine grained•  Public data will be published in reusable, machine-readable form•  Release data quickly, and then re-publish it in linked data form•  Public data will be released under the same open licence which enables free reuse, including commercial reuse….
  11. 11. Support the journey to stardom Put your data on the Web (any format) Make it available as structured data Use open, standard formats Use URLs to identify things Link your data to other people s data
  12. 12. 5 Linked Data•  National digital infrastructure being built•  URIs for schools, roads, bus stops, post codes, admin boundaries...•  Some of the data links across and connects other data together•  Key data link points exist
  13. 13. Connect to the Web of Linked Open Data
  14. 14. Challenges – Infrastructure•  There will be a very great deal of data….•  Who pays the cost of supporting it?•  Where will the data Shutterstock live?
  15. 15. Challenges – Quality•  Uk NaPTAN (public access transport points)•  Includes 360,00 bus stops•  Around 18,000 errors
  16. 16. Challenges – Quality•  UK NaPTAN (public access transport points)•  Includes 360,00 bus stops•  Around 18,000 errors•  Which can be crowd source improved
  17. 17. Challenges – Interpretation•  Trust people with the data•  They might interpret it in unexpected ways•  Do they have the skills?•  New levels of data literacy
  18. 18. Challenges – Security & Privacy
  19. 19. Lessons•  Use TD, BU, MO •  Use open standards•  Use agile methods •  Use public data principles•  Use open source •  Use the community•  Use open licences •  Saisir l’occasion