What defines a British film?


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A look at the DCMS/BFI Culture Test

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What defines a British film?

  1. 1. +British Film:Cultural & Economic Factors
  2. 2. + What defines a ‘British’ film? Recent developments include: •UK Film Policy Review (DCMS) •BFI taken over from UK Film Council
  3. 3. + Department for Culture, Media and Sport  Is responsible for setting UK film culture and industry policy. It works to help create a strong film industry that brings cultural and economic benefits to the UK.  Theyactively promote British film through funding and support of key initiatives. They work with other government departments on policy that affects the industry. For example, they work with the HM Treasury on film tax relief. http://www.culture.gov.uk/what_we_do/creative_industries/3269.aspx
  4. 4. + Support for British film  Working in partnership with industry bodies, they strive to create a sustainable, stable and successful film industry that brings both cultural and economic benefits to the UK. To achieve this, they provide direct financial support for the production of culturally British films. The main forms of direct financial support are:  grant in aid and lottery funding for film-making, distributed through a number of organisations, including the British Film Institute  tax incentives  Film tax relief is worth more than £100 million a year. Lottery funding for film, currently around £27 million a year, is set to increase to around £43 million annually by 2014. http://www.culture.gov.uk/what_we_do/creative_industries/3269.aspx
  5. 5. + Future for British film  Commissioned by DCMS and produced by an eight-strong independent panel chaired by Lord Chris Smith, the recently published A Future for British Film – it begins with the audience makes a number of recommendations designed to ensure that film is one of the sectors which plays a full role in driving growth, while also maximising audience access to films of every kind throughout the UK. http://www.culture.gov.uk/what_we_do/creative_industries/3269.aspx
  6. 6. + Work of DCMS  Lottery Funding  The two key mechanisms that currently support the British film industry – the film tax relief and the dedicated pot of Lottery funding will remain.  Co-production agreements  Responsible for negotiating and maintaining the UKs film co- production agreements.  Co-production agreements cover films where production is shared between British and international partners. They allow filmmakers from both countries to work together using their respective strengths and facilities, to create films that are culturally relevant to both parties. http://www.culture.gov.uk/what_we_do/creative_industries/3269.aspx
  7. 7. + Work of DCMS  British Film Certificates  Responsible for issuing British Film Certificates on recommendation from the British Film Institute, so that the film production company can apply for film tax relief.  The British Film Institute can also issue EC Certificates of Nationality. http://www.culture.gov.uk/what_we_do/creative_industries/3269.aspx
  8. 8. + UK Film Council to BFI  In April 2011 the Film Council was shut down and its responsibilities placed with the British Film Institute  The BFI is now the lead body for film in the UK which includes a role as a lottery distributor, with responsibility for  funding film development and production;  training;  distribution and exhibition; supporting film UK-wide;  film certification,  the Cultural Test and co-production;  strategic development; industry research and statistics.
  9. 9. + Cultural Test  In order to qualify for tax relief and lottery funding, a proposed film has to pass what is termed the Cultural Test
  10. 10. + CULTURAL CONTENT… A1. Film set in the UK A2. Lead characters A3. Subject matter and/or underlying material A4. Language of original dialogue
  11. 11. +CULTURALCONTRIBUTION…B. Contribution of the film to BritishCulture
  12. 12. CULTURAL + HUBS…C1. Principal photography/Visual effects/Specialeffects/Research and Development/Shooting/Visualdesign/Layout and StoryboardingC2. Music recording/Audio post production/Picturepost production/voice recording for animation
  13. 13. +CULTURALPRACTITIONERS…D1. DirectorD2. ScriptwriterD3. ProducerD4. Music composerD5. Lead actorsD6. Majority of castD7. Key staffD8. Majority of crew
  14. 14. Control (Corbijn,+2007):Cultural content – UK setting,British charactersCultural hubs – UK basedproduction company (Becker Films);Cultural practitioners – DutchDirector, UK cast & crew;
  15. 15. + This is England(Meadows, 2007)Cultural content – UK setting,British charactersCultural hubs – UK basedproduction company (Big ArtyProductions);Cultural practitioners – BritishDirector, UK cast & crew;
  16. 16. + Further funding BBC and Film Four are two additional major sources of funds for UK independent film