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Nicola Bonzanni - Following Your Passion


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PhD retreat 2016
Nicola Bonzanni, ENPICOM co-founder

Published in: Science
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Nicola Bonzanni - Following Your Passion

  1. 1. Following Your Passion IN SCIENCE
  2. 2. Challenge yourself
  3. 3. MSc in Computer Science
  4. 4. Start PhD in Bioinformatics
  5. 5. Internship @ Microsoft Research
  6. 6. Post-doc computational biology
  7. 7. My monthly routine as post-doc vTeaching vRead relevant literature vWork on my own projects vWork as bioinformatics support vAttending meetings vWriting grants
  8. 8. My daily routine at ENPICOM vBusiness development vCostumer acquisition vMeet with current clients vDiscuss strategy vManaging social media vAdministration vWorking on projects
  9. 9. Manage your time
  10. 10. Build your network
  11. 11. Find your passion