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Magali Michaut - ROCK YOUR SCIENCE!


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PhD retreat 2016
Magali Michaut - ROCK YOUR SCIENCE!
The importance of Soft Skills

Published in: Science
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Magali Michaut - ROCK YOUR SCIENCE!

  1. 1. Magali  Michaut   RSG  Luxembourg  @  PhD  Retreat  2016   ROCK  YOUR  SCIENCE!   The  Importance  Of  Soft-­‐Skills  
  2. 2. Paris,  2005-­‐2008   EBI,  2007   Amsterdam,  2012-­‐?   Toronto,  2009-­‐2011  
  3. 3. 2005   2007   2011   2013   2009   PhD  @Paris   Fellowship  @EBI   Postdoc  @Toronto   Staff  @Amsterdam   Bacteria  transcriptomics   Protein  interactions   Yeast  functional  genomics   Genetic  interaction  networks   Cancer  genomics   Subtyping   Drug  response   ISCB  Student  Council   RSG  France   RSG  Europe   ISCB  Education   French  SFBI  
  4. 4. My  daily  (work)  life   ü  Learning:  Reading  papers,  attending  talks,  seminars  and   conferences   ü  Performing  research  on  my  individual  project,  but  also  on  team   projects   ü  Communicating  about  my  work  (presentations,  posters,  papers)   ü  Coordinating  projects  (DREAM,  RATHER)   ü  Stimulating  the  dynamic  of  the  group  (setting  up  tools  like  a  wiki   so  that  people  can  better  work  together  and  share  information,   setting  up  meetings)   ü  Recruiting  students  and  new  group  members   ü  Writing  grants  
  5. 5. Moving  the  focus  to  what  I  like   ü  Communication:  writing  and  editing  papers  and  presentations   ü  Soft  skills:  organization,  communication,  collaboration,   networking   ü  I  like  to  share  these  with  others  and  help  people  make  their  best   work   ü  Workshop  and  start  a  blog  about  soft-­‐skills   ü  Considering  options  where  my  skills  would  be  fully  employed  (e.g.   medical  writer)  
  6. 6. Rock  Your  Science!   Ø  Develop  your  soft  skills   Ø Adapt  to  the  people  you  work  with   Ø Get  to  know  the  people  you  work  with   Ø Take  the  initiative   Ø  Explore  any  opportunity  to  discover  other   countries,  other  labs,  other  people     Ø  Update  your  project  on  the  way   Lessons  learned...  Especially  about  collaboration  
  7. 7. Make  a  plan...   Ø  It’s  a  continuous  process   Ø  You  change,  the   environment  changes   Ø  It  does  not  need  to  be  a   straight  line   ...and  adapt  your  plan!  
  8. 8. Rock  Your  Science!   Ø  LinkedIN   Ø  Education   Ø  Twi$er   @michautbioinfo   Ø  Email   Keep  in  touch