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Product Guide maintenance

  1. 1. We’ll help you keep your business & production running with 500,000 products.PRODUCT May 2011
  2. 2. We have all the products and brands that INTRODUCTIONyou need to keep your production running. Welcome to your CONTENTSCables and Connectors product guide. 04 CABLES & CABLE At RS, we are committed to provide you with the best product offerings, at the highest service level to meet all ACCESSORIES of your needs wherever you are in the world. From electronic components and electrical products to industrial 08Process Control and Automation hardware and maintenance equipment, we have it covered. AUTOMATION & With more than 500,000 products from the worlds’ leading brands,there’s no need to shop around. CONTROL We’ve made it easy for you to access our products - shop online,flick through pages of our catalogue or use our CDROM. 18 PROCESS CONTROL With 98% stock availability, you can be sure of immediate despatch,so you can get on with running your business. And that’s not all... 22 AUDIO & VIDEO We offer free technical support. From product identification through to queries on product applications, our technical support is only a phone call away. We also have over 101,000 Temperature Control Solutions 26 HAZARDOUS AREA datasheets online.Test and Measurement Experts at Export 28 Let us organise all of your export documentation, licenses and WORKSHOP hazardous packaging leaving you to choose from a range of delivery options to suit your needs. RS are ISO 9002 accredited and comply with all leading EU legislation. 34 TOOLS So, what are you waiting for? For a quote, delivery times or to place an order from this guide, please visit your local RS website listed to locate your local distributor.Maintenance, Safety, Security and Office Log onto our website and find over 500,000 products and lots more helpful information.Mechanical Products and Tools Stock availability Allied Electronics range Info zone and online tools available Check online if the product and quantity Extra 50,000 products available online • Online technical help you require is in stock from our sister company Allied in • Unit converters the USA • Energy saving calculator • IP ratings Visit today May 2011 3
  3. 3. RS CABLES EcoWire uses flexible insulation to provide an environmentally The Friendly friendly alternative to PVC. It is a modified polyphenyleneRS Components offers a wide range ofcables, spanning from common types FCC 68 DATA CABLE Alternative ether (mPPE) thermoplastic that is inherently lighter, tougher to PVC • A flat cable with colour coded cores suitablelike those used in computers & office for use with FCC 68 data connectors and much smaller with betterequipment to more specialist heavy flame resistance than PVC. • Bare copper conductorsduty safety applications or pneumatic • Grey PVC outer sheath The result is UL AWM wiresoperations. Refer to your local website to • Supplied on a reel of 100msee our full offer. Alpha Wire’s that are smaller than their PVC based counterparts. new EcoWire The non-halogenated STEEL WIRE ARMOURED insulation contains no heavy CABLE metal pigments, allowing • Suitable for use on indoor / outdoor and it to help manufacturers to direct buried installations meet Waste Electrical and • Can be used to supply power to Electronic Equipment (WEEE) transformers, fuse boards, sockets etc. requirements. • BASEC approved to BS5467 • Stranded annealed copper to BS EN 60228 • Black PVC bedding to BS EN 60811-1-1 extruded over in • Reel of 50m 666-1109 4 way 666-1103 6 way 666-1115 8 way XG 1 XG2 704-0721 2-core 1.5mm INDUSTRIAL CABLES - 250OC 704-0733 3-core 1.5mm Extra premium grade PVC jacket for Extra rugged polyurethane jacket • Flexible composite cables, suitable for use in high 704-0761 4-core 10mm temperature industrial applications extended cable life. delivers unmatched resistance to: XG Flex • Oils 704-0774 5-core 2.5mm • Constructed from stranded nickel-plated copper Benefits include: • Fuels Hi flex mini diameter data cable conductors, insulated with PTFE, covered with glass • Unsurpassed flame and moisture • Solvents providing extreme flexibility in mica tape and outer glass braid resistance • Water small spaces such as continual 7 / 0.2MM (0.22MM2) - • Good resistance to abrasion and heat, low absorption of • Fast easy stripping of insulation flexing in cable tracks with NON-SCREENED CABLE moisture and can withstand attack from most common and jacket Boasting twice the tensile strength outstanding EMI protection. industrial fluids • UL recognised of PVC with three times the tear • Tinned copper stranded conductors covered • UL Listing and abrasion resistance, general General applications by 0.25mm PVC with an outer black PVC • CSA Certification applications include, CNC include, Industrial electronic sheath • CE marked machines, automotive assembly processing equipment, data- • Maximum working voltage: 440V plant operations, military ground communications connections, • Maximum current per core: 1A General applications include EIA RS support systems, packaging connecting sensors and • Resistance per core: 92ohms/km 232 interface (24/22AWG) as well machinery, petrochemical plant actuators to controllers, and • Unscreened, 7x0.2mm, as high technology applications operations and geophysical sensor, I/O interconnects. supplied on a reel of 100m in controlled environments, point exploration equipment. of sale equipment, computer peripherals, and industrial process controls. 359-560 - reel of 10m 660-4046 4-core 359-576 - reel of 50m 660-4043 6-core 359-582 - reel of 10m 660-4055 8-core 359-598 - reel of 50m 660-4068 12-core 359-611 - reel of 10m Alpha Wire – Cable you can trust May 2011 For more brands, products & services please view our website
  4. 4. Rhino ™CABLE ACCESSORIES Series Industrial Labelling ToolsSection 4 of the catalogue contains SPIRAL BINDING UV STABILISED Wrapshundreds of products from cable glandsto heatshrink to cable ties and conduit • UV stabilised polyethylene spiral binding Leave any job looking better than • Provides excellent insulation and binding strengthand trunking. See an even larger Patch Panels • Can be fitted in-situ and allows cable break outsproduct offer online. • Extended life span in external conditions • Ideal for electric harnesses, cable and bundles you found it. HEATSHRINK TAPE Flags • Temperature rating -60 °C to +90 °C Designed based on input from professional • Manufactured from cross-linked polyolefin, which has ® a shrink temperature of over 130 °C installers, DYMO industrial labellers and • It is self-welding at higher temperatures • The tape is shrunk on the item it wraps around, forming a continuous insulated tight wall labels are tough, affordable and long-lasting. They’re loaded with convenient features that Fixed Length • Width: 20 mm Thickness: 0.07 mm • Supplied in 50 m roll speed up your productivity - and help you save time and money every day. Library of Terms 342-9993 Black Spiral Binding, 13.2 mm bore, 30 m Symbols SPIRAL WRAPPING • Colour: Natural • Flame Resistant rating: UL94 HB 170-5403 Black heatshrink tape • Material: Polyethylene Wire/Cable wraps Panels & Blocks HOT KEYS • Temperature rating: -30 °C to 40 °C Advanced wrap function Instantly format and Y SHAPED MOULDED PART automatically selects the serialise labels right label and text size, for patch panels, • Y Shaped moulded parts with 2, 3 or 4 way breakouts - based on the wire gauge terminal blocks and or cable diameter. modular components. 102-5858 SPIRAL WRAPPING SP-15, 20 m Flags & Vertical Labels Heat Shrink Tubes 218-1426 2 way Y shaped moulded part, 12 mm dia With a press of a button, Uses DYMO® Industrial CABLE TIE align text vertically for labels with chemical-, • Standard cable ties made from U.L. approved nylon 6.6 easy-to-read flags and heat- and UV-resistant SLIT HARNESS WRAP • Suitable for a variety of applications other relevant materials; also prints applications. heat-shrink tubes. • Makes the collection of cables, wires, hoses, etc very • Temperature rating: -40 °C to +85 °C easy in conjunction with the special tool. • Flammability rating: UL94V-2 • The speed in which this can be done makes it a very • Bag of 100 cost effective, cost saving product. • Applicator tools: 20/25 mm dia RS: 687-7679, 8/15 mm dia RS: 687-7667 • Wrap supplied in reels of 5 m 178-462 100 x 2.5 mm white 178-478 150 x 3.6 mm white 178-484 188 x 4.8 mm white 178-490 295 x 3.6 mm white 288-4923 20mm diameter 178-507 370 x 4.8 mm white 210-8588 15mm diameter 178-513 370 x 7 mm white .66 May 2011 For more brands, products & services please view our website
  5. 5. KLAXON MOFLASH NEWHigh output, robust sirens can be used in Moflash Signalling are one of the largest MONO 72 FLANGEa wide range of industrial applications, independent manufacturers of signalling MOUNTED SIRENincluding conveyors, cranes, moving devices in the UK. Below are a few new • Continuously rated motor and suitable formachinery, process control alarms, marine fire installations to BS5839 products added to their already largeand general signalling applications. offer. Refer to catalogue section 56 or your local website for the full range. OBSTACLE MARKING BEACONSRefer to section 56 of the catalogue or your local RS • Conforms to ICAO Annexe Volume 1, Low Intensity Type Awebsite to see the full range of Klaxon products that (10Cd) and Type B (32Cd)meet all of these applications. LED80 DUAL FUNCTION BEACONS • A power rating of 8 watts for the 10Cd and 12 watts for • LED80 series incorporates 12 ultra bright surface-mount LED’s the 32Cd lend themselves for use with photocell control, if • Controlled by either two wires (flashing mode) or three (static required S04 VERTICAL MOUNTED SIREN mode) • Typical applications is marking fixed objects in or around 422-315 230Vac, 120dB(A) output • High 125 dB(A) sound output with cast aluminium base, • Supplied fully assembled aerodromes where the object is a less extensive one and it’s stator and cover, glass filled Noryl rotor • UV stable polycarbonate lens and body height above the surrounding ground is less than 45m • UV Stable Polycarbonate Lens & Base and Stainless Steel NEXUS SOUNDER • IP67 Sealing Band • 50 tones with volume control • IP66 • 2nd and 3rd stage alarms • -25 to 70 degrees C operating temperature range • UL V0 rated Fire Retardant red polycarbonate case • IP66 rated 721-6423 10-100Vdc steady/flash amber 721-6432 10-100Vdc steady/flash red 721-6435 10-100Vdc steady/flash blue 721-6439 10-100Vdc steady/flash green 721-6441 115/230Vac steady/flash red 721-6482 Static beacon, 10Cd, 24Vac/dc red 721-6445 115/230Vac steady/flash blue 721-6485 Flashing beacon, 10Cd, 24Vac/dc red 539-4697 10-60Vdc, 110dB(A) output 721-6448 115/230Vac steady/flash amber 721-6491 Static beacon, 32Cd, 24Vac/dc red 539-4726 110-230Vac, 110dB(A) output 721-6454 115/230Vac steady/flash green 721-6495 Flashing beacon, 32Cd, 24Vac/dc red 289-2003 230Vac 539-4596 10-60Vdc, 120dB(A) output 721-6498 Static beacon, 10Cd, 230V red 289-2019 110Vac 539-4669 110-230Vac, 120dB(A) output 721-6508 Static beacon, 32Cd, 230V red LED MULTI FUNCTIONAL BEACONS • Suitable for fire, security and industrial applications DUPLO FLANGE MOUNTED, NEXUS SOUNDER AND • Combined audible & visual signal EXPLOSION PROOF E-FLARE HIGH OUTPUT SIREN BEACON COMBINATION • UV Stable Polycarbonate Lens and ABS Plastic Base LED PORTABLE BEACON • Continuously rated motor • 50 tones and volume control • Zone 2 II 3G EX 11C T4 Gc • May be pulsed to create wailing sound • 2nd and 3rd stage alarms • LED long life • High Power 5 Joule xenon beacon • 360 degree visibility • Separate control of sounder and beacon • Shock resistant • Fire retardant red case • 40 hours life • IP66 rating • Ultra quick installation 721-6451 Beacon, 115Vac green 721-6457 Beacon, 24Vdc green 539-4704 10-60Vdc, 110dB(A) output 721-6460 Beacon, 230Vac green 539-4732 110-230Vac, 110dB(A) output 721-6463 Sounder beacon, 24Vdc green 539-4603 10-60Vdc, 120dB(A) output 721-6467 Sounder beacon, 115Vac green 721-6502 LED ATEX portable beacon amber 422-321 230Vac, 127dB(A) output 539-4675 110-230Vac, 120dB(A) output 721-6476 Sounder beacon, 230Vac green 721-6511 LED ATEX portable beacon red www.rsincyprus.com8 May 2011 For more brands, products & services please view our website May 2011 9
  6. 6. The new Push-In Experience !EFFICIENT POWER SUPPLIES FOR A GREENER WORLD 50 % less insertion force,Every PULS power supply is built with the customer in mind: with a huge range of products available 100 % contact qualityincluding AC/DC single and three phase power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC-UPS, buffer modules, With PIT terminal blocks youMOSFET and diode redundancy systems, all with outstanding efficiencies and compact, lightweight can connect all wires of up tohousing to meet the needs of the most demanding systems. Products extend from 5V to 72V outputs 0.34 mm2 in diameter easily andwith power ratings from 15W to 960W, and extensive approvals available on many units including the without the use of any tools. Annew ATEX approved Q Series 24V single phase power supplies in 5A, 10A and 20A sizes. integrated button enables easy release of the connected wireOther new products include the 40A Dimension Q Series units, our super compact 960W units with a with any tool – without touchingrecord breaking efficiency of 95.3%. These units provide PULS’ unique Bonus Power overload design any conductive parts.where a 150% current reserve can last for 4 seconds to assist with start-up of demanding loads. For additional information callSmall in relation to the market standard, PULS units offer power reserves up to 50% and efficiencies +49 5235 3-12000 or visitover 95%. Quick connect spring clamp terminals and patented DIN rail clip designs enable easy,tool phoenixcontact.comfree installation. Operating temperatures range from -25°C to +70°C, and when partnered with lowinrush current surges and active power factor correction, PULS power supplies are the ideal solutionto keep your system running like clockwork.See more information on the PULS range in this sectionof the catalogue or visit
  7. 7. BRAINBOXESWEST Control Solutions —a partnership of leading brands Brainboxes provide excellent serial connectivity solutions for every ETHERNET TO SERIAL DEVICES • Our Ethernet range provides simple, instant cable replacementTemperature and process control products application. With Lifetime Warranty and allowing network integration from anywhere in the world Support your customers can be sure of • User friendly interface & accessible over the internet a true fit and forget experience. • Rugged metal enclosure Full range of Microsoft Operating • LED status indication Systems including Windows 7 • Max baud rate: 921,600 DESKTOP & INDUSTRIAL USB TO SERIAL DEVICES • Being hot swappable, these plug & play devices make USB a very simple way to add serial connectivity to your PC • High retention USB connection • Fantastic, proven, robust Boost software for excellent application compatibility • Max baud rate: 921,600 668-5506 1 x RS232 + 1 x RS422/485 1/Mbaud (Block terminal) 703-3259 1 x RS232 1/MBaud 703-3256 2 x RS232 1/MBaud 703-3252 1 x RS422/485 1/MBaud 703-3265 2 x RS422/485 1/MBaud 688-3321 1 x RS232 1/MBaud 688-3340 DIN rail mounting kit 688-3325 1 x RS422/485 1/MBaud 688-3343 UK Power supply - ES-357 688-3331 2 x RS422/485 1/MBaud 688-3347 Europe Power supply - ES-357 688-3337 4 x RS232 1/MBaud 703-3246 4 x RS422/485 1/MBaud 688-3334 8 x RS232 1/MBaud PCI EXPRESS TO SERIAL 703-3240 8 x RS422/485 1/MBaud • This range offers higher throughput than the older uPCI cards but with similar form factors and user experience • Fit any PCIe slotCAL series: compact controller range P series: flexible temperature control EXPRESSCARD & PCMCIA TO SERIAL • 1 Port to 8 Port range• 1/32 DIN (24 x 48 mm) and 1/16 DIN (48 x 48 mm) • 1/16 DIN (48 x 48mm), 1/8 DIN (96 x 48mm) and • Hot swappable and mobile serial connectivity options for your • Range available provides a solution to every problem laptop. With the latest technology & excellent application • Max baud rate: 921,600• Simple menu driven programming 1/4 DIN (96 x 96mm) formats software.• Programmer version • Universal input (TC, PT100, mV, V, mA) • Plug & Play• FM approval as limit device • Modular options can be retrofitted • ExpressCards - Fit both 34 & 54 ExpressCard slots• Modbus RTU interface - RS232 and RS485 • Limit controller option with FM approval • PCMCIA cards still available for laptops without the newer ExpressCard format slots• Protection class IP 66 • Modbus RTU interface – RS485 • Max baud rate: 921,600 • Protection class IP 66Four internationally successful companies – PMA, WEST, CAL and Partlow – have combined their expertise under 688-3315 1 x LPTthe “WEST Control Solutions” banner. As a premium brand, WEST Control Solutions offers temperature and process 389-603 1 x RS232 1/MBaud Low Profilecontrollers which can match each process and application area – from simple and powerful to flexible and multi- 389-586 1 + 1 x RS232 1/MBaud Low Profilefunctional configurations. 413-346 1 x RS232 ExpressCard 1/MBaud 668-5499 1 x RS422/485 1/MBaud 413-342 1 x RS422/485 ExpressCard 1/MBaud 688-3309 2 x RS422/485 1/MBaud Opto Iso 356-5263 1 x RS232 PCMCIA 1/MBaud 668-5496 4 x RS422/485 1/MBaud 481-1753 2 x RS232 Rugged PCMCIA 1/MBaud 389-570 8 x RS422/485 1/MBaud May 2011 APRIL 2010 May 2011 13
  8. 8. Control With over 30,000 more automation over products available online, you are truly in control. Lighting, Heating & Motion SeriesOne DR The NEXT generation of SSRs S1 Series Introduced by Crydom in 1972 and today considered the industry standard panel mount SSR The Global Expert in Solid State Relay TechnologyProcess your Crydom is the leading manufacturer of Solid State Relays and Control Products for a variety of lighting, heating andnext order at motion control applications. At Crydom, technology and innovation combine to exceed our customer’s most demanding performance requirements making us the preferred choice of companies around the world. For additional information about these and other Crydom products visit
  9. 9. Alarm and signalling devices for industrial and hazardous area CQST · A complete range of high output signalling devices · High reliability and performance even in0, 1 & 2, 21 & 22) environments and hazardous areas (Zone harsh · Robust fire retardant housings · High IP ratings (up to IP66/IP67) · Approved to a large number of international certificationsElectronic Sounders • Status Lamps • Loudspeakers • Beacons • Voice Alarms • Manual Call PointsTo find out more please visit
  10. 10. PROCESS CONTROL TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTER SERIES 3200 PID • TX203P In-Head Push Button RTD DIGITAL TEMPERATURE • Digital in-head transmitter CONTROLLER (1/32 DIN) • Push button configuration in less than 10 secs • dAC function to minimise overshoot • Drift free digital technology • 5 alarm configurations, full scale high/low, • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C deviation high/low, band • Dimensions: H21mm x Dia 43mm • Heat-cool strategy • IP65 protection from front fascia • CE marked in compliance to relevant European Directives • Dimensions: H24 x W48 x D102mm, panel cut-out 45 x 22mm 730-004 90-264V Great minds 363-0238 Inhead RTD,Pt100 196-6311 24V WIRELESS ENERGY METER ELECTRICAL SENSING RELAYS don’t think alike, • Moeller Efergy e2 Wireless Energy Meter VOLTAGE OR CURRENT - • Wireless transmission (433.52Mhz) with a typical range MULTIFUNCTION of 40-70m • Output contacts 8A 250V ac/24V dc latching/non-latching they think together • Measuring current 50mA – 95A • Low/high setting fail safe tripping modes • 64K internal memory (sufficient for 12 months+ of data) • Adjustable hysteresis (2 or 10% of set level) • USB download connection • 100ms or 1 second tripping time delay (selectable) • Powered by 3xAAA batteries (Not supplied) • LED indication • Dimensions: H89 x W35 x D59mm Putting great minds together is a sure way to create innovative 629-847 Electrical sensing current relay w/LED products and sustainable solutions ... which is why we’ve added 690-3863 Power Meter Efergy E2 629-831 Electrical sensing voltage relay w/LED Moeller’s brains to ours. Eaton’s global electrical product lines, which also include Cutler- HammerT, PowerwareT, HolecT, MEMT, SantakT, and MGE Office PANASONIC 3 SERIES MOTORS LCD 4 TO 20MA CURRENT LOOP Protection SystemsE provide customer-driven PowerChain • Can easily be fitted together with Panasonic 3 Series 6W POWERED METERS ManagementT solutions to serve the power system needs of the data centre, industrial, institutional, government, utility, commercial, gearheads and used in a host of industrial applications • 9.4mm, 3.5 Digit Display residential, and OEM markets worldwide. • The user can select a motor-gearhead combination which • Very low loop drop: 1.8V typical (2V max) best fulfils their needs To see our range of products available from RS Components, • Display range and decimal point selected by DIP switches • Typical applications include conveyor systems, machinery, • Non-interacting adjustment of gain (span) and offset (zero) via please visit: door openers 20-turn potentiometers • 2-wire screw terminal connection • Pin-for-pin compatible with the DMS-20PC-4/20S and has a bezel available separately which creates front panel seal to IP65 424-144 60x60mm 6W single phase motor, leaded 424-190 60x60mm 6W single phase motor, term box 307-5502 3.5digit LCD self powered ammeter,4-20mA18 May 2011 For more brands, products & services please view our website
  11. 11. TIME CONTROL ABB 24 HOUR / 7 DAY, COUNTDOWN TIMER TIME SWITCH, TACTIC • 1 change-over relay ABB’s new control • Weekly and daily programme • Time set accuracy 1 sec • Easy programming • Output rating 8A / 230 VAC • 50 memory spaces • Inputs for start and stop (230 VAC) & protection devices • Automatic switch-over to daylight • Optical and acoustic signal on completion of time • Switching current: 16A @ 250Vac, • Easy to program and operate 13A @ 24Vdc One product family ABB presents a new generation of first-class specialized components: 388-408 DPDT timeswitch, 50 Program manual motor starters, contactors, overload relays and softstarters for 388-432 SPDT timeswitch, 20 Program 340-5436 5 digit TC14.21 count down timer,230Vac motor starting solutions up to 18.5 kW / 20 hp SC18.10 PRO WATER RESISTANT • Harmonized design & colour • Fully automatic daylight saving time STOPWATCH • Holiday function • Lap timer, clock, alarm, and calendar functions • Compact and modular • 16A switching capacity • Quartz movement • Low energy consumption • Permanently ON or OFF with manual switch • LCD Display • Unrestricted block programming of days • Plastic case material • Small number of parts • Elapsed time and pulse counter • Water resistant • Security by PIN coding • Minimum need for accessories • Optimized wiring and configuration • High ratings and service capability • Increased application possibilities 453-924 1 channel programmable time switch 278-698 Standard water resistant stopwatch • Reliability proven over many years of experience 2 PIN PLUG IN TIMER ALUMINIUM WALL CLOCK • 1 N/C contact • White case • 15 minute segment length or 2 hour segment length • White 12 hour dial • Accuracy 5 min. • Quartz controlled battery clocks • IP20 rated 464-390 7 day plug in timer 366-2320 436mm diameter 464-394 24 hour plug in timer 366-3137 305mm diameter www.rsincyprus.com20 May 2011 For more brands, products & services please view our website May 2011 21
  12. 12. AUDIO & VIDEO IGUSPlease refer to section 66 of the GOOSENECK UNIDIRECTIONALcatalogue or your local RS website, to MICROPHONE - 300MMsee the full offer of Audio and Video • Microphone on a gooseneck stem designed for voice Igus are a key brand in the global ENERGY CHAIN - E2 MEDIUM ®products available from key brands transmission in a reflective environment: conferences, intercom, conduit & trunking market. Below are awithin the market. transmission of orders and control desks, etc • For full range of products visit your local website. Below are few new products that we are pleased just a few new products to the range • Unidirectional dynamic cell • Gooseneck ends in a nut and to bring to you. To see the full range of • Chains for various applications MR158Ω/15W PLASTIC HORN 10mm diameter thread for Igus products available, please refer to • Large pins for long service life • Directional desk mounting your local RS website.” • Smooth interior for long cable life • Suitable for high ambient noise areas • Dirt-repellant exterior • Snap-open hinged lids along outer radius, openable along both ENERGY CHAIN - ® ENERGY TUBE NEW sides • Tapered insertion point for easy assembly • Lightweight tube for various applications • Chain supplied in 1m lengths • Hinged snap-open lids along inner or outer radius 250-0899 Unidirectional desk microphone,500ohm • Space efficient with optimised ratio of inner dimension to outer dimension 344-2700 MR-15 oval flare loudspeaker,15W 8ohm • Universal mounting bracket with fixing 344-2722 MR-15T oval flare loudspeaker,15W 100V MINIATURE BRAIDED SCREEN TWIN on all sides ROUND PVC CABLE • Chain supplied in 1m lengths • 7 / 0.2mm plain copper stranded conductors, PVC insulated HD202-II DYNAMIC STEREO • Braided screen with overall grey PVC sheath HEADPHONES • Core colours: red and blue • Closed, supra-aural, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones • Twisted cores for hum reduction 382-5565 External dims 66x50mm, radius 100mm chain • Ideal for both mobile sources and home mini hi-fi systems • Capacitance: 215 pF/m core to screen 382-5593 External dims 93x64mm, radius 100mm chain 720-2727 Bracket set, 115mm width • Good attenuation of ambient noise 382-5638 External dims 193x64mm, radius 100mm chain 720-2736 Bracket set, 75mm width • Earcups can be removed from the headband • Specially designed damping 720-2711 External dims 143x64mm, radius 150mm chain 720-2739 Chain, external dims 135x60mm, radius 125mm perforation ensures powerful 720-2720 External dims 143x64mm, radius 100mm chain 720-2733 Chain, external dims 95x64mm, radius 100mm bass response 690-3920 25m 720-2723 External dims 93x64mm, radius 150mm chain 720-2745 Chain, external dims 116x50mm, radius 100mm 690-3942 100m 382-5571 External dims 66x50mm bracket 720-2749 Chain, external dims 91x50mm, radius 75mm 382-5616 External dims 93x64mm pair of brackets 720-2758 Chain, external dims 81x50mm, radius 75mm 382-5644 External dims 193x64mm bracket 720-2751 Chain, external dims 63.5x28mm, radius 48mm X SERIES XLR CABLE CONNECTORS • Nickel finish, precision engineered audio connectors, their PVC CONTROL CABLE - CHAINFLEX construction ensures reliable connection for both power and ® 712-8228 HD 202-II dynamic stereo headphones low level signal circuitry • For medium load requirements NEW • Identification boots supplied in a bag of 9 colours, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow and • PVC outer jacket 10CM/4IN FULL RANGE Black • Shielded SPEAKER DRIVER (GOOD BASS • Identification collars in a bag of 10 • Flame-retardant REPRODUCTION) colours: Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow and • Good bass reproduction Black, Black only • Galvanised chassis • Balanced frequency response and high effiency 720-2824 12x1.5sq mm • Especially suitable as built-in speaker for music reproduction and as driver 720-2828 7x1.5sq mm for 100V network column speakers 720-2837 5x1.5sq mm 405-590 3 way cable socket,16A 720-2830 12x1sq mm 405-607 3 way cable plug,16A 720-2834 7x1sq mm 405-613 3 way panel socket,16A 720-2843 5x1sq mm 405-629 3 way panel plug,16A 720-2846 12x0.75sq mm 512-786 4 OHM 4 INCH 405-635 4 way cable socket,10A 720-2840 7x0.75sq mm 512-815 8 OHM 4 INCH 405-641 4 way cable plug,10A 720-2859 5x0.75sq mm www.rsincyprus.com22 May 2011 For more brands, products & services please view our website May 2011 23
  13. 13. INTRODUCING THE NEWESTMEMBER OF YOUR CREW With operations in more than 80 countries AkzoNobel is the largest global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals . Their portfolio includes well known brands such as Dulux, Sikkens, International and Eka. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, they are a Global Fortune 500 company and are consistently ranked as one of the leaders on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. Within their Hammerite site in Prudhoe, England RS Components and KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL*The Toughest Industrial were asked to review the safety requirement for staff on site and propose a range of PPE products thatHand Held Printer demonstrated cost savings to AkzoNobel yet did not compromise on quality. Following several trials and• Cable & Wire Identification feedback from the workforce AkzoNobel now purchase only KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* products• Asset Identification via their preferred supplier, RS Components.• Terminal Block & Patch Panel Marking “I have been using gloves, eye wear and a number of other PPE products from KIMBERLYCLARK• Self Laminating Wire Identification PROFESSIONAL* for almost 6 months now, since our site started being supplied with• Heatshrink Sleeve Cable Markers Personal Protective Equipment by RS Components. I have found the range to be good value and• Health & Safety Labelling meeting all the appropriate standards required for use in a Paint Factory. The range of gloves in particular (KLEENGUARD* G10 Blue Nitrile, JACKSON SAFETY* G40 Mechanical Protection For a large range of Brady Industrial Labels please refer to & JACKSON SAFETY*G80 Purple Nitrile Gloves) has gone down very well with the staff on the Section 4 ‘Cable Accessories & Conduit / Trunking’ - BMP21 shop floor as they have found them to be harder-wearing yet providing greater dexterity than694-9096 BMP21 Thermal Transfer Printer or for further information previous gloves, without any reduction in safety levels offered.” Steve Hawes Maintenance & Services ManagerEngraved Plate Hammerite Products LtdReplacement LabelsBrady offers a solution that will put an end to the hassle of buying engravedplates once and for all. EPREP (Engraved Plate Replacement) labels areinnovative labels especially designed to replace engraved and plotted platesfor the identification of control panels, electrical cabinets, switches andpushbuttons.• Save time and money by printing name plates when and where you need them• Labelling software enables quick turn out of serialised groups of labels using pre-defined templates• Glossy topcoat gives smart and professional lookBMP71 printers available to print ALL your labels: To see the full range of KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* products available through RS Components please refer to711-7562 BMP71 Label Printer QWERTY-EU Keyboard BMP71 Label Printer AZERTY Keyboard711-7568 BMP71 Label Printer CYRILLIC Keyboard For a large range of Brady Industrial Labels please refer to711-7571 BMP71 Label Printer QWERTY-UK Keyboard Section 4 ‘Cable Accessories & Conduit / Trunking’ - BMP71711-7574 BMP71 Label Printer QWERTZ Keyboard or for further information