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Product guide electronics

  1. 1. With over 500,000 products, RS haveeverything you need for your design,research & development needs.PRODUCT
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Welcome to the CONTENTS Electronics section of your product guide. 06 LED LIGHTING At RS, we are committed to provide you with the best productForget New York, Paris and Milan. offerings, at the highest service level to meet all of your needsThe best collection of designer labels are with RS. 08 SEMICONDUCTORS wherever you are in the world. From electronic components and electrical products to industrial hardware and maintenance equipment, we have it covered. 12 FIBRE-OPTIC With more than 500,000 products from the worlds’ leading brands, there’s no need to shop around. Your first choice for Electronics 15 PASSIVES In this guide, you will find a good introduction as to all the services, key products and brands that are available to you from RS. We strive to make RS your first choice for electronic components 18 and solutions by continually introducing new technologies THERMAL INTERFACE and partnerships to support designs from concept to prototype and production. Experts at Export 20 ELECTROMECHANICAL Let us organise all of your export documentation, licenses and hazardous packaging leaving you to choose from a range of delivery options to suit your needs. RS are ISO 9002 accredited 22 EMBEDDED and comply with all leading EU legislation. So, what are you waiting for? DEVELOPMENT For a quote, delivery times or to place an order from this guide, please visit your local RS website listed to locate your local distributor. 28 ISO-TECH 30 FUSES & CIRCUIT PROTECTION 36 POWER SUPPLIES Register Online to be in with a chance of winning one of our monthly prizes. Join us on Facebook and stay updated with the latest products, offers and news. EU_0035 – 01/11 iMac and iPad images courtesy of www.rsincyprus.com2 May 2011 3
  3. 3. New design resources to connect with the virtual engineering environment Four great ways in which RS is helping to simplify and speed up the design process: Online resources Speeding up the Providing easier Download powerful and design search process selection free design tools support DesignSpark is a new Coming soon to your local With 3D CAD models, RS DesignSpark PCB is the interactive network RS website, an industry will help you to find the most powerful and easy to connecting electronic leading advanced right product for your use free PCB design tool With RS Online you’ll get design engineers with the parametric search with design with accurate, available, giving all design latest design trends and over 6.5 million attributes 3D images available for engineers access to much more than you’re ideas. DesignSpark gives available providing a faster free download in over 20 powerful, professional- users unique access to and smarter way to search, native CAD formats. All of standard software at no industry experts, user compare and select our 3D models are tagged cost. Modern and intuitive, reviews and free downloadable resources, electronic components. with the RS part number for ease of ordering. DesignSpark PCB is easy to learn and easy to use. used to seeing in our paper including access to DesignSpark PCB. Download free at catalogue and faster 1 2 3 4 5 Visit More products, Find the Use your Online Great offers, more brands, right product online order discounts great prices more choice history and no small The online easy-to-use for quick order charge Be first to benefit from RS Online gives you search functionality reference our great monthly instant access to more takes you right to the By ordering online, our offers and deals than 500,000 products product you’re looking customers have saved chosen from over If you need to reorder and we add new for. You can search by hundreds of thousands 500,000 products any items, you don’t products every month, manufacturer part or of pounds with online with thousands have to dig out so you can see the RS stock number, key exclusive discounts of new products being previous order very latest products words, brand, features and special offers. In added each month. information. It’s right that won’t appear in a or even price. The fact, we’re always there on our website, paper catalogue until results are instant, offering discounts, so in your order history. next year. You’ll also accurate and up to it pays to frequently You can go back as far benefit from features date. All products check RS Online to as 13 months. This that a paper catalogue show stock availability, see if you could make also acts as an annual can’t give you such as so you’ll know the substantial savings record of your spend access to our data quantity you require is on your everyday with us and you can library with more than in stock. products. What if access it with a click of 101,000 technical your mouse. your order is small? documents. If you’re We don’t think it’s looking for vital fair to penalise you, information, chances there is no minimum are that you’ll find order value. it online. Many more services when you go online at www.rsmalta.com4
  4. 4. NEW FOR 2011 FROM OSRAM RS offer an extensive range of OSRAM’s Opto Semiconductors’ OSLON SSL LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). • Compact and symmetrical high luminance packages with integrated silicone lens • Excellent thermal management The LED’s are available in different performance • 3x3mm small high-luminance LED in a 1W classes such as standard, mid and high power packages, package in various brightness levels and package sizes and in • Outstanding efficiency the complete colour range including all shades of white, RGB, and colour on demand. Here is a selection of the new ranges available at RS, please refer to our website for the full product range. ADVANCED POWER 697-3749 6500k TOPLED® PLUS 708-0753 6000K • High optical efficiency OSTAR INFRARED LIGHTING LED lighting is • Enhanced optical Power LED • LCD backlighting direct view and The OSTAR Lighting IR can be used in lightguide applications applications, such as Infrared illumination for cameras. Surveillance, IR Data transmission. now taking centre stage • Active Chip area : 2.1x3.2mm2 • Low Thermal Resistance 3 K/W • 3.1W Optical Power 688-9486 White 3000k 13lm 688-9480 White 4000k 15lmSolid state lighting Osram supplied the critical components in be overlooked, either. Together, these 688-9556 White 6500k 18lm the refurbishment of a large indoor area in three factors represent the main reasonis now largely one of the UK’s largest shopping malls. why LED lighting is becoming so popular.indistinguishable The ceiling of the Orient in the Trafford Typically LEDs offer many morefrom other forms Centre, Manchester, is now illuminated by GOLDEN DRAGON PLUSof lighting, is much Osram’s High Power Flood luminaires. It PACKAGES 705-4859 940nm with lens depicts a skyscape; white clouds painted The LED way to efficient outdoor lighting.more energy efficient on a large expanse, the colour of which is Suitable for exterior and interior automotivethan incandescent able to change from a bright vivid blue to lighting, indoor/outdoor commercial and EMITTER IR DRAGON PACKAGE a dusky red, reflecting the sky outsideor halogen and depending on the time of day. The residential architectural lighting, marker lights Point lightsource with high efficiency and small 11 x 6 x (e.g. steps, exit ways).more controllable technology used in the Trafford Centre 1.8 mm packageand robust than replaced an older solution based on filters • Active chip area: 1 mm2 and 700W incandescent bulbs. Replacingfluorescent. the old technology with new LED lighting • SMT package with holes for precise adjustment of external returned a massive 90% energy saving, as opticsGrowing demand for the technology has well as a large reduction in maintenance • Designed to support CMOS and CCD camera applicationslead to the introduction of a wealth of costs. By way of example, when the LEDsolutions and support products RS is at lighting is set to blue the energythe forefront, offering the latest 708-0763 5600k consumed is 1.5kW as opposed totechnologies, from stock, across the 18.2kW for the old technology. 688-9597 o/couple lensworld. operational hours than the equivalent 688-9600 Ultra White, si oval lens The possible energy savings are, of incandescent or fluorescent solution, 688-9506 3500k 52lmLED lighting can now be used as course, a major influence when however the actual lifetime of the LED 688-9509 3000k 52lm 681-1244 850nm 120°effectively in large areas, as in more considering LED lighting, but the reliability may be influenced more by the system 688-9503 Oval plus 4000k 61lm 709-1533 940nm infra red LEDintimate settings. For example, recently and flexibility of the technology shouldn’t design than may be expected. 688-9512 Oval plus 4500k 61lm 688-9452 High power infrared May 2011 7
  5. 5. SEMICONDUCTORS TI MCU Portfolio Thinking microcontrollers? OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS FIBRE OPTIC TRANSMITTERS Known for its easy-to-use analog integrated circuits, AND RECEIVERS National’s high-performance products enable its Avago offers a complete portfolio of fiber optic Think TI. customers’ systems to be more energy efficient. components for networking including: Ethernet, Here is just a selection of semiconductors that we Fiber Channel, Infiniband, OBSAI/CPRI, Sonet/ATM, stock, please refer to the RS website for the full range. and proprietary communication links. 533-8243 Dual DIP8 533-8293 Single power 533-9218 Single DIP8 236-846 HFBR-2528 10MBd fibre optic rx H 534-3936 Power SOT23-5 446-150 Versatile link receiver, HFBR2521 5MBd 16-bit ultra- 32-bit 32-bit ARM 534-4175 Quad 1.5MHz 171-1600 LED transmitter, HFBR1521 5MBd 660nm low power real-time CortexTM-M3 536-0177 2generaluse 1.5MHz 240-7021 Fibre optic transmitter, 5MBd 536-1350 Dual SO8 665-9649 Fibre optic receiver ST 5MBd MCUs MCUs MCUs TEMPERATURE CONTROL REAL TIME CLOCK PERIPHERALS C2000TM SENSORS NXP design and manufacture high performance Stellaris® ST is a world leader in providing mixed signal semiconductor solutions to meet the MSP430 TM DelfinoTM ARM®CortexTM-M3 semiconductor solutions. challenging requirements of systems and sub- systems in today’s markets. Here is a sample of clock PiccoloTM Below is a selection of semiconductors peripherals, refer to the RS website for the full range . for temperature control, please refer to the RS website for the full range. • p to U • 0MHz to 4 • p to U 25 MHz 300 MHz 100 MHz • lash F • lash, RAM F • Flash 1 KB to 256 KB 16 KB to 512 KB 64 KB to 256 KB 159-4685 Precision sensor TO92 483-7323 Clock/calendar 8 bit RAM 445-563 Digital sensor + thermal wd 483-7288 Clock/calendar DIP8 • ADC, DAC, OP-AMP, • WM, ADC, P • SB, ENET MAC+PHY U 686-4970 Digital sensor 12-Bit I2C 483-8300 Clock/calendar SOIC8 LCD, RF, USB CAN SPI, I2C CAN, ADC, PWM, SPI 686-4973 Analogue sensor low current 511-052 Low power 2.5-6.0V • Medical, Intelligent • Motor Control, • onnectivity, Security, C DIGITAL TO ANALOGUE BRIDGE RECTIFIER Sensing, Metering, Digital Power, Lighting, Motion Control, HMI, CONVERTERS Vishay offers a full range of rectifier products, including General Purpose Renewable Energies Industrial Automation TI delivers a broad portfolio of data converters. bridge, Schottky, and fast and ultrafast recovery Featuring high-performance 12-bit to 18-bit SAR devices. Here is a selection ADCs, 16-bit to 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs, 10-bit to of Bridge recitifiers stocked Software & Development Tools 16-bit pipeline ADCs, and 8-bit to 20-bit with us, please refer to the DACs, TI has a data converter for all your RS website for the full range. Microcontrollers>>Your WayTM analog and mixed-signal applications. Buy now at 207-2372 16 bit DIL16 395-4427 35A 1000V 356-7045 4 channel 8 bit 227-8823 35A 1600V 461-6306 2 channel 16 bit 295-4310 25A 1200V 517-2122 TLV5610I 12 bit 8 channel 300-278 160A 1600V 662-1509 DAC Quad Delta-Sigma 24 bit 48 pin 395-4203 25A 200V © Texas Instruments 2010 - The platform bar is a trademark of Texas Instruments. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.8 May 2011 For more brands, products & services please view our website
  6. 6. SEMICONDUCTORSAll of the worldwide leading manufacturers below have products within the RS offer.Ranges are developed all the time, with new products launching daily onour website. New products coming up in 2011To view this full range of semiconductors, please refer to out for P Production Packaging availability on these products. Microprocessing Optoelectronics Power Supplies conditioning routing and RF and Video Components and Displays and Control Drivers and Conversion 10,000 new items will be introduced online to the ever Amplifiers Frequency Interfaces Discretes Function Memory Controls Signal Signal Logic growing RS Product range, all ready for fast deliveryNEW ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●NEW ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●NEW ● ● ● ●NEW ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●NEW ● ● ●NEW ● ● ● ● ● ●NEW ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●NEW ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●NEW ● ● Get more online...go online at To view our complete range, Go online at to see the complete range.10 May 2011 For more brands, products & services please view our website
  7. 7. Fibre-OpticXXXX XXXX monitoring equipment, and longer- HFBR-0506AMZ series with metallised door control and comfort subsystems range connections to the wind farm’s packaging provides enhanced typically uses the international control centre. shielding. The SMA-styled connector IEC 61375 Train Communication also withstands vibration and Network (TCN) standard. In general, For power conversion, producing mechanical shocks. the TCN defines a Wire Train Bus clean grid-quality electricity from (WTB) for connecting vehicles, and the noisy, intermittent raw generator For networking applications in wind a Multifunction Vehicles Bus (MVB) Choices for Today’s output, control signals for key farms, the short-distance POF links to connect equipment in a vehicle functional blocks such as the rectifier are typically multiplexed into Hard- or group of vehicles. MVB specifies and inverter are usually managed by Clad Silica (HCS) or multi-mode fibre three media types, including RS- Energy Challenges a DSP-embedded controller via a supporting greater bandwidth and link 485, transformer-coupled twisted fibre-optic link. This maintains distances. If the turbine tower is more wire pairs, and optical fibre. Optical efficient and reliable control with than 100m tall, using optical fibre as fibre is often preferred for its high high galvanic isolation. the vertical interconnect also delivers immunity to the electrical noise in the a valuable weight saving compared locomotive environment. By Mike Caddy, RS Components Condition monitoring is also to copper cabling. Transmitters and important, using atmospheric sensors receivers such as the Avago HF BR- When MVB is implemented with Rising fuel prices, increasing use of green to detect wind speed and direction 0400Z series operate over HCS or optical fibre, a star coupler is used energy, and demands for greater safety as well as various additional sensors multi-mode fibre and are commonly to restore the signal quality for and comfort are key factors challenging monitoring the turbine’s mechanical used in wind turbine towers and over connecting up to 4095 devices in engineers to optimise management of components to avoid run-to-failure. long distance wind farm networks. one bus. The Avago HFBR-1412Z motors and generators in applications such The monitoring system must provide transmitter and HFBR-2412Z receiver as railway engines and wind turbines. high voltage and current isolation Managing Mass Transportation can easily handle the fixed MVB data to be able to operate reliably during POF HCS or multi-mode fibre data , rate of 1.5 Mbps. atmospheric disturbances such links are also used in the rail industry, as lightning. Here, optical fibre is to control power semiconductors Conclusion Sophisticated data acquisition and preferred for its high voltage and such as IGBTs used in the converters As demand increases for precision “ control electronics must communicate management of power-conversion, reliably; often over long distances and amid hazards such as high voltages, Optical fibre provides an ideal control and safety systems, optical connectivity is preferred in unfriendly high levels of electromagnetic medium for reliable data links, industrial environments where high interference (EMI) and harsh delivering the benefits of high signal integrity and ruggedness electrostatic discharge (ESD). galvanic isolation from high-voltage are critical. circuitry, immunity to EMI and ESD, ” Optical fibre provides an ideal Avago Technologies has developed medium for reliable data links, and long transmission range. several families of fibre-optic delivering the benefits of high transmitters, receivers, and galvanic isolation from high-voltage current isolation compared to feeding electrical traction motors and transceivers for monitoring circuitry, immunity to EMI and optocouplers or similar components. the train’s electrical system . systems and networking ESD, and long transmission range. In the nacelle of the wind turbine, These links are also used to manage applications in numerous power This article reviews two specific short-distance fibre-optic links can communication with safety and generation, transportation and applications: in wind turbines and in utilise Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) with comfort subsystems such as braking, industrial applications. the rail industry, to demonstrate the optical transmitters and receivers door control, air conditioning, general point. such as Avago Technologies’ HFBR- passenger information and lighting. 0500Z. Snap-in, latching, and screw-in Fibre is also used for sending and Maximising Wind Power Quality terminations are available, permitting receiving monitoring signals for In a wind turbine, industrial fibre fast and efficient installation, voltage and current protection at DC products covering a wide range maintenance or repair in the field. links and converters. Visit your local RS website of data rates and link lengths are and search “Avago Optical used within the turbine-control unit, Where higher levels of ESD and EMI Communication between the train’s Fibre” to view the latest power-conversion stages, condition- protection are required, Avago’s central computer and the braking, new fibre optic devices.12 May MAY 2011 MAY 2011 May 13
  8. 8. PANASONIC Can you resist 6 times more choice? FP CAPACITORS SERIES THIN FILM RESISTORS Our online display will transform The aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Panasonic delivers Equivalent Series Resistance Panasonic offers a wide range of Surface Mount Resistors including conventional Thick Film Chip your design. (ESR) values that rival polymerised organic Resistors, Specialized Resistors such as Thin Film, semiconductor alternatives. Current Sense, Anti-Sulfur, Anti-Surge, and Metal Film Chip Resistors. Below is a collection of 0805 • 6.3V to 50V series resistors, for the full range please refer to our • Low ESR website. • Endurance 2000hrs at 105°C • Stable at high temperature and humidity • High temperature lead-free reflow available • Small resistance tolerance and Temperature Coefficient of Resistance • Low current noise, excellent non-linearity 568-587 150μF capacitance, 10V 568-638 100μF capacitance, 16V 568-789 150μF capacitance, 25V 568-723 330μF capacitance, 35V 708-9271 0.25W; 102R 698-9101 100μF capacitance, 50V 708-9328 0.125W; 102R 698-9104 200μF capacitance, 50V 708-9280 0.125W; 105R SMD POWER INDUCTOR KITS SEMICONDUCTORS Two design kits available from Panasonic for Panasonic’s Semiconductor commitment is the portable device and power conversion applications. creation of advanced key devices and the ability to provide core solutions for digital networking. • Kit for Portable Device applications: 50 L-values; LxW: Below is a sample of the MOS FET series available 3x3mm - 6x6mm; H: 1.0mm - 2.0mm; L: 0.8μH - 100μH; Idc: 0.28A - 3.8A; Rdc: 0.022Ω - 1.33Ω from Panasonic for switching circuits. Please refer to the RS website for our full Semiconductor offer. • Kit for Power Conversion applications: 91 L-values; LxW: 6x6mm - 12.5x12.5mm; H: 2.8mm - 5.7mm; L: 1.0μH - 1000μH; Idc: 0.18A - 14.2A; Rdc: 2.24mΩ - 3.67ΩTo find out when 715-9651 60V 100MA SSSMini3-F2-BRS can deliver, visit 719-4953 Portable device design kit 719-3193 30V 100MA SSSMini3-F2-B 719-4957 Power conversion design kit 715-9657 30V 100MA May 2011 15
  9. 9. PASSIVES Exceeding PE30 SERIES POTENTIOMETERS ROUND PCB MOUNT expectations Vishay potentiometers feature industry-leading CONTINUOUS TONE BUZZER power ratings, lifetime cycles, temperature coefficients and include devices optimized for both Every RS product is designed, manufactured and fully tested to the very highest standards. New industrial and military applications. range • High power rating: 3W Lin, 1.5W log @ 70°C • Cicular cased PCB mounting • High sound output buzzers online • Excellent thermal stability • Internal circuitry for dc operation • Robust construction, fully sealed IP67 • Internal circuitry for operation from 8 to 16Vdc ACPP – 0805 & 0603 Passivated AP725 – TO263 Package Precision Thin Film Chip D-Pak Thick Film Long term life stability as demonstrated Thick film D-pak type resistor. 169-629 PE30 cermet pot, 10k lin 20mm 3W 511-7664 PCB Mount audio buzzer 12Vdc 85dB by the Anti-Corrosion claims characterised – Up to 20 watts by Ta N. ² – R01 – 51K 22MM 3590 SERIES SCHAFFNER MEDICAL POTENTIOMETERS FN284B SERIES – 0.063 watts to 0.125 watts – Soldered or clipped to the board Bournes precision potentiometers are designed Schaffner offer solutions with full engineering – 5R to 3M3 RS Stock No. 668-8265 for control applications where accuracy and high- support to meet European and International – ±0.1% reliability is important. These devices are available compliance standards and improve the reliability Arcol Part No. AP725 10R F in conductive plastic, wirewound or Hybritron® and safety of electric and electronic equipment. RS Stock No. 668-8312 element types, and in various sizes. Their full range of passives can be found on the Arcol Part No. ACPP0603 15K B E RS website. MRA0207 – Axial MSR – Bare Element, Thin Film Precision Through Whole – 0.25 watts – 1, 3 or 5 watts 107-0785 10 turn wirewound pot, 10k 22mm – 10R to 1M – R005 to R1 107-0779 10 turn wirewound pot, 5k 22mm 455-8929 Double fused IEC950 inlet filter, 6A 250V – ±0.1 – ±1% TAP SERIES CAPACITORS MINIATURE GAS FILLED 2 RS Stock No. 487-7141 RS Stock No. 487-9169 • Solid tantalum resin dipped radial capacitors rated at ELECTRODE ARRESTER 85°C (125°C with voltage derating) Arcol Part No. MRA0207 10K B TA 015 Arcol Part No. MSR-5 R01 F Suitable for use in telecommunication • Manufactured with a flame retardant coating exchange, main distribution frames and • Exceptional temperature stability subscriber-end equipment. RCC025 & RCC050 HS – Aluminium – Solid Carbon Housed Wirewound – 0.25, 0.5 watts – 5 to 600 Watts – 2R2 to 22M – R005 to 100K – ±5% – Including Water- cooled option – HSW600 RS Stock No. 385-922 RS Stock No. 158-339 537-4075 Radial tantalum capacitor 25V 10uF 191-1535 2 pole 90V 20kA/20A Arcol Part No. RCC025 1K J Arcol Part No. HS50 10R J16 May 2011 For more brands, products & services please view our website
  10. 10. RS THERMAL INTERFACE MATERIALS RS THERMAL INTERFACE MATERIALS NEW NEWNew to the RS range; Thermal Interface When purchasing Thermal InterfaceMaterials are used to fill gaps between Materials it is important to ensure thethermal transfer surfaces, such as correct choice is made.between microprocessors and heatsinks in order to increase thermal Our selection guide will help you choose the product thattransfer efficiency. HIGH CONFORMABILITY GAP best suits your application from a variety of gap fillers, HIGH TEMPERATURE FILLERS AND GELS gels, greases, tapes and graphite’ within the RS Thermal STABILITY GRAPHITES Interface Materials range. All products are UL94V0 and • Soft compliant material with low shore hardness rating HIGH PERFORMANCE GAP • Improves surface area contact by removing gaps REACH compliant. Please visit your local RS website for • Wide temperature application without drying out the full range. FILLERS AND GELS • Minimal pressure, providing low stress on mating parts • Ultra high thermal conductivity • Easy to assemble • Thermal conductivity of 3W/m K or higher • Wide temperature application from -40°C to +150 °C HIGH PERFORMANCE • Soft and high compressibility SILICON GREASE • Very good thermal conductivity • Thin material or application thickness <0.25mm • Low thermal resistance • Good thermal conductivity • Easy to assemble 707-4730 Gel pad 0.5mm 2W/mk 707-4742 Gel pad 1.5mm 2W/mk 707-4806 Interface material 150sq x 1.0mm 707-4635 Gel filler 1.5mm 707-4780 Adhesive 150sq x 0.16mm 707-4770 Gel pad 2.0mm 6W/mk 707-4761 Gel filler 2.0mm 4W/mk 707-4812 Impregnated Int Mat 150sq x 0.6mm 707-4777 Gel pad 1.5mm 6W/mk 707-4711 Gap filler 1.0mm 6W/mk 707-4714 Gap filler 1.5mm 6W/mk HIGH ELECTRICIAL SILICON FREE ISOLATION FILLER 707-4736 5.0 W/mk INTERFACE MATERIAL MID PERFORMANCE GAP • High breakdown voltage >3.5kV /mm 707-4724 3.6 W/mk • Good adhesion FILLERS AND GELS • Compressible for low stress 707-4733 1.8 W/mk • Low thermal resistance • Good thermal conductivity • Good insulator • Thermal conductivity ranging from 1.5W/m K to 3W/m K • Fibreglass carrier • Operating temperature -40→180°C • Soft and high compressibility • Natural tack • Good insulator THERMAL INTERFACE TAPE • Easy to assemble • Low contact thermal impedance • Good insulator • Locates in position strongly for assembly • High thermal conductivity • Electrical insulating • High temperature - long term stability 707-4651 1.2mm 3.2W/mk 707-4572 1.2mm 1.6W/mk 707-4727 0.3mm 707-4819 0.2mm thickness 150sq 707-4597 3.0mm 1.6W/mk 707-4718 0.18mm 707-4815 0.15mm thickness 150sq 707-4601 1.5mm 2.2W/mk 707-4720 0.45mm 707-4828 0.25mm thichness 150sq 707-4821 150sq x 0.12mm thickness www.rsincyprus.com18 May 2011 For more brands, products & services please view our website May 2011 19
  11. 11. ELECTROMECHANICAL ELECTROMECHANICAL CABLE PLUGS AND SOCKETS NIKEL PLATED SCREWLOCK CABLE MOUNT SCREW CONNECTOR KIT (CABLE The Bulgin Buccaneer range provide a full range ASSEMBLIES TERMINALS MOUNTING) of IP68 rated environmentally sealed circular • Assemblies for ‘D’ connectors in two sizes: female (8mm A 3.81mm pitch low profile interconnection system • Plug/Socket solder termination backshell connector kits connectors, designed to provide secure and safe thread length) and female (13mm thread length). offering PCB space savings, combined with a available in 9, 15 or 25 way. connections in harsh or hostile conditions. generous wire acceptance of 1.5mm . 2 • Thread size is 4-40 UNC • Kits include five solder D-sub connectors, All plugs have a cable gland to provide a plastic backshells and jackscrews with waterproof sealing. 4-40 UNC thread, for the fabrication of five connector assemblies. 220-4658 2 way screw 306-2720 9 way plug kit 483-922 3 way cable plug, 10A 453-886 NiPt D screwlock 8mm 220-4664 3 way screw 510-9972 15 way plug kit 483-938 3 way inline cable coupler socket, 10A 453-892 NiPt D screwlock 13mm 220-4670 4 way screw 306-2742 25 way plug kit 489-403 3 way inline cable coupler plug, 10A 814-023 ZnPt D screwlock 8mm 220-4686 5 way screw 306-2714 9 way socket kit 814-039 ZnPt D screwlock 13mm 220-4692 6 way screw 510-9988 15 way socket kit TRACO TMR 2 SERIES 306-2736 25 way socket kit DC/DC CONVERTERS HDP20 PLUGS AND SOCKETS USB PCB RECEPTACLES • Miniature single-in-line package (FORMED CONTACTS) For use in applications such as Desktop and RISING CLAMP TERMINAL • Wide 2:1 input voltage range • Suitable for military, industrial or commercial applications Notebook PC’s, Keyboard, Mouse, Telephony - ISDN, PBX’s, Handsets and peripherals. BLOCKS • Regulated outputs and computer interfacing etc. • High copper content rising clamp technology ensures • 1kV input/output isolation • Solder termination. USB ‘A’ and ‘B’ types available reliable mechanical and electrical connection. • Remote on/off • Tin and dimpled shells. • Available in parallel or vertical options • Continuous short circuit protection 2 • For wire size 24 - 12 awg (0.2-2.5mm ) • Terminals rated at 12A/320V (class III/2) • 5.08mm pitch 433-8236 TMR1211 regulated DC-DC, 5V 2W 515-1951 Type A SMT reverse mount socket, 1A 433-8258 TMR2411 regulated DC-DC, 5V 2W 489-2437 9 way solder termination plug 515-1945 Type A PCB r/a socket w/kinked tabs, 1A 189-6026 3 way parallel 433-8270 TMR2412 regulated DC-DC, 12V 2W 489-2443 15-way solder plug gold plated 515-1967 Type B PCB r/a socket w/kinked tabs, 1A 189-6032 4 way parallel 510-6260 2W DC-DC converter, 18-36V, i/p 12V o/p 489-2487 9 way solder termination socket 515-2049 Type A upright flanged-out w/forklock 189-6048 5 way parallel 510-6276 2W DC-DC converter, 18-36V i/p 15Vo/p 489-2493 15-way solder socket gold plated 515-1973 Vertical w/4 board lock & ground pin 189-6054 6 way parallel 220-4585 7 way parallel GOLD PLATED SMA TWIN SOCKET ADAPTOR PICOBLADE SMT ADAPTORS • Socket to socket’ - accepts plug at each end ‘Plug to STRAIGHT/90° HEADERS V4 MICROSWITCHES (DC1 6A) • Insulation resistance min.5000 mΩ plug’ accepts socket at each end Molex offer a complete compact Wire-to-Board • Sealed switch with IP67 protection • Operating temperature -65°C to + 165°C • 2 x 4mm socket interconnection system. • Available with various • 500 Operations endurance This SMT header offers right angle body orientation, terminations, including PCB surface mount and a maximum operating mount, solder, quick connect (2.8 temperature of 85°C. x 0.5mm), or pre-wired (500mm x 0.75mm2) lead 295-6450 Jack to Jack 320-512 SPDT flying lead lever 295-6416 Plug to Plug 542-7270 5 way 320-528 SPDT flying lead roller 295-6438 Plug to Jack 542-7107 3 way 320-506 SPDT flying lead button 295-6488 Jack Bulkhead 542-7113 4 way 197-7709 Flying lead ice free microswitch 295-6501 SMA backshell female-female 542-7135 6 way 150-710 SPDT long lever microswitch 295-6539 TE Backshell female-female 112-2195 NiPt male BNC plug/socket adaptor 542-7090 2 way 90° header 294-5905 V4 microswitch, solder terminals www.rsincyprus.com20 May 2011 For more brands, products & services please view our website May 2011 21