RS Components Cyprus - 3D CAD Models FAQs


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RS Components Cyprus - 3D CAD Models FAQs

  1. 1. 3D CAD: FAQ’s<br />Q. I don’t have access to java in my browser. Where can I download the latest Java software?<br />A. If Java is not installed, you can download the Java application from<br />Q. The 3D CAD Model image isn't displaying properly in my browser, what can I do?<br />A. The viewer works best in the following browsers - IE7 or 8 / Firefox / Chrome - you can get the image to refresh by using the browser refresh button or by scrolling the browser pane.<br />Q. We are not allowed to use java in our browsers - what can we do?<br />A. The viewer requires java to display the 3D image - you will need to use the "click for more images" link to view a product image or line drawing - you can still download a 3D CAD model without java.<br />Q. Can I download a 3D CAD Model for a CAD Application that doesn't appear in the drop down list?<br />A. RS only supports the native 3D CAD formats in the drop-down list - if your 3D CAD system or version is not listed then try to import a neutral format like STEP or IGES.<br />Q. When I click on the 3D CAD Model image it starts spinning very fast - how do I stop this happening?<br />A. Click on the image of a house in the CAD viewer.<br />Q. The 3D CAD Model image is different to the picture when I click the link for more images - which one is correct?<br />A. The 3D CAD Model image is correct - the photograph or line drawing is a generic image used for several products in that range and is for guidance only.<br />Q. I want to download a 3D CAD Model but I don't have an RS account - what should I do?<br />A. You don't need an RS account to download 3D CAD Models - just click the link to register and fill out your details - this will register you as a web user and you can then download 3D CAD Models.<br />
  2. 2. 3D CAD: FAQ’s<br />Q. I've lost my user name and password and I want to download a 3D CAD Model - what should I do?<br />A. Click the login link and then use the forgotten username / password links.<br />Q. I don't like the 3D CAD Model images - how can I switch them off?<br />A. The 3D CAD Model image is a feature of our website and it can not be switched off. You can still view images or line drawings by clicking the link for more images.<br />Q. I want to get a 3D CAD Model for a specific part number but it doesn't have a 3D CAD Model image - how do I obtain one?<br />A. You can only get 3D CAD Models from RS if they are available for download from our website - we are constantly updating our 3D CAD Model library so you may be able to get one soon.<br />Q. My CAD system is not able to display meta data from the 3D CAD Model file - what can I do?<br />A. As part of the download there is a text file containing the part information - try importing that into your CAD systems BOM (Bill of Material) manager.<br />Q. Why are the 3D CAD Models only shown in grey?<br />The models are provided in a generic colour to minimise the impact on computer resources and provide the quickest response.<br />Q. Is a tutorial available to demonstrate importing 2D drawings into DesignSpark PCB?<br />A. Yes, please visit<br />Q. Can I export 3D models from DesignSpark PCB?<br />A. DesignSpark PCB can export files in an IDF format. This can be converted into a format readable by 3D CAD Software Suites. Visit for more details.<br />