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Manufacturing march 2011 cyprus

  1. 1. keep your production running with over 300,000 products available for fast delivery from rS.TCC MaltaCatalogue House,Notabile Road. BAIDA Instruments Tajoura-near Industrial Research. Tripoli. Libya TCC Hellas S.A. Ag.Georgiou 28 & Ramnountos Str. TCC Cyprus S.A. Nicholson House 9 Nic. Mylonas Street, 1070 Nicosia Manufacturing March 2011Mriehel. BKR 3000 Tel: +218-21-369 8555/335 1369 14234, N.Ionia, CyprusTel: +356-23815204/205 Fax: +218-21-3693795 Athens, Greece. Tel: +357 2237 6450Fax: +356-21499 068 Email: Tel: +30 210 6755 100, Fax: +357 2237 6591Email: Web: +30 210 2712427 Email: sales@rsincyprus.comWeb: Fax: +30 210 6755 113 Web: Email: Web:
  2. 2. wElcoMEWe CreateFunctional Wireless from a through to Z, rS have all the contEntS products that you need from leading global manufacturers.Connections! 04 haZarDouS arEa With our ranges from leading global manufacturers being updated regularly on our website, we’re sure to have exactly what you’re looking for. leading brands 06 ProDuction linE Down- We offer the widest range of products from leading manufacturers such as Alphawire, Bahco, Knipex, SMC and thousands more. tiME rEDucED by 75% assured Delivery 08 tEMPEraturE control With 98% stock availability, you can be sure of immediate despatch, so you can get on with running your business. free technical Support 09 PulS PowEr SuPPliES From product identification through to queries on product applications, qualified engineers are only a phone call away. 10 ProcESS ManagEMEnt Quality you can trust At RS components, we want to be 100% confident that our customers are 11 buying what they think theyre buying. Careful product sourcing, combined with SounDErS & bEaconS comprehensive in house testing delivers outstanding quality and value from us. Order online at: 12 SEnSorS & tranSDuctorS TCC Malta Catalogue House, Notabile Road, BAIDA Instruments Co. Tajoura-near Industrial Research. Mriehel, BKR 3000 Tripoli. Libya 13 Tel: +356 2381 5203/5 Tel: +218-21-369 8555/335 1369 MoEllEr Fax: +356 2149 9068 Fax: +218-21-369 3795 Email: Email: Web: Web: 15 EbM-PaPSt TCC Hellas S.A. Agiou Georgiou 28 & Ramnountos TCC (Cyprus) Ltd Nicholson House, N.Ionia Athens. 14234 Greece 9 Nic. Mylonas Street,1070 Nicosia 17 Tel : +30-210-6755100/2712427 Tel: + 357 2237 6450 harting Fax: +30-210-6755113 Email: Fax: +357 2237 6591 Email: Web: Web: Easy Wireless Transmission for Data and Signals 19 alPhawirE Do you need to transmit data or signals quickly, reliably, and 20 rS hanDtoolS log onto our website and find over 300,000 products and lots costeffectively to dynamic machine more helpful information. units, temporary installations or remote 21 braDy devices? Then Phoenix Contact is the Stock availability allied Electronics info zone and online 22 right partner for you! Whether serial range tools available or I/O data, fieldbus or Ethernet hEalth & SafEty at work Check online if the product Extra 50,000 products • Online technical help INT_0068 – 03/2011 and quantity you require available online from our • Unit converters communication, a new installation or is in stock sister company Allied 23 • Energy saving calculator in the USA system expansion, process or factory kiMbErly clark • IP ratings automation - we offer the right wireless solution for every application. For more information on products in the Phoenix Contact range and to see recent additions visit: Terms and conditions: Customers shall deal with RS Components Limiteds appointed distributor in the relevant territory. The distributor will be soley responsible for the resale of products and services in this catalogue and the customer should therefore contact the distributor directly if there are any issues in relation to such products or services. All offers are available while stocks last. RS is trademark of RS Components Limited. An Electrocomponents Company. INSPIRING INNOVATIONS Manufacturing March 2011 3
  3. 3. haZarDouS arEa SinglE EMErgEncy StoP Station DPi 610 i/S PrESSurE calibrator • Pull to release actuator • A rugged, versatile instrument for use in hazardous areas • IP65 sealing • Provide a task driven user interface which allows easy set-up of • Contact blocks rated to 500V and 16A calibration, switch testing, leak testing, 4 to 20mA simulation, relief • Group & Category: II 2 G EEx e d IIC T6 valve testing, data logging and ambient temperature recording modes • Pressure and current displayed simultaneously, data storage & download via RS-232 • Group and category:II 1G EEx ia IIC T4DSEar 451-1245 Pressure range 0-7 Bar 321-155 1NO + 1NC 606-1196 Pressure range 0-7 Bar + RS Cal 451-1251 Pressure range 0-20 Bar fluorEScEnt laMP 606-1405 Pressure range 0-20 Bar + RS Cal • Zone 1 & 2 Batten with HF control • HF control gear for improved lamp life, flicker free starting and lower 32 tonE ZonE 1,2 SounDEr running costs (not 8W emergency unit) • Flameproof polycarbonate with anodised light alloy body • Gas proof and dust proof loudspeakerthe DSEar legislation for hazardous areas is not just for refineries, • Emergency version is 8W sustained for 3 hours • 100V line transformer version: 15W/7.5W/3W/1W tappings • Supply Voltage: 240 Vac • Marine grade LM6 Aluminium enclosure to IP67but anywhere there is a potential for an explosive atmosphere; • Group & Category: II 2G EEx d IIB & IIC T4-T5-T6 • Group & Category: IECEx II 2GD Eex d IIC T4100°Cfor example, sanding, solvents and paints, welding as well aspowders such as flour or chemicals.rS has a wide range of products to help you to control or manage these risksATEX approved products can be hard to source, so with a range of several hundreds of productsavailable from stock, RS has the solutions you need - everything from electrical and automation to test & 406-7928 2x18W Fluorescentmeasurement. A large range of our products appear in our catalogue, but we have an even wider range 406-7934 2x36W Fluorescenton-line. They can all be found by typing "Hazardous Area" into the website search. 406-7940 2x58W FluorescentWe stock ranges from many global leading brands including: 406-7978 1x8W Emergency 667-4082 400Hz to 8000Hz gXS EXPloSion Proof liMit SwitchES 30MM PuShbutton • Durable zinc die-cast housing fully potted enclosure has sealing • Panel mount device. Maximum panel thickness 5mm. Mounting hole 30.5mm protection of IP66/67 diameter. Rated at 500V/16A • 1 x NO and 1 x NC contacts - 4A (AC15) 250V rating • I,O START and STOP labels and 1 x NO and 1 x NC contact block included • Pre-wired 5m HO5W-F 3 core cable • ATEX approved to PTB 97 ATEX 1081U, to achieve PTB99 ATEX 1034 mush be • Group & Category: II 2G EEx d LLC T6 used in conjunction with protective cap RS stock code 202-3954 • Group & Category: II 2G EEx de IIC T6 382-9343 Side rotary arm 382-9359 Top pin plunger 382-9371 Top roller plunger 202-3881 Manufacturing March 2011 5
  4. 4. Register Now with RS Cyprus Online and be in with a chance to win an iPad
  5. 5. niSSan Plant E-t-ahow E-t-a helps to reducedowntime at nissan plant.Production line downtime also lead to lengthy downtimes. The transfer The biggest advantage of the ESS20 is The PLC provides an immediate alarm or DoublE PolE ElEctronic feed bars move car body panels into and out that it only disconnects the faulty path message output in the event of a fault inreduced by 75%! of each press. Each panel may be subject in the event of a failure without any the Stamping Shop. In the Axle Plant, the circuit brEakEr ESS22-t factory monitoring software was modified Providing physical isolation. It meets the requirements to six separate pressing stages within the negative influences on the SMPS. It offers of the machinery directive 2006/42/EC.After an axle welding line at the Sunderland same press, with tool changing in between. a combination of a traditional electro- so that failures in a particular circuit providedplant of Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) The transfer feed bars are subject to mechanical circuit breaker and electronic immediate alarms in the Control Room,suffered a major breakdown of over 160 movement, vibrations and shock, inevitably circuit protection in a single component. identfying the particular ESS20 that hadminutes following damage to a single causing wiring to proximity switches and The actual voltage drop is measured and tripped and thus the circuit at fault.sensor cable, the Facility Engineer was valves to suffer over time. Finding which evaluated as to whether this is normal duty,determined to find a more reliable solution one had failed could be a lengthy process. an overload, or a short circuit. Depending Ease of mountingfor the protection of the output loads of on the type and duration of the failure, the Both for retrofit and new installationthe Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) Now the circuits of all the main presses are current is limited or even switched off by a requirements, the E-T-A Module 17 plus ElEctronic circuitwhich provide 24V DC on the line. The E-T-A protected by ESS20s - around seventy have semi-conductor. After 5 seconds the electro- provides a convenient and cost-effective ProtEctor ESX10ESS20 electronic circuit breaker provided been retrofitted and are in service. Benefits mechanical circuit breaker is triggered to solution. Modules, with a width of just Is designed to ensure selective disconnectionthe ideal solution – the axle welding line saw similar to those in the Axle Plant have provide physical isolation of the load circuit 12.5mm each, are snap-fitted onto a DIN of DC 24 V load systems.a drop of around 75% in 24V DC wiring fault resulted, with wiring fault downtime in the in accordance with EN60934. In addition, rail and integral conductors for the signaldowntime. Stamping Shop reduced by between 50% the electronic circuitry has an integral fail- contact function immediately make contact. and 70%. Earth faults, for example, caused safe element for its own protection. By The supply voltage can be connected toChris Watt, Facility Engineer in the Stamping the SMPS voltage to fall below 24V which installing ESS20 electronic circuit breakers the modules separately, or by bus bar, withShop, was quick to pick up on the results of had the knock-on effect of spurious faults in on each load, selective protection of the spring loaded terminals minimising timethis trial as occasional faults on the wiring other loads connected to the power supply. load circuits is ensured to avoid disturbing all and effort. With the ESS20s plugged in, ElEctronic circuit of transfer feed bars could The MCB protecting the faulty circuit did not the load outputs. the system is ready. ProtEctor ESX10-t trip and so it was not obvious which circuit Can be snapped onto symmetrical rails and is was at fault. Clear signalisation Summary designed to ensure selective disconnection of DC A bicolour LED on the front of each ESS20 By combining the ESS20 with a power 24 V load systems. Selective Protection provides a clear status indication. Green distribution system, such as the E-T-A For any automated process powered by 24V indicates normal duty, red indicates active Module 17 plus, and thereby ensuring DC switch-mode power supplies without current limitation due to a short circuit selective physical isolation according to IEC circuits protected by devices such as the or overload. As soon as the ESS20 has 60204-1, machinery and automated systems ESS20, an overload in a single circuit will physically isolated the faulty load circuit from across a wide range of industries can be ElEctronic circuit cause the power supply to shut down the the supply voltage, the LED extinguishes optimised with regard to both function and brEakEr ESS20 output to all the circuits it supplies. On and the push button visibly snaps into the cost. The approach minimises downtime in Is designed to ensure selective disconnection of recovery it may go into ‘hiccup’ mode. OFF position. Selective disconnection of an the event of failures – the system will either individual load systems which are powered by a DC 24 Traditional protection solutions do not ESS20 and corresponding status or failure continue working or can be restarted after V switch-mode power supply. provide the answer. Circuit breakers with indication make trouble-shooting a quick a short interval to keep production losses fast operating characteristics would be likely and easy task. Using the manual ON/OFF to a minimum. to cause nuisance trips during current peaks button, the load circuit may be physically and switching on of capacitive loads. On the isolated for maintenance and other other hand MCBs are too slow, and neither troubleshooting purposes. delayed operation, nor high performance PowEr DiStribution SyStEM circuit breakers will respond adequately in Integral auxiliary contacts provide status 17 plus Module is a power distribution system for use with E-T-As plug in type electronic circuit breakers. this situation to overcurrents. The power and failure indication as a signal to a logic supply will therefore switch off completely, controller. In the case of Nissan, the status bringing all connected loads, i.e. the entire outputs from the newly installed ESS20s system, to a standstill. were connected to spare PLC inputs.6 Manufacturing March 2011 for more brands, products & services please view our website Manufacturing March 2011 7
  6. 6. tEMPEraturE control PulS PulS are your perfect partner in atEX aPProVED PowEr SuPPliESadd precision to your manufacturing processes, with a wide selection of ac/Dc single and • 5A, 10A and 20A, 24V single phase Q-series units have been granted ATEX approval, tested to EN60079-15 and for use in Zone 2 hazardous systems category 3G. Maintaining the same specifications and size astemperature control not cost three phase power supplies, Dc/Dc the normal QS units, this approval has been gained in essence by double conformal coating the internal components. converters, Dc-uPS, buffer modules and redundancy / diode systems.rS have launched a compact 1⁄16 Din format,cost-effective temperature and process controller Small in relation to the market standard, PULS units offer large power reserves and up to 96% efficiency. Quick connect springwith enhanced capabilities including setpoint clamp terminals and patented DIN rail clip design enables easy, tool-programming. less installation. Operating temperature ranges from -25°C to +70°C, and when partnered with low inrush current surges and activeInvesting in modern temperature control equipment can provide returns instantly, power factor correction, PULS power supplies are the ideal solutionimproving product quality, consistency and reducing energy waste. The RS PID controller to the most challenging of manufacturing requirements.has been created to be easy to configure and install making it ideal for retrofitting in placeof on/off controllers with no specialist knowledge needed. Machine designers can also Other properties of PULS power supplies include:benefit from adding the improved control and stability provided by PID, which adds value Suitable for many industries and • High efficiencies of up to 98.7%for the end-user without adding significant cost to the build. applications including: • Active power factor correction Small laboratory and industrial ovens • Power reserves up to 50% Bag Sealers Sterilisers & autoclaves • Low inrush current surges Cleaning baths • Large screw connection and spring clamp terminals Small Packaging Machines • Diode and MOSFET modules for redundancy 711-5966 Output: 24-28V, 5A Input:100-240Vac Dryers • Mounting accessories for installation in low profile cabinets 711-5960 Output: 24-28V, 10A Input: 100-240Vac Provers 711-5979 and for panel installations where no DIN-rail is available Output: 24-28V, 20A Input: 100-240Vac Chillers Food and beverage processing Plastics extrusion 24V Dc-uPS with 360w outPut PowEr 960w DiMEnSion 1- anD 3-PhaSE • For applications requiring supply voltages of 24V, a very easy to use DC UPS unit PowEr SuPPliES And many more … has been designed. Requires only one 12V-battery to buffer 24V circuits during • All the winning features of the Q Series Dimension range is now normal operation and in the event of power failures. Operating temperatures range available in 40A versions. The Dimension 3-phase units only requirekey product features Inputs: from -25C to +70C and the small size and weight make the U Series unit highly 110mm and the single-phase unit 125mm space on the DIN-rail.• 4 button operation with fast, simple setup • Thermocouple J, K, B, C, D, L, N, R, S, T, and RTD 3 Wire PT100 suitable for manufacturing processes. A DC-UPS unit is also available with an These dimensions set a new benchmark in high power DIN-rail space • DC Linear 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA, 0 to 50mV, 10 to 50mV, 0 to 5V, integrated internal battery.• Dual 4 digit 10mm & 8mm easy to read LED displays, requirements and ultra high efficiencies up to 95.4%. plus 3 output status LEDs 1 to 5V, 0 to 10V, 2 to 10V.• Function button: Profiler Control (Run, Hold, Stop, Reset) Outputs: or Auto / Manual control (user defined) • Control & Alarm Relays Contacts SPST 2 Amp resistive at• 48 x 48mm front panel with IP66 protection 120/240V AC, >200,000 operations• Alarms: Process High, Process Low, Band and Deviation. • SSR Driver Outputs Drive capability >10V DC in 500Ω minimum,• Compact - only 70mm panel depth non-isolated• Advanced 2 x 16 segment set point programmer • DC Linear Outputs: 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA into 500 max, 0 to 10V, 2 to 10V, 0 to 5V into 500 min. Stock no. Description. Supply voltage 701-2763 PID Controller 1/16DIN 2xRelay 100 to 240Vac 701-2766 PID Controller 1/16DIN 2xRelay 20 to 48Vac 50/60Hz or 22 to 65Vdc 701-2760 PID Controller 1/16DIN SSR, Relay 100 to 240Vac 701-2779 PID Controller 1/16DIN SSR, Relay 20 to 48Vac 50/60Hz or 22 to 65Vdc 701-2772 PID Controller 1/16DIN 2xSSR, Relay 100 to 240Vac 701-2776 PID Controller 1/16DIN 3xRelay 100 to 240Vac 701-2785 PID Controller 1/16DIN 3xRelay 20 to 48Vac 50/60Hz or 22 to 65Vdc 701-2788 PID Controller 1/16DIN 2xRelay, Analogue 100 to 240Vac 708-1738 Output: 24-28V, 40A Input: 200-240Vac 627-6225 Output: 24V, 10A Input: DC 24V 701-2782 PID Controller 1/16DIN 2xRelay, SSR 100 to 240Vac 711-5985 Output: 24-28V, 40A Input: 3AC 380-480V 670-0706 Output: 24V, 10A (15A) Input: DC24V Battery: 701-2791 PID Controller 1/16DIN 2xRelay, SSR 20 to 48Vac 50/60Hz or 22 to 65Vdc 12V, 5Ah Buffer time: typ. 6 minutes 711-5988 Output: 48-55V, 20A Input: 3AC 380-480V8 Manufacturing March 2011 for more brands, products & services please view our website Manufacturing March 2011 9
  7. 7. ProcESS ManagEMEnt SounDErS & bEaconSProcess management infood manufacturing X125 SEriES XEnon bEacon • Suitable for fire, security, materials handling and light SonoS SounDEr bEaconS • 17-60Vdc supply voltage industrial applications • High efficiency LED beaconfood is manufactured all over the world and often involves • Bright xenon signal • Weatherproof to IP65 • Low current consumptiona multi-stage process from raw product to finish, packaged foodstuffs. • DIN Base • Sounder and beacons can be controlled separately • Lens is not supplied and must be ordered separatelyThe raw product will arrive in flour or grain form and is often be mixedwith a fruit, sugar, juice, milk or water during the production process.As with any good recipe you need to be sure the ingredients aremixed in the correct quantities to create a high quality end product.To keep the process running correctly and prevent sub-standardproduct or loss of production machines use a combination of flowsensors, flow switches and level sensors. These work togetherwith the control system to regulate the quantity of eachingredient entering the process, and provide operators with 674-2028 20-72 Vac, 10-100Vdc 489-4950 Red shallow baseinformation on the amount of raw product left in hoppers, tanks 674-2022 115 Vac 489-4966 Red deep baseor other storage containers. 674-2031 230 Vac 489-5032 Amber shallow base 489-5054 Amber deep base X500 SEriES EXtra high outPut high outPut flangE MountED SirEn • High output 24 joules beacons for • Continuously rated motor and suitable for fire installations to BS5839 distance signalling • Rugged consumption for use in all environmentsturbine flow Meter ultrasonic Doppler flow Meter calorimetric flow Meter • UV stable domes and bases • Long life and run time • Flash rate easily selected by switch • Weatherproof to IP65 located on PCB • Mounting bracket for ease of installation • 360° visibility • Lens is not supplied and must be ordered separately 405-5111 X501 12/24 Vdc 405-5133 X500 115 Vacoperation operation operation 405-5149 X500 230 VacDifferent designs of turbine flow meters These flow meters use ultrasonic sound The calorimetric principle for fluid flowexist, all employing the same simple pulses and the Doppler principle to measure measurement is based on two temperature X80 XEnon bEacon 422-321 230Vacprinciple: if a fluid moves through a pipe and the direction and velocity of fluid flow. sensors in close contact with the fluid but • Suitable for fire, security, materials handling and industrialacts on the vanes of a turbine, it causes thermally insulated from each other. applications where a local signal is required. nEXuS high outPut SounDErSthem to rotate and the rate of rotation can If a fluid is moving towards a transducer, • Bright xenon signal • Quarter turn fasteners for easebe measured to calculate the flow. the frequency of the returning signal will One of the two sensors is constantly heated • Low current consumption of installation increase. As fluid moves away from a and the cooling effect of the flowing fluid is • Can be wall or surface mounted • IP66 rated transducer, the frequency of the returning used to monitor the flow rate. In a stationary • Supplied with a lens • Volume control for greater signal decreases. This difference is used (no flow) fluid condition there is a constant flexibility - 20dB to calculate the rate of flow temperature difference between the two • Three alarm stagesbenefits temperature sensors.Turbine flow meters are often low cost, benefitsand can provide very accurate readings – An ultrasonic flow meter has the benefitsparticularly in low viscosity liquids. advantage of being non-invasive, A calorimeter flow meter can generally having no moving parts, is unaffected be used with water, oil or air depending 539-4552 105dB 10-60Vdc by contaminates and is suitable for on the body materials, and can achieve 539-4625 105dB 110/230Vac virtually all liquids. relatively high accuracy at low flow rates. 674-2044 Amber lens colour - 115/230Vac 539-4697 110dB 10-60Vdc Installation is directly into the flow via 674-2053 Red lens colour - 115/230Vac 539-4726 110dB 110/230Vac threaded socket or the addition of a 674-2034 Amber lens colour - 24Vdc 539-4596 120dB 10-60Vdc 674-2047 Red lens colour - 24Vdc 539-4669 120dB 110/230Vac T-piece.10 Manufacturing March 2011 for more brands, products & services please view our website Manufacturing March 2011 11
  8. 8. Our Online Store SavesYou Time and
  9. 9. ProcESS control - SEnSorS & tranSDuctorS MoEllErwElDED tiP thErMocouPlE with aDJuStablE caPillary thErMoStatSPtfE inSulation • Operating from a remote bulb linked with a 1m capillary, changeover contacts Moeller for your machine• Temp range -50 +250 °C (SPDT enable use with both heating and cooling loads• Length 1m • Supplied with Chrome mounting bezel and knob• The J version comes in quantities of 1 unit per package• K, N and T versions come in quantities of 5 units per package Moeller offers a wide range of automation products and with over 2,800 lines available you are sure to find the solution you need. logic control inVErtEr control Easy Relay, easy MFD and easy Control are Inverters and soft start’s to efficiently and precisely control your 661-7190 -30 to +34.5°C based on a single concept – simple operation. motor applications to help you reduce energy consumption. 661-8281 0 to +40°C The easy range provides solutions for a wide range of applications from basic to powerful 661-8275 0 to +86°C controller tasks. 661-8284 0 to +120°C 661-8269 0 to +300°C 621-2142 Type J 661-8266 0 to +210°C 621-2158 Type K (5) 621-2136 Type N (5) 621-2164 Type T (5) connEctorS for tyPE k thErMocouPlES • Plugs and sockets for use with type K thermocoupleshuMiDity SEnSor, SEriES hih • Available in two formats: Standard or miniature • Washers not included• The RH sensor is a laser trimmed thermoset polymer capacitive sensing element• The sensing elements multilayer construction provides excellent resistance to application hazards• Used in applications in such areas as meteorology, drying, agronomy, instrumentation, etc• Calibrated by Honeywell 455-9764 Miniature plug 455-9758 Miniature socket 455-9988 Standard plug 528-3171 HIH-4000-001 455-9972 Standard sockethall EffEct linEar SEnSor, SEriES SS490 bi-MEtallic inDuStrial thErMoStatS• Hall effect sensors with output proportional to supply voltage and the strength • Bi-metallic thermostats with instantaneous action contact Motor control oPErator control of the magnet field • The one-way single pole contact is electricity isolated from the mounting support A full range of control gear from Pushbuttons and indicators are a• Single current sinking or current sourcing linear output • All types reset when the temperature falls to nominally 15° below contactors and overloads to vital link in any automation system• Rail-to-rail operation provides more useable signal for higher accuracy operating temperature complete motor starter and the RMQ Titan family from• Responds to either positive or negative gauss • Connected through type 250 sockets (6.35mm) solutions and supported Moeller are ergonomic, resilient• Good temperature stability by a comprehensive range and attractive, so ideal to• Typical applications include; current sensor, motor control, position control, of cam switches, isolators complete any machine. encoder, metal detection, vibration sensor etc. and limit switches. 339-291 40 °C 339-308 70 °C 331-528 90 °C 339-314 100 °C 331-534 120 °C 479-6878 SS946A1 339-724 150 °C For further details of the entire Moeller range, including datasheets visit Manufacturing March 2011 for more brands, products & services please view our website Manufacturing March 2011 13
  10. 10. EbMPaPSt from inefficient Q motor to The ISO-TECH range of industrial test equipment. Products so robust you won’t award winning iQ motor need the 3 year warranty. when the Q motor was developed it was deemed the perfect solution for many applications, it was cheap with various motor power platforms, meaning that by mixing motor and impeller combinations you could achieve your desired airflow duty. Applications such as refrigerated 1 million Q motors in use in cabinets, compressor cooling, the UK today a simple, easy to under floor convection heating swap solution makes perfect and stirrer motors moved to the sense. So, a design brief to design believing it fulfilled all develop a high efficiency EC their requirements. Since then (electronically commutated) global priorities have changed motor was put into action. and people are looking towards This motor had to use the higher efficiencies and energy existing impeller, guards and saving, making the Q motor less ring mounts associated with favourable when selecting a fan. the Q motor and have the same overall footprint but The ESM (Energy Saving with dramatically improved Motor) was released with great efficiency. success in the shape of the W1G200-EC87-20 (RS Stock From this design brief the iQ No. 701-3583). This fan offered motor was born. Externally an energy saving alternative there is nothing to distinguish to the Q motor for new build the iQ motor from the standard applications offering a one piece Q motor, meaning it can be swapped out with no changes to the existing application. The specified on several large inside of the motor on the other supermarket retrofit projects hand is significantly different are permanent magnet and won the 2010 Cooling having a newly developed highly DC (direct current) motors Industry Award for Refrigeration efficient EC motor offering which run from an AC power Product of the Year. Now energy savings of around 70% supply and use low friction ball it’s also available to service compared to the Q motor. It bearings. Their high efficiency engineers everywhere through connects to a standard 230Vac comes in the main from the RS Components supply and can be used with absence of secondary copper standard Q motor impellers of windings and their inherent (RS Stock No. 714-2139) assembly of motor, impeller and up to 300mm diameter. losses, an efficiency which is wallring offering paybacks within maintained across the speed a year. Q motors are highly inefficient range. The result is a motor shaded pole motors running on which uses significantly less This still left a gap for the low cost sleeve bearings which energy and lasts many times retrofitting of existing results in a motor efficiency of longer giving a whole life cost applications currently fitted with at best 25% and a high degree which is lower than the cheaper Q motors. When you consider of waste heat being generated. Q motor which it replaces. that there are approximately EC motors on the other hand The iQ motor is already beingwww.iso-techonline.com14 Manufacturing March 2011 15
  11. 11. harting harting offers a comprehensive range of electronic & industrial connectors and tools for various marketsSEE WHAT The HARTING product portfolio includes RS. The Han® Industrial products are used IDC, DIN41612, D-Type, ATCA, 2mm and extensively in cable manufacturing for a vast SCSI, many of which are available as S.M.C. range of applications, rail, broadcast, theatre (surface mount compatible) and can be lighting, factory automation, renewable purchased in small batch quantities from energy and outdoor telecommunications. Han-Modular series is an adaptable productYOU MIGHT range, offering the customer a way to make a “custom” connector/cable solution using “off the shelf” modules, hoods and housings. The modules are available in differing termination types (crimp, axialSPARK or Quick-Lock®). The modular connector range is flexible enough to have a single piece design or multi-modules locked together in a single frame, which can accommodate, signal (including RJ45 up to Gigabits), andDesignSpark is a new online gateway connecting electronic design power circuits (up to 200A) along withengineers like you with the latest information and resources. Join the fibre optic or compressed air lines. Eachgrowing band of members to exchange ideas, share expertise, make style can be protected to comply withcontacts, grow your network and, of course, unleash that brilliance. shielding requirements. HARTING also manufactures a range of Industrial Ethernet switch products, to complement your factory network demands. Ranging from 3 to 16 ports with RJ45 or fibre optic POWERED BY Manufacturing March 2011 17
  12. 12. EcoWire uses flexible insulationintroducing to provide an environmentally The Friendly friendly alternative to PVC. ItrS Essentials is a modified polyphenylene Alternative ether (mPPE) thermoplastic that is inherently lighter, tougher to PVC and much smaller with better flame resistance than PVC. The result is UL AWM wires Alpha Wire’s that are smaller than their PVC based counterparts. new EcoWire The non-halogenated insulation contains no heavy metal pigments, allowing it to help manufacturers to meet Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) requirements. our own range of quality products that XG 1 XG2 save you money. Sa o Extra premium grade PVC jacket for Extra rugged polyurethane jacket M RS has always brought you the widest range extended cable life. delivers unmatched resistance to: XG Flex VE nE of products, competitive prices and industry • Oils w it leading service. Benefits include: • Fuels h Hi flex mini diameter data cable rS • Unsurpassed flame and moisture • Solvents providing extreme flexibility in Now we have put all of this into RS Essentials. With a ES resistance • Water small spaces such as continual SE wide range of products across key technologies, RS • Fast easy stripping of insulation y flexing in cable tracks with n Essentials gives you more choice and unbeatable prices ti and jacket Boasting twice the tensile strength outstanding EMI protection. a compared to the leading brands so you can save even • UL recognised of PVC with three times the tear lS more without compromising on the quality. • UL Listing and abrasion resistance, general General applications • CSA Certification applications include, CNC include, Industrial electronic • CE marked machines, automotive assembly processing equipment, data- plant operations, military ground communications connections, General applications include EIA RS support systems, packaging connecting sensors and 232 interface (24/22AWG) as well machinery, petrochemical plant actuators to controllers, and as high technology applications operations and geophysical sensor, I/O interconnects. big savings thousands of products no compromise on quality in controlled environments, point exploration equipment. of sale equipment, computer Choosing an RS Essentials product From electronics to maintenance, Every RS Essentials product is designed peripherals, and industrial process gives you big savings compared to the range covers key technologies and manufactured to the very highest controls. leading brands. and is constantly being reviewed standards, and fully tested in-house for and expanded. compliance with all relevant national and international requirements. Alpha Wire – Cable you can trust