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Free apps


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Free apps

  1. 1. Productivity, Accessibility& Free Enabling Technology ToolsAre the best things in life free?A summary of free enabling technologies to supportlearning differences.Margaret McKay – Advisor: Inclusion05/16/13 1
  2. 2. Outline for Today• Free enabling technologies that can bedownloaded and run from a pen drive oraccessed via the college network.• Web based and other downloadable enablingtechnologies.
  3. 3. How Mature are You?
  4. 4. Alternative InterfacesRecording ToolsPlanning ToolsCommunication ToolsVisualisation ToolsWriting ToolsTexthelpClaro readKursweil 3000PenfriendCoWriterAudio NotetakersDragon Naturally SpeakingZoomTextInspirationMindmanagerReading/Writing ToolsCommercially available assistive technologies canoffer support to all(but are often only available to those with disabilities)
  5. 5. Traditional models of supporting studentswith barriers to learningNo, it’s not insurednot for you to usein the publiclibraryNo, it’s not insurednot for you to usein the publiclibraryIf you do not disclosethat you have dyslexiawe cannot give youenabling technology –you are not eligible!If you do not disclosethat you have dyslexiawe cannot give youenabling technology –you are not eligible!If you don’t have adisability you are noteligible to access anyassistive technology,regardless if it wouldmake a difference or not.If you don’t have adisability you are noteligible to access anyassistive technology,regardless if it wouldmake a difference or not.
  6. 6. Assistive… Maybe Better Described asEnabling Technology Timeline
  7. 7. Creating an Accessible College
  8. 8. Inclusion for Everyone..because things are not always as they seem..because things are not always as they seemAssistive technology solutionsAssistive technology solutionscan make a significant difference to acan make a significant difference to amuch wider range of people.much wider range of people.Especially free technologiesEspecially free technologiesthat can help a widethat can help a widerange of technology users.range of technology users.
  9. 9. A typical class of students on amainstream course highlighted thefollowing barriers to learning• Blurred/fuzzy print.• Headaches/discomfort if text too close together.• Strong/bold print leaves a shadow.• Lose place on line - Small print.• If questions long/complicated – structure answer.• Vocabulary difficult/unfamiliar.• Not always know what is important/essential.• Forget if sentences long.• Missed/lost handouts.• Time to read/take notes in class.9
  10. 10. Free and Portable Enabling Technologiesat www.eduapps.orgEduApps consists of four different collections of incredibly useful software:• AccessApps provides a range of solutions to support writing, reading andplanning, as well as sensory, cognitive and physical difficulties.• TeachApps is a collection of software specifically designed for teachers orlecturers.• LearnApps, as its name implies, is specifically designed for learners. Alllearners or students can benefit from LearnApps.• MyStudyBar provides a suite of apps to support disabled users, literacyand support for those with English as a Second Language.• MyVisBar is a floating toolbar which delivers a range of open source andfreeware applications to support learners with visual difficulties.Currently containing 90 open source and freeware software applicationswhich can be entirely used from a USB stick on a Windows computer.Created by JISC RSC Scotland N&E
  11. 11. A new way of doing things• Do less work but create more accessible resources.• Create alternative formats without being an accessibilityspecialist.• Make audio/ podcasts for a learner (without speaking orinstalling software).• Make mobile learning (without buying software).• Give poor readers reading help (without being there).• Give poor spellers prompts (without being there).• Define vocabulary (without being there).
  12. 12. • MyStudyBar puts a whole range of individual andessential tools at your fingertips. Together, thesehave been designed to support the study skills andother support needs.• MyStudyBar has 6 sections; each has a drop downmenu offering personal choice, flexibility andindependent learning, particularly for those learnerswho require additional strategies to support theirlearning. With over 15 apps to choose from,• MyStudyBar is a useful free study aid for a widerange of people.
  13. 13. • Planning - Xmind mind map, sunbird portable calendar and HottNotes• Reading - T-Bar, RapidSet, ssOverlay (screen tints) Vu-Bar screen ruler,Orato text reader.• Writing - LetMe Type - word prediction, Lingoes talking dictionary,Balabolka text to speech/mp3, stamina touch typing.• Vision - Magnifier, Sonar cursor ring, NVDA – screen reader.
  14. 14. Planning & Organisational ToolsXmind• XMind is mindmapping program,similar toInspiration, MindManager and MindGenius.Who would benefit?XMind can helpindividuals whothink, plan and learnvisually.
  15. 15. Planning & Organisational ToolsSunbird CalendarHott Notes 4 – Sticky Notes
  16. 16. • Try xmind, Sunbird and HottNotes
  17. 17. DyslexiaMany dyslexic people experience visual stress if reading blacktext on a white backgroundIssues for Dyslexic People?Simultations of Different Disabilities
  18. 18. Reading SupportVu Bar – read text one line at a time
  19. 19. Reading and Writing SupportTBar SS Overlay
  20. 20. RapidSetRapidSet gives readers thechance to change the colour offont and background on anyMS Office environmentHelpful for people with poor vision,dyslexic people and those who need help reading text.
  21. 21. • Try VU Bar, T Bar, SS Overlay and RapidSet
  22. 22. OratoOrato is a straight forwardtext to speech application.Simply highlight sometext, press speak andOrato will read back wordshighlighting them as you.Helpful for people with poor vision,dyslexic people and those who need help reading text.
  23. 23. Writing SupportLetMe Type – Word Prediction
  24. 24. Writing SupportLingoes Talking DictionaryCurrent version not working on MyStudyBar but can bedownloaded from
  25. 25. Writing SupportRapid Type Tutor
  26. 26. Watch the tutorialBalabolka is a very good freeWindows text-to-speech tool.It includes magnification(2X to 16X) and spell checking.It is also keyboard accessible.This software will create audio filesfrom text–MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA tobe saved and listened to on an iPodor other mobile device.
  27. 27. Dspeech and Balabolka text to speechand save as MP3Dspeech willDspeech willhook into the speechhook into the speechengine on anyengine on anywindows PC youwindows PC youuse and will eitheruse and will eitherread out text orread out text orconvert to MP3convert to MP3
  28. 28. Download Heather the FreeScottish Voice for your College• The Scottish Government has fundedCALL Scotland to provide a Scotland-wideschools licence for Heather - a high qualityScottish computer voice.•
  29. 29. • Try Orato and Balabolka
  30. 30. Visual Support• Virtual Magnifier
  31. 31. Visual SupportSonar Mouse RingListen to a lecturer talking abouthow he uses the sonar mouse ring
  32. 32. Case Studies• South Lanarkshire College offers MyStudyBar across the college -• Free applications assist dyslexic media student at Stratford-upon- AvonCollege -• Mind-mapping supports visual learners -• Visually impaired student achieves fantastic results through the benefit ofaccessible resources -• Integrating interactivity to enrich study skills -• Coatbridge College students identify which resources meet their learningneeds -• A lecturer at Dumfries and Galloway College explains how he uses freetools to enhance the deliver of his teaching -
  33. 33. Downloadable and Web BasedEnabling Technologies
  34. 34. Other web based text to speechconvertersRoboBraille a video about RoboBraille *Learn now to convert pictures to words andtext to sound using RoboBraille
  35. 35. Using RoboBraille to create information inalternative formatsLearn how Jennifer a blind student usesRoboBraille -