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  1. 1. Guess the name ofthe person in 60seconds!
  2. 2. •It is a true story about areal person, living or dead.
  3. 3. CHARACTERISTICS:• Shows that the writerknows a lot aboutthis person.• Written in third personPOV
  4. 4. Describes the person’s environment .Life to Death
  5. 5. Provides stories ordetails that show this personin action.CHARACTERISTICS:Shows how the person affectsother people.
  6. 6. Why readBIOGRAPHIES?Because we are NOSEYWe can learn a lot from otherpeople’s stories
  7. 7. AUTOBIOGRAPHY• The main character is the writer.• If you write a biography about yourself, thenthat would be an autobiography
  8. 8. Recounts the key incidents in the writer’s life.AUTOBIOGRAPHY
  9. 9. Visual and Oral FormsAutobiography• Pictures• Paintings• Photo Albums• Video tape• Skits/ Plays
  10. 10. Reveals the writer’sfeelings, reactions, values, andgoals
  11. 11. • Reveals another personthrough the eyes of a writerwho has had anongoing, face-to-face, personalrelationship with thepersonFirst Hand Biography
  12. 12. COLLECTIVE BiographyHas many different biographiesthat are all contained in one book
  13. 13. Unauthorized BiographyBiography about a person that wasnot approved by the subjectthat the book is about.
  14. 14. Activity:FAKEBOOK PROFILEYou are going to make aFakebook Profile of a person’sbiography.
  15. 15. Name: Mark Elliot ZuckerbergWorks as: CEO, Facebook Pioneer
  16. 16. BASIC INFORMATIONBorn: May 14, 1984From: Born in NewYork, Lives in CaliforniaRelationship Status:Married to Priscilla ChanAbout Me:Time Magazine’s Person ofthe Year (2010), Inventor ofFacebook and the youngestbillionaire in the world.FRIENDS WITH:BillGatesEduardoSaverinChrisHughesDustinMoskovitzEdwardZuckerbergBarackObama
  17. 17. LIKES:Facebook FencingClassicLiteratureThe SocialNetwork(Movie)HarvardUniversityMicrosoftJust added a newapplication onFacebook, I’m agenius, baby!You don’t get to 500million friends withoutmaking a few enemies.
  18. 18. TIMELINE:May 19, 2012Thank you for coming to ourwedding. Priscilla and I justgot a new dog!TIMELINE:May 2, 2012Facebook is for sale everyone!Offers starts at $16 billion.TIMELINE:June 2004Guys, check out our newsocial networking site calledThe Facebook.TIMELINE:June 2002You are going to like this, lookfor Facemash andCoursematch on your sitenow!
  19. 19. What have you learned aboutthe person?
  20. 20. REMEMBER:A biography is a truestory about a real person.It presents facts.It describes the person.
  21. 21. HOMEWORK: Choose onefamous person(living or dead). Look for his/ herbiography. Print it out and bringit next meeting.