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Katherine Rice Visual Resume


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Visual Resume created for my Professional Communication and Presentation class at Full Sail University.

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Katherine Rice Visual Resume

  1. 1. You’re probably wondering who I am...
  2. 2. My name is Katherine Rice... Photo: Katherine Rice
  3. 3. I was born in New Hampshire, but grew up in sunny Southwest Florida Photo: Katherine Rice
  4. 4. Truck turned pod-racer My passions include playing with my dog Charlie, being silly with friends, and exploring the great outdoors! Charlie Me on my jetski Photos: Katherine Rice
  5. 5. I live for change and enjoy travel and thrill seeking... (But mostly just going fast) Photos: Katherine Rice
  6. 6. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” -Neale Donald Walsch
  7. 7. After high school I obtained my real estate license, but although it was easy and lucrative ($=NICE) I was miserable...
  8. 8. So I decided to give spontaneity a chance and moved to Ogunquit, Maine to find myself.
  9. 9. While I was there I learned how to eat, drink and socialize like an adult, but most importantly, I learned how much I love live events!
  10. 10. So...
  11. 11. So... Why do you care?
  12. 12. Because now I have a passion for the music industry! Photos: Katherine Rice
  13. 13. This passion led me to Full Sail University where I will be obtaining my Bachelors degree in Music Business
  14. 14. Subjects where I have excelled: Management Marketing Finance / Excel Law / Ethics Photos: Katherine Rice
  15. 15. Powerpoint Pages Excel What I can do for your company: Photoshop iMovie KeynoteNumbers GarageBand
  16. 16. Adding an industry-focused education to my passion has turned me into a valuable asset
  17. 17. Now...
  18. 18. Now... What can I do for you?
  19. 19. Katherine Rice Lets Talk.