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Cmd capital formation services 2013


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Cmd capital formation services 2013

  1. 1. CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLCController/CFO Consultants
  2. 2. The Situation• Prior to the establishment of a business preliminary financial work is required either to secure investors or bank financing.• As the business grows, so does the complexity of the business. CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC CONFIDENTIAL More decisions require more analysis. There are increasing fixed and variable cost considerations and cash flow becomes more important to understand and manage.
  3. 3. The Situation continued• Owners of small and medium size businesses primarily rely on their accountants to answer questions regarding their financial health. This type of advisor is reactionary, i.e. answering questions when asked and based on history. CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC CONFIDENTIAL• Day-to-day operation of the business is coordinated by the owner; while the day-to-day payment processing is effected by the office staff.
  4. 4. Please Ask Yourself…• As a business owner, do you know – • How much revenue your company should earn this quarter? • If your goals are not being attained, do you know why? • What investments do you need to make in the next twelve months? Will these investments be paid through pre-tax CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC CONFIDENTIAL profit earned, new investors or debt financing? • Does your accounting back-office contain any risk, that could be minimized? • Are processes within your office optimal to maximize growth and/or reduce expenses?• How do you measure success?
  5. 5. The Solution -Outsource CFO Services toCMD Capital Formation LLC The mission of CMD Capital Formation LLC is to offer to the owners of small and medium size businesses, the same type of CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC CONFIDENTIALfinancial management and analysis expertise that is available to large companies. We provide owners with the information needed to make informed financial management decisions to mitigate risk and control growth.
  6. 6. CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC SERVICES -Accounting ManagementA well functioning Accounting Department is crucial to – • Processing accurate state and federal filings; CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC CONFIDENTIAL • Producing timely monthly financial statements and annual returns; • Managing Cash flow, i.e. receivables and payables; • Responding to Senior Managers’ ad hoc questions.Experience – Managed the accounting, financial managementand payroll activities for 30 joint venture companies.Responsibilities included monthly financial statements; annualK-1 statements; and annual audits.
  7. 7. CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC SERVICES -Financial ManagementProviding critical financial and operational information topartners, with actionable recommendations on both strategyand operations, will allow you to maximize profits: CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC CONFIDENTIAL • Developing budgets/plans and analyzing financial variances to plan; • Installing a system of activity-based financial analysis; • Managing vendor relationships to control expenses.Experience - Directed financial management activities for aBusiness Development channel, i.e. 7 initiatives, approximately145 employees, with a budget of $4.5M.
  8. 8. CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC SERVICES -Risk ManagementA solid risk management program within the Admin area willreduce the probability of business disruptions - CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC CONFIDENTIAL • Ensuring maintenance of appropriate internal controls and financial procedures; • Implementing financial and accounting “Best Practices;” • Establishing metric(s) for each risk with corresponding tolerance range(s); and implementing a process of the timely distribution of critical success measures via a scorecard.Experience - Implemented controls around the strategicpartnership programs resulting in the closing of 42 non-activerelationships with a monthly savings of $63,559.
  9. 9. CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC SERVICES -StrategyOptimized management areas (Accounting, Financial, Risk),enables aggressive Business Development activities – CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC CONFIDENTIAL • Analyzing business initiatives to determine expected cash flow, i.e. opening/closing offices, asset acquisition, new service launches; • Projecting impact of relationship pricing over time; • Implementing processes that may open up new sources of business, i.e. Sustainability, Business Continuity, Engaging Past Customers.Experience - Modeled cash flow proforma returns for enteringnew business relationships, providing financial justification forinvestment. Customer-base increased 116%, while sales grew585%, over 60 months.
  11. 11. My BackgroundConsulting Experience (2011 – present) 2 yearsCorporate Experience• GMAC ResCap (2006 – 2011) 5 years CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC CONFIDENTIAL• JPMorgan Chase (1992 – 2006) 14 years• New York Stock Exchange (1988 – 1992) 4 yearsEducation• MBA, Marketing, Fordham University (1994)• BA, Economics, New York University (1988)
  12. 12. Contact Us CMD CAPITAL FORMATION LLC CONFIDENTIALCMD Capital Formation LLC Registered partnership in Delaware Registered foreign partnership in New JerseyTo see the knowledge and experience we could add to your efforts, please review our blog: