Making digital 'real' by reaching outside devices


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A submission for SXSWi 2014

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Making digital 'real' by reaching outside devices

  1. 1. Making Digital ‘Real’ by Reaching Outside Devices SXSW interactive
  2. 2. Panelists 2 Chair: James Poletti, Head of Digital Strategy RPM Speakers: Pascal Auberson – Founder & Technical Director, Special Moves Tom Roope – Founder, The Rumpus Room Tim Manning – Director, Swarm
  3. 3. Apps, feeds, conversations? ‘Check’ Media owners and brands are creating richer content than ever before but it’s anchored in the ‘cold world’ of digital interactions Wouldn’t it be more entertaining, more useful if brands encouraged us to look up from our handset and interact with the world around us?
  4. 4. We need to build some bridges Just as the audio guide bridged the gap between the visitor and the pictures on the walls of the gallery, we want to see the space and its stories come together
  5. 5. ‘Just-in-Time Interactions’ Cheap communication-enabling hardware like NFC and new Bluetooth in OS7 will create targeted and relevant interactions between devices and objects in the realworld The long-threatened ‘Internet of Things’ is coming of age
  6. 6. Let’s make digital ‘real’ Imagine browsing wine to your taste, exploring concert venues through the history of their famous shows, being helped to build the perfect outfit... Turn the customer environments into interactive journeys
  7. 7. The Speakers Special Moves are agile and collaborative. They continually invest in R&D. They’re known for their work on W&K’s Kaiser Chiefs digital LP launch and R&D in the kind of real world digital interactions that inspire the subject matter of this session. The Rumpus Room think today's audience wants to create, engage and share. They build technology to create social entertainment across mobile, web and real world experiences. Their work has been recognised with some of the highest accolades by award bodies including D&AD, Cannes, One Show, Brit Insurance Design of the Year, Campaign Media Awards. Pascal Auberson Founder & Technical Director Tom Roope – Founder
  8. 8. The Speakers Swarm are challenging the conventional messaging on all digital channels by harmonising content, interactivity and immersive spaces to allow audiences to connect and share. They believe that in today’s world there exists an ‘always connected space’ where physical and digital merge. Tim Manning – Director For the last 20 RPM has been shaping the way brands behave, making tangible, tactile experiences that ensure brand promises are not simply hollow words. As a leading independent experiential marketing agency they have a rich history bringing brands to life in real world environments from in-store to festivals and exhibitions. James Poletti - Head of Digital Strategy
  9. 9. THANK YOU