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CASE ASAP13 Nola promo ad


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CASE ASAP13 Nola promo ad

  1. 1. CASE ASAP is grateful for the support of our 39th Annual Network Convention sponsors: Red Blue Pantone 193 C Pantone 282 C C:0 M:100 Y:66 K:13 C:100 M:68 Y:0 K:54 R:209 G:18 B:66 R:0 G:45 B:98 Hex: #D11242 Hex: #002D62 CASE ASAP is celebrating the Convention’s 40th Anniversary in the Big Easy! CASE ASAP 40th Annual Network Convention Aug. 8–10, 2013 New Orleans CCASE ASAP CASE ASAP supports CASE member higher education institutions by fostering and enhancing student involvement in all areasAffliliated of advancement. Additionally, CASE ASAP 202-478-5632Student supports the advancement profession by making students and their advisers aware ofAdvancement advancement opportunities, resources and @caseasapPrograms career paths. Search groups “CASEASAP”