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This is the Portfolio of Armon Rostami's and includes personal graphic design solutions.

The design work was for clients such as coca-cola amatil, nandos australia and the australian baha'i community.

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  1. 1. Client Coca-Cola Amatil. Brief Advertise the ‘Coca-Cola’ promotion within Nando’s store through posters, mobiles / cards & instant win scratchies. Background ‘Coca-Cola’ in conjunction with Nando’s created an instore promotion in order to leverage on CCA sponsorship of the Rugby League World Cup ‘08. Results Nando’s saw an increase in customers purchasing meals (in order to obtain a promotional scratch card) which translated into a significant increase in sales for CCA.
  2. 2. (Medium) Promotional mobile / card (Specs) Double sided 210 x 297mm, 250gsm semi-gloss, die cut (Medium) Scratch card (3 versions) (Specs) Double sided 54 x 89mm, 200gsm, spot scratch ink (Medium) Promotional poster (Specs) A2, 200gsm sermi-gloss
  3. 3. Client Coca-Cola Amatil. Brief Create a green presence for ‘Coca-Cola’ at the 2008 Brisbane EkkA. This included banners, buntings, posters, point of sale, entry forms & bin stickers encouraging recycling. Background The EkkA is a 10 day event which draws 500,000 Queenslanders. Results EkkA-goers embraced their inner greenie this year by recycling over 85 bins full of recyclable waste, a record thus far.
  4. 4. (Medium) ‘Coca-Cola’ point of sale, with magic 8’s (Medium) ‘Mount Franklin’ point of sale, with magic 8’s (Medium) ‘Goulburn Valley’ point of sale, with magic 8’s (Specs) A3, 260gsm superwhite (Specs) A3, 260gsm superwhite (Specs) A3, 260gsm superwhite (Product) Promotional banner (Specs) 6m wide, vinyl with eyelets (Medium) Promotional bunting (Medium) Promotional poster (Specs) A2, 180gsm matte (Specs) Double sided, (Specs) Double sided, 130gsm matte, die cut (Medium) Entry pad 200gsm matte
  5. 5. Client Coca-Cola Amatil. Brief Art direct & design the spreads for the CCA Refresher magazine. Background The Refresher magazine is distributed to clients & staff of ‘Coca-Cola’, with the aim being to inform individuals about what the company has been doing & its future plans. Results A new layout was designed which allowed for articles & images to be seamlessly interwoven, also the magazine was broken up into 5 main categories.
  6. 6. (Medium) Internal magazine (Specs) A3 spreads, cover 200gsm satin, inside 130gsm satin, min. 14 spreads (Medium) Internal magazine (Specs) A3 spreads, cover 200gsm satin, inside 130gsm satin, min. 14 spreads
  7. 7. Client Coca-Cola Amatil. Brief Encourage participants at Goldpin (bowling alley) & Suncorp Stadium (52,000 capacity world-class stadium) to consume ‘Coca-Cola’ via promotions & messages. Background LCD displays at the bowling alley provide a platform for promotional messages. During Rugby League games all 25 food & beverage outlets, along with the 34 bars acted as a venue to promote the consumption of ‘Coke’. Results A strong presence, with a spike in sales during the promotional period, & the distribution of all 30,000 promotional products via sales.
  8. 8. (Medium) Call to action (Specs) On screen display (Medium) Promotional poster (Specs) A3, 260gsm superwhite (Medium) Call to action wobbler (Specs) 600mm x 325mm, plastic gloss, die cut (Medium) Promotional message (Specs) On screen display
  9. 9. Client Chandlers. Brief Design promotional catalogues & in store point of sale for Chandlers. Background Chandlers is a electrical / white goods store with a reputation for low prices & quality products. Results Eye catching covers were designed, creating a hype about the products on the page.
  10. 10. (Medium) Catalogue covers (Medium) Price points (Specs) A3 spreads, 115gsm gloss, (Specs) A4, A5 & A6, 100gsm bond min. 4 spreads (Medium) Promotional posters (Specs) A1, 300gsm semi-gloss
  11. 11. Client Sleepy’s. Brief Design promotional catalogues, press ads & in store point of sale for Sleepy’s. Background Sleepy’s is regarded as Australia’s experts in mattresses opening their first store in early 2001, they have since expanded with a total of 40 stores. Results The use of clean & strong typography with a trade mark red background allowed for Sleepy’s adverts to be easily identified by the consumer. This as a result created brand recognition, which is essential as Sleepy’s is a relatively young company.
  12. 12. 2 spreads (Medium) Catalogue covers (Specs) A3 spreads, 100gsm gloss, (Medium) Press ads (Medium) Promotional poster (Specs) Various sizes & papers (Specs) A1, backlit
  13. 13. Client BSR Group. Brief Design corporate literature, & generic templates for the BSR Group. Background The BSR Group is a franchisor operating in the electrical retail industry throughout Australia. The key focus of the Group is providing general support to the franchisees & informing them how to offer more to customers. Results Keeping within the corporate colour spectrum, clean designs were created, expressing the theme of progression.
  14. 14. (Medium) Corporate covers (Specs) A4, 300gsm gloss, spot UV varnsih
  15. 15. Client Malouf Group Pharmacies. Brief Design sale catalogues for the Group, including in-store point of sale. Background Malouf Group Pharmacies was established in 1962 & have since provided the local community with professional advice & service. Results Designed to look busy & keep the consumers eye on the page, the catalogues minimize their use of white space.
  16. 16. (Medium) Sale catalogue (Specs) A3+, 100gsm gloss, 8 pages (Medium) Sale catalogue (Specs) A3 spreads, 130gsm gloss, min. 2 spreads
  17. 17. Client Sultans Kitchen. Brief Design a fresh & clean take away menu for distribution during summer & winter. Background Sultans Kitchen Indian restaurant opened its doors in early May 1983, since then it has gained a reputation for being Brisbane’s most acclaimed & awarded Indian restaurant group. Results The new take away menu created a significant increase in sales, with the design reflecting the fresh tastes found in the restaurant.
  18. 18. (Medium) Take away menu (Medium) Sit down menu (Specs) Double sided A4, 115gsm gloss, single off-center fold (Specs) Double sided 290 x 290mm, 200gsm matte, laminate
  19. 19. Client imall. Brief Design the brand identity, corporate literature, packaging & press ads for imall. Background imall is an online content managment system that allows retailers to put their store on the web. Results A strong branded presence was created with a family of software packages, along with teaser press ads introducing imall to potential clients.
  20. 20. (Medium) Press ads (Specs) Various sizes (Medium) Letterhead (Specs) A4, 100gsm bond (Medium) Business card (Medium) Packaging (Specs) 54 x 89mm, 220gsm silk, (Specs) 230gsm art board spot UV varnish, die cut
  21. 21. Client Miss Mafia. Brief Redesign the brand identity for Miss Mafia & introduce a personal touch with the use of the designers name. Background Miss Mafia is a couture boutique label, with a niche following. Known for its modern style with a touch of femininity. Results The Miss Mafia brand took on a strong dominant look, balanced against the softer use of typography for the word Mafia. It captured the essence of the brand with its feminine flourishes.
  22. 22. (Medium) Point of sale (Specs) A3, 260gsm semi-gloss, backed onto cardboard stands (Medium) Swing tag (Specs) 300gsm matte, spot UV varnish
  23. 23. Client Australian Bahá’í Publishing. Brief Design an introductory booklet about the Bahá’í Faith, including invites to similar events. Background The Bahá’í Faith is an independent world religion, whose purpose is to unite all of mankind in one universal Cause & one common Faith. Results With a light blue colour palette dominating & the symbolic use of clouds, the peaceful nature of the Bahá’í Faith was conveyed.
  24. 24. (Medium) Booklet (Specs) 190 x 190mm, cover 250gsm gloss, inside 130gsm matte, 52 pages (Medium) Informative cards (Specs) 54 x 89mm, 250gsm matte (Medium) Invitation (Specs) Double sided DL, 260gsm semi-gloss, single fold
  25. 25. Client Australian Bahá’í Publishing. Brief Brand the annual event Sounds Of The World, this included invites & promotional posters. Background Sounds Of The World is an annual event which occurs in Sydney, Wiloughby. Sponsored by the local city council & the Bahá’í community. Results The dignity of the day, & quality of the performances was portrayed through an elegant design, with personal invites being distributed to key members of the public.
  26. 26. (Medium) Invitations (Specs) DL, 220gsm gloss, single fold (Medium) Promotional poster (Specs) A3, 260gsm semi-gloss
  27. 27. Client Australian Bahá’í Publishing. Brief Brand the Australian Bahá’í Conference 2009, this included lanyards, name tags, general merchandise & electronic signage. Background The Australian Bahá’í Conference was a unique & historical event in the Bahá’í community with over 5,000 in attendance, it was the largest conference of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Results An iconic brand identity was created, which leveraged on the Sydney Bahá’í temple & conveyed the zeal, energy & movement behind the Australian Bahá’í community.
  28. 28. (Medium) Merchandise (Specs) 2 colour silk screen (Medium) Name tag & lanyard (Specs) 140 x 100mm, 250gsm matte
  29. 29. ARMon RoStAMi’S PeRSonAl PoRtfolio call: +61 7 3102 9591 email: or visit our website: