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  1. 1. Exhibit 1 Agencies of the Crown Exhibit 11. Agencies whose accounts are audited Ontario Clean Water Agency (December 31)*by the Auditor General Ontario Development Corporation Ontario Educational Communications AuthorityAgriCorp Ontario Electricity Financial CorporationAlgonquin Forestry Authority Ontario Energy BoardCancer Care Ontario Ontario Financing AuthorityCentennial Centre of Science and Technology Ontario Food Terminal BoardChief Electoral Officer, Election Finances Act and Ontario Heritage Trust Electoral System Referendum Act Ontario Immigrant Investor CorporationElection Fees and Expenses, Election Act Ontario Media Development CorporationFinancial Services Commission of Ontario Ontario Mortgage CorporationGrain Financial Protection Board, Funds for Ontario Mortgage and Housing Corporation Producers of Grain Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, and Ontario Northland Transportation Commission Canola Ontario Place CorporationInvestor Education Fund, Ontario Securities Ontario Racing Commission Commission Ontario Realty CorporationLegal Aid Ontario Ontario Securities CommissionLiquor Control Board of Ontario Owen Sound Transportation Company LimitedLivestock Financial Protection Board, Fund for Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund, Financial Livestock Producers Services Commission of OntarioNorthern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation Province of Ontario Council for the ArtsNorth Pickering Development Corporation Provincial Advocate for Children and YouthOffice of the Assembly Provincial Judges Pension Fund, Provincial JudgesOffice of the Children’s Lawyer Pension BoardOffice of the Environmental Commissioner Public Guardian and Trustee for the Province ofOffice of the Information and Privacy Ontario Commissioner Toronto Area Transit Operating AuthorityOffice of the Ombudsman TVOntario Foundation* Dates in parentheses indicate fiscal periods ending on a date other than March 31. 489
  2. 2. 490 2008 Annual Report of the Office of the Auditor General of Ontario 2. Agencies whose accounts are audited by another auditor under the direction of the Auditor General Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund Niagara Parks Commission (October 31)* Ontario Mental Health Foundation St. Lawrence Parks Commission Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (December 31)*Exhibit 1 * Dates in parentheses indicate fiscal periods ending on a date other than March 31. Note: The following changes were made during the 2007/08 fiscal year: Addition: Chief Electoral Officer, Electoral System Referendum Act Ontario Mortgage Corporation Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Deletion: Ontario Exports Inc.