Ontario Ombudsman 1 Of 2


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Ontario Ombudsman 1 Of 2

  1. 1. CANADIAN FEDERATION OF STUDENTS BACKGROUNDER SPECIAL REPORT TO THE ONTARIO OMBUDSMAN OMBUDSMAN INVESTIGATION INTO ONTARIO HUMAN RIGHTS CHALLENGE, DUTY TO ACCOMMODATE ACCESS TO EMPLOYMENT RESOURCES AND ACCOMMODATION IN EDUCATION ASSESSMENT OF CLAIM REGARDING MISREPORTING DISABILITY BENEFITS TERMINATED BY THE ONTARIO GOVERNMENT On September 01, 2009, the Ontario Ministry of Community & Social Services, Ontario Disability Support Program (commonly known as 'ODSP') was notified to cease and desist hassling a beneficiary for information about her Canada Revenue Assessment over a period of time. The Minister's Office was served with a formal complaint involving the chivalry, including nuisance calls, chain mailings, and sustained allegations of false information. The Canada-Ontario Student Loans were not dismissed. There was no such decision despite Debt Reduction In Repayment in July 2009. The beneficiary requested termination denied to her due to over payment. The York student argues that her entitlement to the Canada-Ontario Student Loans were misreported by York officials several years ago in 2004/2005. She claims that York officials accommodated during her initial registration process before she was attending classes in a professional post-graduate study program at York University. The York student claims that York officials sought to expel her before she could withdraw and sanctioned her by local authorities about her entitlement to a York student identification card. She claims that there was no disciplinary hearing and even if her ongoing civil academic appeal was heard she was still entitled to return to her studies despite dismissal and trespass notices sent to her years ago. In the more recent history of this case, the Ontario Ombudsman has received complaints about the appointment of a public guardian whom acts as a watchdog for the public media. No one appeared to consent any appointments with exception to refute this indecency. A complaint was made to Information & Privacy Commission about a correspondent appointed for York University through the firm McCarthy Tetrault LLP in December 2008. The firm inundated her with over 50-letters indicating that the Ontario government serve to protect the interests of the firm. A complaint was returned by a Law Society Bencher, William Trudell, in respect to appearance notices sent to her home despite service showing that there is absolutely no limitation and no obligation besides requesting a decision in writing. 04/09/2009 00:00 EST Posted by : Rosemary DeCaires