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Working a conference: a presentation from ROER4D


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Working a conference. A presentation from the Research on Open Educational Resources for Development (ROER4D) in the Global South project. Author: Sukaina Walji, ROER4D Communications Advisor.

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Working a conference: a presentation from ROER4D

  1. 1. Sukaina Walji, ROER4D Communications Advisor 18 & 25 March 2015 Research on Open Educational Resources for Development (ROER4D) in the Global South: Working a conference
  2. 2. Working a conference Session outline • Working a conference • Discussion • OEC Global 2015, Banff 22-25 April – any questions? Please share your tips and tricks for working a conference? Add to Google doc: What are the challenges or concerns?
  3. 3. 5 Ps of Working a conference Purpose Preparation Presence Participation Post conference
  4. 4. Purpose – be clear why you attending What is my purpose for attending this conference? Present my research Networking and meeting people Promote my project or institution I was invited to attend/present All of the above I don’t know If all of the above, PRIORITISE!
  5. 5. Preparation – being ready to attend Who will be there? Scan conference website Check attendee list Make contacts via email or social media What sessions will I attend? Review programme and print a copy Mark sessions of interest Sign-up to sessions if possible What’s happening? Find conference backchannel e.g. #OEglobal Read newsletters and emails from conference organisers Travel checklist Travel docs, visa, insurance, transfers, hotel attendance Chargers, adaptors, USBs
  6. 6. Programme on Conference website
  7. 7. Backchannel chatter Conference hashtag
  8. 8. Template copy is at
  9. 9. Preparation - as a presenter How can I be a prepared presenter? Prepare presentation Complete and submit paper if required Present a ‘dry run’ for colleagues and get feedback Copy on USB and in the cloud e.g. dropbox Check any required tech is available (audio, video)
  10. 10. Presence – establish yourself virtually How can I make my presence known to conference attendees before I arrive Signal your attendance and topic on social media Find conference # on Twitter e.g. #oecglobal and post to it Post your paper or slides on your website, SlideShare or tweet a link to Google Doc Connect with other attendees via conference website if there are social features If presenting, give hints or preview of what you will talk about Help publicise the conference to your networks
  11. 11. ROER4D tweets about conference schedule Sukaina tweets about conference schdule Sukaina retweets OEC about ROER4D bibliography
  12. 12. Participation - as an attendee How can I be effective when attending sessions? Target sessions that relate to your purpose (present your research, meet people, build visibility for your organisation) Sit at front and ask a question or two, introducing yourself when you ask the question Exchange contacts and business cards with presenters and session attendees Prepare an elevator speech about your purpose How can I amplify my participation? Live tweet or live blog the session Take notes or sketch notes and share with others Attend receptions, dinners, teas and gatherings
  13. 13. Participation - as a presenter How can I maximise my participation as a presenter? Keep to time and allow time for questions and comments Clear legible slides Share your slides or paper by including links in your presentation Create easy take-aways e.g. infographics Exchange contacts and attend reciprocal sessions Be aware of brand if representing a project
  14. 14. ROER4D infographic showing project scope and scale
  15. 15. Post conference follow-up How can I grow my network? Follow up personal contacts via email, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Tweet/email conference admin thanking organisers and presenters Maintain links via social media, email, other conferences and collaboration How can I share and amplify my work? Share links to slides, paper, blog via social media channels Share reflections via blog, newsletter, emails to networks Share others’ papers and presentations How can I learn from my experience? Reflect on purpose Document learning & personal growth
  16. 16. Share on Slideshare Amplify conference effect
  17. 17. 5 Ps of Working a conference Purpose ✔ Preparation ✔ Presence ✔ Participation ✔ Post conference ✔
  18. 18. Project events Resources SlideShare Blog Twitter Facebook Page CMS (Vula) Website Email Virtual meetings (Skype, Adobe Connect) Internal communications External communications Conferences ROER4D Communications overview OpenUCT repositoryNewsletter
  19. 19. ROER4D Website
  20. 20. Next steps and discussion Please share your tips and tricks for working a conference? Add to Google doc:
  21. 21. Links Website: Contact Author: Follow us: Presentations:
  22. 22. Thank you! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Written by Sukaina Walji Contact: