How to install a fairing


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It teach you how to install a fairing for your motorcycle. Also can help you better understand the fairings.

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How to install a fairing

  1. 1. Motorcycle fairings are an aftermarket add-on that motorcycle enthusiasts can install on theirbikes. The process for installing fairings on your motorcycle can be very difficult or very easy,depending on the type of motorcycle that you own. Your familiarity with installing custom partson your motorcycle and the availability of the fairings are all factors to consider when installingthe part to your motorcycle.Motorcycle fairings vary in cost, based on the motorcycle which they were designed for and thetype of fitting that you purchased. For example, fairings that are head and front shield guardscan sell for several hundred of dollars, depending on whether the fairing was custom designedfor your machine or purchased directly from the manufacturer of your machine.This how-to article will discuss the general installation process for your motorcycle fairings.Without specific knowledge concerning the type of motorcycle that you own or the level of expertisethat you have with installing these parts, it can only provide very general and non-specificinstallation information.Step 1: Purchase a Custom Aftermarket Motorcycle Fairing KitThe first step in the process of installing motorcycle fairings on your motorcycle is orderingor purchasing them. You can either go online or order custom built fairings. The fairings cancover the front, sides and exhaust pipe to your motorcycle in order to give it a more streamlinedlook. The best place to go to find fairings for your motorcycle is to the manufacturer or obtainthe original equipment manufacturers (OEM) number for the type of fairings that you are lookingto install on your bike.Step 2: Determine Where the Fairings Need to Be ConnectedFor OEM fairings that you order directly from the manufacturer of your motorcycle you should beable to easily match the fittings necessary to attach the fairings to your bike. For fairingsthat are not direct from the manufacturer or that have been custom made they will need to be matchedup with the fittings for attachment to your motorcycle. You need to make sure to identify whereand how to attach the fairing before proceeding with the installation process.Step 3: Installing the Fairing to Your MotorcycleOnce you have located the place where the fairing is attached to the motorcycle, take a ratchetand/or screwdriver and set the fasteners in place. Make sure the fairing is secured properly toyour bike as you tighten the fastener. Once you have completed the process of tightening thefastener you should be ready to take your motorcycle out for a ride so that you can show off yournew custom design look.If you have problems installing a custom built, non-factory made fairing (i.e. aftermarketpurchase) you should immediately contact the designer of the fairing in order to correct theproblem affecting the fitting of the fairing to your motorcycle.