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DNSSEC implementation in Russia


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Alexander Venedioukhin, researcher from Technical Center of Internet (TCI) shares current DNSSEC status in Russian ccTLDs, history of deployment and registry/registrars operations on DNSSEC.

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DNSSEC implementation in Russia

  1. 1. DNSSEC in .RU Alexander Venedioukhin Technical Center of the Internet
  2. 2. DNSSEC TCI - registries' backbone services. Runs DNS and domain registration services of .RU, .РФ, .SU, .ДЕТИ, .TATAR
  3. 3. DNSSEC DNSSEC started in .SU (2011) (first production zone - 23.11.2011) Main zone - .RU - signed in 2012, and .РФ - same year.
  4. 4. DNSSEC Signed with RSA + NSEC3 ZSK lifetime - 90 days Standard approach: .RU DNSVIZ.NET
  5. 5. DNSSEC Crypto procedures operator, officer and observer roles restricted access, air-gapped systems (for KSK) KSK - in HSM ZSK - in protected zone-signing machine (internal network) Challenges of routine operations Expired domain with DS - need to redelegate in grace period - how?
  6. 6. DNSSEC DNSSEC is NOT so popular. Yet Stats: 5.4 million names .RU and only about 1000 DS records nanoscale deployment
  7. 7. DNSSEC Compare to TLS (.RU): in September 2017 - 395462 TLS-nodes (HTTPS) Still about 10% of live web nodes Stats:
  8. 8. DNSSEC Compare to DNS (.RU): in September 2017 - about 70000 name servers Number of zones with DS records -- approximately 1.4% of NS count (Not much meaning) Stats:
  9. 9. DNSSEC DS record present but DNSSEC is not Cases: replaced name servers; changed administrator; etc, you name it. Expired RRSIGs
  10. 10. DNSSEC Why? 1. Users/admins - no reason to implement DNSSEC (no validation at client side); 2. Registrars do not support “automatic” DNSSEC; 3. Lack of APIs provided by registrars.
  11. 11. DNSSEC What we do? Registry has full support for DS in EPP (including ECDSA 13/14); Requires valid DNSKEY for DS, and checks it. And we try to educate end users
  12. 12. DNSSEC in .RU Thank you! Questions? Alexander Venedioukhin TCI