Eliminate Ridges in Fingernails Now!


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Get rid of ridges in fingernails and unwanted fingernail problems in 10 easy steps.

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Eliminate Ridges in Fingernails Now!

  1. 1. 10 Best Ways to Eliminate Ridges in Fingernails
  2. 2. Are Fingernail Ridges Driving You Crazy? If youre reading this, youre probably dealing with unsightly fingernail ridges and lines. Heres the good news...Most ridges are harmless, normal variations on nails. Now, the bad news...Some nail ridging may be a sign of more serious underlying medical problems.
  3. 3. So, What Are Fingernail Ridges?Fingernail ridges also known as “reedy nails” areraised lines on the nail surface also called the nailplate. These lines can run horizontally or verticallyacross the nail plate.Most vertical ridges are commonplace and quitenormal. Horizontal ridges and depressions on thenail plate can be associated with major medicalproblems.
  4. 4. Banish Your Ridges in 10 Easy StepsDrink More Water...I know...its boring advice.Yet, increasing your fluidintake with preferable watercan just about cure your nailridging concerns. After all,the body is made up of at least 60% water. Water iscrucial for many metabolic processes in the body. Do yournails a favor and drink up!
  5. 5. Take Your Vitamins... Not getting enough micro and macronutrients can destroy your nails. For example, zinc and iron deficiencies can cause not only ridges in fingernails, but concave spooning of the nail plate.Lets face it. Most of us do not get sufficient amounts ofnutrients in our diets. Adding nutritional supplementshelps to fill in the gaps in an otherwise lackluster diet.
  6. 6. Avoid Nail Injuries... Its pretty obvious that any serious injury to the nail plate or surrounding tissues will have a major impact on nail health.Thats why it is important to protect the nail frominjury. Wear gloves when appropriate. Never ignoreany signs or symptoms of nail infections, such asdrainage, redness, or swelling. If you want to solvefingernail ridging, you must take care of your nails.
  7. 7. Stay Healthy...A healthy lifestyle is your bestdefense against fingernail ridges.Exercise increases the amountof blood circulation to the nails.A diet rich in vitamins, minerals,and protein provides necessaryingredients for stunning nails. Relatively low stressliving also enhances nail appearance. So, stay calmand eat well!
  8. 8. Banish Nail BitingAs a nurse, one my biggestpet peeves is nail biting.Not only is it a great wayto get sick. Its also anexcellent way to get fungalinfections. Fungal infectionscan lead to nails that are brittle, cracked, and full ofridges. Stop the biting habit.
  9. 9. Buff Your Nails... Nail buffing is one the most effective ways to remove superficial ridges on the surface of the nail. Buffing is the process of using a slightly abrasive tool to even out the nail plate. Used occasionally, buffing gives the appearance of smooth, glossy nails.
  10. 10. Axe Artificial Nails...Hey, artificial nails are great to look at! But, theycan also wreck havoc on your natural nails andcreate ridges in the nail plate. The same goes foraggressive nail treatments, acetone based polishremovers, and keeping nail polish on way too long. Ifyou can, forgo fake fingernails and sport your ownnails proudly. Remove nail polish after a week ortwo of use. Use non-acetone based products on yournails.
  11. 11. Monitor Your Medications... Taking any new medications lately and noticing new ridges on your nails? If youre taking prescription medicines, you should be aware that some medications can cause ridges. Certain medicines create disruptions in the growth of the nail from the nail bed. Antibiotics and oral contraceptives are two common classes of medications that may bring about nail ridging.
  12. 12. Use Sun Protectant...Did you know that too much sun exposure can ruinyour nails? Yes, some sunlight is great and enablesthe body to make Vitamin D. However, ultraviolet(UV) light breakdowns down protein bonds in thenails which may lead to ridges in fingernails. Its wiseto use a nail top coat with UV protection or a topicalsunscreen or block to deflect harmful UV light.
  13. 13. Dont Age...Just kidding! Okay. Iknow theres not muchyou can do about gettingolder. But, the agingprocess affects just aboutevery part of the body,including the nails.Aging causes a decrease in circulation to the nail. This createsslower growth of the nail plate which leads to ridges. Ingeneral, the elderly also tend to have more medical problemsthat could cause nail ridging. Even though there is little you cando to stop aging, you can grow old gracefully.
  14. 14. Want to Know Even More Amazing Facts about Nail Health? Check out the links below The Ringworm Spot Fingernail Ridges Demystified Cover image credit-Jessie Heaven Lotz