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Career Zoo Background Presentation


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Career Zoo Background Presentation

  1. 1. Working to Shape your Career
  2. 2. Career Consultants is a professionalprovider of employment and careersupport services in Ireland.We work with both Individuals andOrganisations across all industry sectors.
  3. 3. Organisations For our client organisations we offer acomprehensive range of services such asHuman Resource Management Solutions, Outplacement, Psychometric Testing, Assessment Centres, and Training.
  4. 4. Individual Working to Shape your CareerFor the individual, we provide career guidance anddirection, either in finding a new job or changingcareer.Our programmes are designed to ensure that eachperson has the skills and confidence to effectivelyposition themselves in today’s job market.
  5. 5. Organisations Planning your Next Move For our client organisations we offer a comprehensive range of services:•Human Resource Management Solutions•Outplacement•Psychometric Testing•Assessment Centres•Training
  6. 6. Career CoachingCareer Consultants coaching programmes aretailored to the needs of jobseekers to ensure eachindividual achieves a successful outcome.The following modules can be included in our careercoaching programmes:Career Direction Psychometric AssessmentCV Preparation Transferrable SkillsNetworking Targeted Job SearchInterview Coaching and/or Mock Interview
  7. 7. Targeted Job SearchCareer Consultants can provide you withinvaluable job search advice that will save youtime, effort and frustration ensuring your jobsearch is as effective as possible
  8. 8. CV AdviceThe CV needs to be a strong selling document withprofessional format, layout and design.Your CV is your marketing document showcasingeverything that you have achieved in your career to date.This is your opportunity to develop yourpersonal brand, so it is important youknow how to make your CV, and you,stand out from everybody else.
  9. 9. Interview PreparationEnhance the quality of your interviewtechnique and experienceCareer Consultants will provide you withexpert interview advice and jobinterview tips for all types of interviews
  10. 10. OutplacementCareer consultants provides a range of services for companiesengaging in Outplacement:• Pre-Announcement planning• Breaking the News Training• Communications Strategies•Advice ClinicsWe also provide Executive, Group and Individual Workshops.
  11. 11. Psychometric Assessment Career Consultants are providers of the following testing products for ability and personality assessment:• SHL Ability Testing• SHL Personality Testing - OPQ32r• OPP Practical Aptitudes (Swift Technical Aptitude)• OPP Personality Assessment - 16PF
  12. 12. HRM SolutionsAt Career Consultants we offer practical HumanResource Management and Employment Law Support Services tocompanies who may or may not have an internal HRfunction, ranging from Sole Traders, to SME’s and Multinationals.Our HRM solutions range from:•Contracts of employment •HR audits•Employment handbooks •Organisational change•Performance management
  13. 13. Psychometric TestingWe provide a range of assessment tools that willallow an organisation to test a candidatesAbility, Personality and Aptitude in order to findthe desired combination and ensure the bestcandidate is selected through the InterviewProcess
  14. 14. Assessment CentresCareer Consultants conduct assessment centres using:•Role Playing•Competency Based Interviews•Psychological & Aptitude testingWe tailor these assessment centres to ensure clientrequirements are met and the best candidate selected.
  15. 15. TrainingCareer Consultants delivers a range of services for the Private andPublic sector including:•Communication Skills•Leadership Skills•Customer Service TrainingOur qualified training consultants providetraining and development programmes toSeamlessly fit the organisations requirementsand culture.