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  • RMM has been advising and helping organisations use social media, technologies and platforms since 2006. We’re a team of 15 analysts, trainers, workshop facilitators, project managers, media relations experts and content creators, headquartered in London with staff in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan. We sit on various panels and committees, such as the IAB social media council, helping to build industry standards for social media activity in Europe.
  • Our team is made up of social media specialists. Here are some details on a few of them: Iain is the founder of RMM and has 15 years of digital and five years of social media experience in developing client strategies Tina combines managing the company on a day-to-day basis with developing new partnerships and services for our clients Simon leads RMM’s social media research & analysis work, utilising his five years of experience working on CRM and customer service for Capgemini. Dan combines being RMM’s Head of Research with his work as a fellow in ethics and health policy at Johns Hopkins University. Mark is RMM’s Non-exec Chairman, brining with him 25 years of industry experience at Bates, WCRS, OMD and most recently at his own media business transformation company, Maverick Planet.
  • RMM has over four years experience working in social media, working for organisations with many questions and business challenges around using social media. We help them meet these challenges through the provision of the following services:
  • We can develop or assess and improve an organisation’s social media strategy. We do this by collating and analysing social data concerning the organisation, its competitors, conversation topics and locations in order to develop a set of insights. These insights might include the topics that are driving people’s preferences, the most important conversation locations, notable differences in competitor activity and the identity of the most influential participants. Once a strategy is in place, we help organisations create great ideas: For social media activities For social media tools & services On how to use social media to share their content On how to integrate social media into their business activities * * * *
  • We help organisations manage their online communities, set up their social initiatives, monitor and manage their buzz and conduct social media relations activity. We do this across a whole host of social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Digg and foursquare – not to mention blogs, forums, news and review sites. We do this by imparting social media expertise, knowledge and skills to an organisation and its employees – either via training workshops or by managing activities on their behalf. Finally, we help develop the social media content, platforms and tools that these activities require. Over the page, we’ve provided some brief highlights of our work to date.
  • We worked with Kia Motors to analyse their audience’s behaviour in social spaces and create online PR and customer service initiatives, ahead of the launch of their seven-year warranty scheme. We created an ambassador program for the British Council’s Education UK team, sourcing and training foreign graduate students to discuss the pros and cons of studying in the UK with prospective students from India, Malaysia and the USA.
  • Renew is a soon-to-be-launched on-street financial news and marketing channel, broadcast on 32” hi-resolution screens on either side of a blast-proof recycling units in the City of London. We worked with Renew to create a measurement framework to track engagement and interaction levels of passers-by. We helped Johnnie Walker devise a social strategy for their responsible drinking activity, encouraging collective responsibility around the idea of ‘getting the team home safely’. RMM provided strategic social consultancy to the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics. We helped them develop and launch a series of social activities, which would enable the Berman Institute to respond rapidly to breaking bioethics and health policy news stories.
  • We launched Sony Consumer Electronics (Europe) into social media in 2005, turning the brand’s pre-launch policy of withholding product information on its head - instead fostering a culture of sharing content and teasers for the ‘Balls’ campaign amongst a set of carefully selected, influential bloggers. We helped Mozilla frame its ‘Open to Choice’ initiative, activating its sizeable community around events designed to communicate the importance of keeping the web public and open. We trained a team of music experts to source new music recommendations in communities, crowd-source program content for events, monitor and respond to participants in the Red Bull Music Academy .
  • We arranged and facilitated a set of new product development workshops for Discovery Channel , with a view to creating a set of social tools that would allow their programmers to collaborate with its viewers on the creation of new content and programming. We formed a virtual product testing group for BBC Worldwide , enabling it to test new products while simultaneously seeding awareness of new services amongst an influential group of UK online media. We developed a strategic framework for Bailey’s social media activity, and used it to guide a set of social media activity workshops with the Bailey’s clients and their agencies.
  • We set up, grew and managed an online community around Samsung Mobile’s ‘The Last Call’ dance-a-thon event, earning over three million content views in under eight weeks. We provided online PR and social media relations services, enabling the Daily Beast to launch themselves in Europe, make some new friends, source some new contributors and increase European traffic by almost half in only three months.
  • We set up, managed and then trained InterCasino’s employees on how to manage online communities. We set up online R&D initiatives, and created social media tournaments, which drove increased player time and spend. We planned and managed the re-writing of Capgemini UK’s online content, on the basis of insights generated from social media research into the key conversations, challenges and queries being voiced by their customers, partners and analysts. We helped Virgin Media identify and build online relationships with the core independent film communities and influencers in the UK.
  • You’ll find us blogging at www.rmmlondon.com and tweeting at: @RMM_LDN We sit on the IAB social media council, with a specific remit regarding client education and the use of social technologies in customer service We publish reports and papers, including the creation of a 100-page report on social media metrics, published by Contagious in 2008 We speak at numerous events, including the recent iMedia panel on the development of social media standards.
  • The effect of social technologies on the way individuals and organisations communicate, share, create and recommend is wide-ranging and continuing to evolve at a fast pace. There is a challenge for organisations in the way that they embrace this technological and the associated behavioural change. Marketers, for example, cannot simply “buy” social success. Customer service directors cannot simply install new CRM technology to make their call centre employees come over as expert assistants in the eyes of their customers. ‘ Social’ is not a medium. It’s a currency, fuelled by exchanges, discussions and recommendations. As a result, the defining ‘social’ objective for an organisation is to increase its social capital. RMM works with organisations to help them invest and build their social capital.
  • RMM helps organisations use social technologies, platforms and media to develop stronger networks and relationships – with a view to building their social capital. We believe the only way to do this is to work with our clients, rather than for our clients. By providing both training and managed services, we aim to fill organisations’ gaps in terms of social media skills, knowledge, assets and human resources. In this way, we help organisations become more socially skilled, knowledgeable, prepared and confident – capable of developing stronger networks and relationships – and of successfully investing and building their social capital.
  • For more information, please contact us using the details opposite.
  • RMM - Credentials

    1. 2. A team of social media specialists
    2. 3. Over 4 years’ experience
    3. 4. Social media insight We generate insights into how organisations can make better use of social media, to help achieve their business objectives. Idea creation We help organisations create great ideas for social media activities, tools, services and content . Our services
    4. 5. Community management We manage an organisation’s online communities, on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and using social technologies such as forums and blogs Social media relations We identify and develop relationships with authoritative or influential members (or potential members) of an organisation’s social network.. Buzz monitoring & management We monitor relevant, online conversations, analysing and acting upon them for the benefit of the organisation Social initiatives We develop and manage social activities and initiatives, such as R&D groups, ambassador programmes, crowd-sourcing projects or employee collaboration groups Our services Platform and asset development We develop content, tools and platforms for social media activities and online communities..
    5. 6. Providing insight…
    6. 7. Providing insight…
    7. 8. inspiration…
    8. 9. inspiration…
    9. 10. …and expertise
    10. 11. …and expertise
    11. 12. Building industry standards <ul><li>IAB social media council: education and customer service committees </li></ul><ul><li>Contagious magazine: social media metrics report </li></ul><ul><li>iMedia: evaluation standards panel </li></ul><ul><li>ISBA: social media training course provider </li></ul>
    12. 13. Why we do it
    13. 14. How we do it
    14. 15. End <ul><li>Iain MacMillan </li></ul><ul><li>RMM </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>+44 207 193 4556 </li></ul>