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APWA Advocacy Priorities


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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APWA Advocacy Priorities

  1. 1.  Based in California, RMC Water and Environment focuses its efforts solely on this vital resource. RMC Water and Environment holds organizational membership in several environmental groups and professional associations, including the American Public Works Association, which helps public works professionals and organizations extend their reach. APWA participates in government through federal advocacy efforts, seeking a better environment for public works organizations through position statements. Its Government Affairs Committee creates a list of yearly priorities which are then acted on by its Washington, D.C. office.
  2. 2.  The APWA currently seeks to improve federal investment in surface transportation at all levels. It also places a strong priority on research that could lead to better management of stormwater. Its other policy priorities include wastewater and drinking water infrastructure management, as well as general environmental and public health issues. By advocating for improvements in these areas with an eye toward local authority and streamlined government oversight, APWA hopes to enhance the overall quality of life for communities across the country.