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Case study 4 - Brussels June 2015 Slides (C. Warner)


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Case study 4 - Brussels June 2015 Slides

Published in: Education
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Case study 4 - Brussels June 2015 Slides (C. Warner)

  1. 1. Linguistic Vulnerability and Language Learning in the Peripheries Case Study 4: Multilingual Ecologies in the American Southwest Borderlands Chantelle Warner, University of Arizona
  2. 2. An invisible border can be a barrier all the same. Borders make worlds
  3. 3. “local possibilities and limitations” (Blommaert, Collins, & Slembrouck, 2005)
  4. 4. Access Restrictions
  5. 5. Genre Trouble
  6. 6. Affect Aliens
  7. 7. Further Questions  How might vulnerability, in the ways described, factor into our understanding of multilingual research practices and researcher professional development?  How might vulnerability as a principle inform multilingual advocacy, in particular contexts of higher education out of which researchers are born?