Top Tips for Booking Hotels


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Top Tips for Booking Hotels

  1. 1. Top Tips forBooking HotelsRoss Moffat is a travelenthusiast and writes forluxury hotel site Crisp WhiteSheets home to its latest hotelat Lucknam Park
  2. 2. Book Early Book your hotel room as early as possibleonce you’ve decided on your travel plans. Not only will you get a far greater choice ofhotels and room options but you can be sureof an excellent hotel rate too. Some say booking late gets you cheap dealsbut this can be a very high risk plan and theoptions available at the last minute are oftenvery limited.
  3. 3. Special Offers Keep a lookout for any specialoffers that are available as a meansto entice guests to certain hotels. A number of different promotionsand extras are available at varioushotels. These can include something asbasic as free parking, freebreakfasts or a more luxurious freeupgrade or a selection ofpromotional price discounts.
  4. 4. Facilities and Features We all know the cheapest hotel isn’tnecessarily the best deal – somehotels are cheap for a reason. Be sure to check customer reviewsand testimonials to get a clearer ideaof the quality of hotel on offer. Thebest value hotels are related to whatyou get for your money. Check features like the in roomamenities, the hotel facilities, diningoptions and transport availabilityagainst the cost of the room. It could be worth paying a little extrafor a hotel which offers an array ofcomplimentary features and facilities.
  5. 5. Booking Period Timing is crucial in getting a cheap hotel stay,not only the time when you book your holidaybut also when you intend to actually staythere. Try to be as flexible as possible in regards towhen you can holiday and keep abreast ofcrucial information like on and off seasonprice rates and school holiday dates. Changing your plans by a few weeks cansave a fortune if it falls in to the off season oroutside of school holidays.
  6. 6. Hidden Charges Be aware that your initiallyquoted rate may not be thefinal cost of your stay. Some hotels add on additionaltaxes and fees for a variety ofthings such as paying by creditcard. These can quickly add up if youare not careful. Be certain ofthe final cost of your stay beforecommitting to the purchase.
  7. 7. Bundle Up Significant cost savings can be had byutilising a package deal offered byvarious online travel agents. By combining the costs for air travel,transport and attractions with your hotelrate you can make a substantial savingon the cost if all had been boughtseparately.
  8. 8. Avoid Weekends Hotel rates are often asimple case of supply anddemand. If you can, try to be flexiblein the dates of your trip andstay during the week. This will allow you to avoidthe busy and costlyweekends and travel whenvacancies are at theirhighest, and thus the pricesare lower.
  9. 9. Look out for Newsletters A number of organisations and travelwebsites offer various price promotionsand discounts through their newsletters. Simply signing up for free online couldqualify you for a range of discounts. Keep up to date with all the informationregarding travel deals and offers to makesure you don’t miss any bargains.
  10. 10. Location, Location, Location If you don’t mind using public transport or walkinga bit further you could save a great deal bystaying outside of the city centre. Many European cities have incredible publictransport networks making out of townaccommodation far more accessible. By choosing to stay slightly out of town you canbenefit from lower rates or get higher qualityaccommodation for your budget. None of these tips require extensive knowledge orexpertise. Simple pre-planning and organisation can ensureyou save a packet on your next travel holiday.