Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Tips


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Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Tips

  1. 1. A Guide by London Marketing Agency OnlyMarketing
  2. 2.  The reason consumers use your company is because ofthe contacts you accumulate and your industry know-how. However, all this is relative to how up-to-date yourcontact list is. If you haven’t been keeping a close eye on industry trendsand movements in the past few months it may be worthtaking stock and updating who and what you know. Being a fortress of knowledge will rub off on yourcustomers and leaving them purring ‘they really knowthere stuff!’Update your contact list anddatabase
  3. 3.  With many in the smartphone industry believing it will overtake desktopbrowser surfing in the next 20-24 months, the question you should beasking is whether your mobile site – if you have one – is up to scratch. Up to 45% of smartphone browsers do so when on the go or away fromhome. Popular choices include job-searches, email, social media, news and house-hunting. This is why it is imperative you mobile site is quick and relevant to theuser. T he most important point however is how easy to use your site is. Googlehas pointed out that its own research found that over 60% of visitors willabandon their visit if they do not find what they want straight away. This is a staggering amount of potential custom thrown away because yourmobile site is poor.Get a Mobile Site
  4. 4.  With so many real estate agencies out there it will alwaysbe difficult to rank at the top of every search engine. The problem is the lack of keywords on offer that arefought over so aggressively. In this case it is best to make sure first your website isoptimized for the best exposure and then select your bestkeywords that will attract traffic but is also relevant toyour site – e.g. there is no benefit in targeting ‘beachcondo’s’ if you operate in the built-up city. Focus on long-tail keywords and search terms, focus onyour brand and try to build trust with search enginesabout your service.Search Engines
  5. 5.  Considering a blog is a great way of getting people to your site,especially in the real estate market. If people are searching for property, you can bet they arereading up on it too. Anything from how best to present your house to buyers, toDIY quick-tips, to the best time of year to sell your home. You can even post updates about your company and promoteyour services. People want to know this and will go to great lengths whilesurfing to find it. Nearly 30% of daily surfers will read one blog entry per day, byconcentrating on search terms and useful information, what’s tosay this can’t be your blog?Blogging
  6. 6.  By bringing together a concise and targeted emailcampaign you are increasing your chances of repeatbusiness and people talking about your business orservice. Even if people do not read your email your presence intheir inbox will be at the forefront of their mind whenthey are ready to market their house. For people who do read your emails make sure they arecatered for with relevant information, advice, tips andstrategies. This will increase your chances of being talked about,endorsed and recommended by your customers. This isworth a lot.Email Campaign
  7. 7.  Whereas these guidelines mainly focus on youronline activity it is important not to sacrifice youroffline presence in its place. Continue with letters, calls and follow-up calls aspart of your property marketing mix to stay front ofmind with your customers. Don’t slow your property marketing processes justwhen the digital era brings you new opportunities!Conclusion