How to Choose the Right Health PR Agency


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How to Choose the Right Health PR Agency

  1. 1. HOW TO CHOOSE THERIGHT HEALTHPR AGENCYThe right public relations agency can make orbreak a marketing campaign. When it comes tospecialist sectors like healthcare PR, it is evenmore crucial you find a knowledgeable and healthconscious PR agency.
  2. 2. Knowledge• Is the organisation knowledgeable and experienced in thefield?• Effective understanding and proper use of medicalterminology can be crucial when it comes to marketingand communicating healthcare products.• Keeping up to date with the major health care tradepublications and journals will ensure the agency isabreast of all the latest news and information relating tothe industry.
  3. 3. Connections• The world of public relations is all about connections.• Building and managing relationships with industry expertsand the local and national press is critical to the successof an effective PR campaign.• It is important that you source an agency which hasstrong relationships with the media and a catalogue ofcontacts in the health and science industry
  4. 4. Adaptability• Healthcare involves catering for a broad range of issuesand specialist sectors.• The agency needs to be adaptable and capable to dealwith these various fields, issues and challenges in asensitive and practical manner.
  5. 5. Legislation• Public relations is a minefield oflegislation, rules, regulations, action groups andassociations.• It is important that an agency has a full understanding ofwhat is required to communicate effectively within thehealthcare industry.
  6. 6. Creativity• With public relations it is all about being first and givingthe people something they haven’t seen or heard before.• Regurgitating data or ideas from other agencies orpresenting information in a repetitive and bland mannerwill lead to underperforming campaigns.• Find an agency with creative and original ideas andtactics to getting your communications out there to aswide an audience as possible.
  7. 7. Experience & Expertise• You are entrusting your communications and thereputation of your organisation in the hands of a specialistagency.• You need to make sure that they are experienced enoughto deal with the responsibility and challenges they willface, particularly in the healthcare industry.• Make sure there are a number of people experienced andknowledgeable enough to deal with your account.