How to Boost Student Recruitment


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How to Boost Student Recruitment

  1. 1. How to Boost StudentRecruitment7 Top Tips from a leadingEducation Consultancy
  2. 2. Location• Make the location you are in as desirable and attractive as possible• Refurbish all your campus buildings• Install more modern fixtures and fittings, upgrade technology or simply add a fresh coat of paint• Make sure any gardens are grounds are kept tidy and in bloom• The setting and surroundings are often where potential students form their first impressions of the University as a whole.
  3. 3. Recommendations• Students like to seek reassurance when making the important decision of where to study• Provide testimonials from past students outlining all the strengths of the University• Make sure the testimonials are from real students !
  4. 4. Achievements• Promote past student achievements and accomplishments• Famous Alumni who went on to become established figures in their respective fields indicates the quality of the school• This highlights graduate prospects and outlines what can be achieved by the student at the school.
  5. 5. Employment• Having strong employment prospects for graduates is hugely appealing to potential applicants.• Highlight your schools strongest graduate prospects with stats, figures and past success stories.
  6. 6. High Schools• Help potential students and ensure you remain front of mind by sending education consultants to visit local high schools.• Students are more likely to connect and respond to messages if they are delivered face to face where they can discuss their issues and share thoughts and concerns.
  7. 7. Get Online• It would be foolish not to embrace technology as a means for promoting your school.• Social media sites and blogs are excellent tools for maintaining presence and sparking discussion on the web• Direct Google advertising can return strong results.
  8. 8. Offer Something Unique• Offer something different. A unique experience or opportunity students won’t be able to get from other• A well connected study abroad program is highly popular• The opportunity to participate in a renowned student athlete program.• Highly advanced technologies and industry leading research can also be appealing to academics.
  9. 9. Conclusion• Ultimately you need to outline precisely why a potential student should choose your institution over any of the other ones. ▫ What do you do differently? ▫ What can you offer that no one else can? ▫ How will their experience at your school benefit them?• Make sure your messages answer these questions clearly.