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A Guide to Promoting Your Restaurant


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Published in: Business, Technology
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A Guide to Promoting Your Restaurant

  1. 1. A Guide to Promoting YourRestaurantWhen it comes to restaurant marketing there are a number ofuseful strategies and tactics available to attract new and recurringcustomers.Providing quality dining for visitors is only one step.Getting them in the door in the first place is the biggestchallenge, and for that you need to promote your restaurant notjust your food.
  2. 2. Stand Out First impressions are critical. Passing trade is an underestimatedsource of business. Make sure your shop front is designedand styled to draw maximum attentionand attract customers inside. Provide clear and visible signage whichattracts the attention of passer’s by. Have a stylish and up to date menuoutside detailing exactly what yourrestaurant has to offer.
  3. 3. Relationship Marketing Relationship marketing is critical in the modernbusiness world Email addresses and mobile phone numbers arevital to growing, developing and maintaining acustomer base. Collect as much information as you can aboutyour customers and target market. Establishing a substantial customer database willallow you to cultivate strong relationships withyour customers and readily and easily promoteyour restaurant to them. Send out reminders or birthday wishes. Offer discounts, vouchers and freebies to“valued” customers.
  4. 4. Online Presence A restaurant without an online presenceis missing out on a substantial source ofbusiness and revenue. Use your website to attract newbusiness, develop a following and allowcustomers to find all the necessaryinformation about your restaurant. Make sure that your website is simpleand easy to use, that information is up todate and available and customers areeasily able to get in touch with you tomake a reservation.
  5. 5. Utilise Social Media A significant number of restaurants and organisations inthe food industry are using social media to drum upinterest in their company and attract new customers. Grow and develop a following and build relationshipswith your customer base. Share valuable and engaging information and contentwith your online followers. Don’t simply use sites like Twitter and Facebook as aPR channel to distribute bland marketing messages andsales pitches. Social media allows you to develop your customerbase, build relationships and gives customers theopportunity to share stories and experiences via word ofmouth.
  6. 6. All about Reviews There is little more influential when it comes tosourcing potential customers than online reviews. People often seek the advice, views andreassurances of others. This will often meanvisiting online review sites. Not only does this make customer care essentialbut also means you need to encourage positivereviews and feedback from happy customers. Unhappy customers are far more likely to sharetheir thoughts as a means to vent theirfrustrations. Encourage satisfied customers to share theirviews online and with friends and family throughword of mouth.
  7. 7. Drum Up Interest You need to establish your restaurant as thehub for the local community – a place forresidents, friends and families of all ages tovisit. The best way to establish your presence inthe local community is to go out in to thecommunity and drum up interest. Send your staff out on to the street, visitbusinesses and residences in your localarea, handing out flyers, businesscards, menus and vouchers. Be highly visible to draw attention and makeit clear to the public who you are, where youare from and how they can find you again.
  8. 8.  Build up your image within the localmedia, distributing press releases regarding yourlaunch, any new products, services or specialdiscounts and offers. Maintaining a Food PR presence within the localmedia will help to promote your brand and keepyou front of mind with the public. The need to market and promote your foodbusiness or restaurant is more critical than ever. Fortunately the opportunities to do so are equallyas abundant. Following some of the steps outlined here willensure you continue to attract and maintain ahealthy flow of customers to your restaurant.