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Check out EaC\'s Idea Book


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Check out EaC\'s Idea Book

  1. 1. 1-800-894-0264
  2. 2. Welcome and thank you for taking the time to look at Enhance a Colour, one of the most complete large format printing and display companies. Covering almost every type of large format graphics, we are a solutions provider who works to make our client’s goals attainable. From pre-imaging services available to help create and prepare your files, to every type of larger format printing and finishing known, we work hard to be the “One StOp ShOp” for that person or customer who is looking for help at a “One StOp SeRVICe” location. The following pages give an overview of Enhance a Colour, our equipment and the product services we produce. For your next large format printing need, small or large, let us show you the extent of our possibilities. Overview of the Company…We are: • Specialists in the field of large-format printing. • Full-service producers of unique digital images and displays…on virtually any substrate. • 30-year veterans in the printing, color separation and pre-press trades. • Accomplished in the retail, promotional, theater, corporate and trade show industries. • Experienced with 15 plus years of servicing the unique needs of marketers, visual managers, art directors, account executives and theatrical coordinators. Equipment & Services Overview… Operating from our 35,000 square foot production plant in Danbury CT, we have (and are always adding to) a state-of-the-art equipment inventory that includes: Carpet Printers – Up to 10 feet wide, full-color, dye-sublimated, carpet printers for Manufacturers of Unique Digital Images and Displays long- and short-term carpet applications. Up to16 feet Wide Solvent Printers – To vinyl and solvent type fabrics, 4-8 color, digital printer for grand format vinyl and flexible substrates. Dye-sub Fabric Printers – Up to 10 feet wide, full-color, dye-sublimation printers for large format fabrics. Flatbed UV Printers – Up to 10 feet 6 inches wide, full-color (plus white ink), UV ink printers for rigid 1-800-894-0264 and flexible surfaces. Laser and Digital Die-cutting Machines – Up to 80 inches x 123 inches, laser, etching, routing, and digital die-cutting for soft, flexible and rigid substrates up to 3 inches thick. C-print and Duratrans Equipment – Up to 50 inch wide digital C-Print and duratrans units for images and Headquarters: 43 Beaver Brook Road, displays at their highest photographic resolution. Danbury, CT 06810 Finishing and Installation – Services such as seaming, mounting, laminating, sewing and heat-welding, NYC Sales Office: 234 West 39th Street, getting the size and finish you need for each project. New York, NY 10018
  3. 3. Specialists in Fabric Banners, Stands, Tablecloths, Aisle Signs, Trade Show Booths, Custom Exhibits, Printed Fabric Store Banners Headers, Pipes & Drapes, Portable Exhibits, Stock Exhibits, Table Top Displays, Event & Theatre Printed Fabric Table Cloths Backdrops, Tents and other Custom Fabric orders. For Trade Show Exhibitors, Event Planners, Decorators, Display Builders, Drapers, Exhibit Designers, Exhibit Producers, Exhibit Managers, Trade Show Producers, Show Decorators, Trade Fairs, Marketing Consultants and more. Add some pizazz and color to your events. Custom sizes and finishing options are available. Our fabric banners are made from 100% polyester dye-sublimated fabric. We print up to 16 feet wide by any length. You have your choice of 100% polyester fabrics that are all fire retardant, in accordance with NFPA 701 Part 2 Large scale test, as well as other national and local fire requirements. All of our fabrics are machine washable and machine dryable over and over. We offer all types of finishing. Printed Fabric Pop Up Background Printed Fabric Press Event Backgrounds Printed Fabric Trade Show Graphics Printed Fabric Tent With Matching Fabric Pull Up Banners Printed Fabric Backdrop & Vinyl Printed Fabricated Portable Bog Printed Fabric Stage Backgrounds Printed Fabric Car Cover Throw & Contour Die Cut Sintra 150 Feet By 30 Feet Printed Fabric JFK Airport Windows Printed Fabric Soccer Goal, Backdrop & Carpet Printed Fabric Pop Up Banner Stands & Display Printed Fabric Graduation Stage Backdrops Printed Fabric Giant Promotional T-shirt
  4. 4. Enhance a Colour offers our clients the newest generation of UV ink printers and digital contour cutters. UV ink is environmentally friendly. It eliminates the need for film lamination and adhesives and their release liners. EaC prints directly, from tear resistant paper to 24 point board, foamcore, sintra, gatorboard, vivak, acrylic, styrene, wood, coroplast, corrugated, ultraboard, dibond, steel, aluminum, clear static cling and vinyl adhesives, wall and floor tiles, chalk and dry erase boards. Printing to almost any surface is possible. After printing, custom digital contour cutting is available in any size and shape. Printing Chalkboards Printed and Contour Die Cut Acrylic Characters Printed & Contour Die Cut Sintra Letters & Shapes Printed Direct To Corrugated Cardboard To Be Used As A Header Printed & Contour Die Cut Using Brushed Aluminum Dibond C-Print mounted to Giclée Printed On Canvas Sintra & Contour Die Cut Printed & Contour Die Cut Ultraboard Printed and Contour Die Cut Clear Styrene Flat Bed Printed Metal Tiles Printed & Contour Die Cut Gatorfoam Printed on Coroplast Fine Art Printed To Brushed Aluminum
  5. 5. Here at Enhance a Colour we offer expert services to a wide retail clientele. We produce unique imagery and displays that help our clients position their products in distinctive ways to promote sales. We work with wood, carpet, plexiglass, metals, plastics, gatorfoam, Backlit Wall Graphics foamcore, styrene, laminates and fabrics to create displays that meet our customers’ most challenging projects and deadlines. Printed Wall Coverings Behind Cash Registers Fabric Wall Banners Printed & Contour Die Cut Acrylic With Fabricated Bases & Lighting Fabricated & Printed Sintra Boxes For Store Grand Opening Inexpensive Vinyl Banners C-Prints Exterior Signage Interior Signage Fabricated & Printed Corrugated Cardboard AX Printed Wooden Promotional Signage 65 Feet By 12 Feet Fabric Wall Mural Fabric Backdrop, Coroplast Easel, Fabricated & Printed Gift Boxes Duratrans Lighbox Prints
  6. 6. Here at Enhance a Colour, we are using digital printing technologies to personalize interior spaces. From ceiling tiles to customized wallpaper and wall coverings, ceramic wall tiles, floor tiles, doors, curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, shower curtains and carpets, we have created one of a kind interior spaces for hotels, colleges, museums, restaurants and corporations. Hotel Laundry Room Walls College Reception Area Wallpaper Corporate Hallway Wallpaper Printed Ceiling Tiles Printed Vinyl Wall covering Kitchen Wall Tile Mural Printed Hotel Doors Printed Floor Tiles Printed Carpet Insert Printed Wall to Wall Carpeting
  7. 7. Enhance a Colour offers our clients both solvent and UV inkjet printing to vinyl and vinyl adhesives. We have the ability to print in four color process inks and white ink. This is important when printing to clear window adhesives. We can print vinyls up to 16 feet wide by any length and have the ability to produce cut letter vinyl in any color. EaC also has our own in-house installation team for installing all types of graphics. We produce banners, floor graphics, window graphics, event banners, wall Over 1,000 Linear Feet of 16 Feet High Wall Coverings at Indoor Racetrack graphics, window clings and backdrops. C-Print Pull Up Banner Stands POP Displays Promotional Events Cut Vinyl Lettering Window Graphics Vinyl Banners 3M Floor Graphics Wall Murals Vinyl Wall Murals Applied Vinyl Graphics
  8. 8. Cars, motorcycles, vans, trailers, box trucks, pull behinds, tractor trailers and buses, no vehicle is too large or too small. Enhance a Colour’s vehicle graphic solutions can turn your vehicles into mobile billboards helping you to expand the reach, frequency and impact of your advertising campaign. This can assist you in growing your business, no matter how big or how small your business is. Consider this: a single intra-city truck with graphics can generate up to 10 million visual impressions in a year. Study after study ranks mobile media as the most cost effective and influential advertising media available. Enhance a Colour has the ability to provide solutions for your needs. All Types of Vehicle Graphics And Wraps
  9. 9. Bus shelters, billboards, windows, graphics, construction barricades, vehicle wraps, bus backs and sides. Enhance a Colour has the equipment and ability to provide solutions for your needs. Over 1,000 Linear Feet of 8 Feet High Construction Barricades at Construction Site Vinyl Gallery Banner Printed and Fabricated Tents, Displays, Carts and Chair Backs Vinyl Entrance Banners Printed Bus Shelter Graphics Printed Bus Shelter Graphics Printed Billboards Vinyl Banners and Installation Transparent Window Graphics Fleet Graphics Fleet Graphics Bus Back Advertising
  10. 10. Enhance a Colour is using digital printing technology to provide lightweight portable trade show graphics and stands. From the floor to the walls to the ceilings, Enhance a Colour has the solution for your next trade show. We can give you fabric, vinyl, c-prints duratrans, direct printing to Sintra. We have the tools to provide you with the right application to solve your trade show needs. Printed Sheer Fabric Trade Show Wall With Slits To Enter “VIP” Room Podium & Banner Graphics Transparent Printed Fabric Backdrops Printed Fabric Banner Stands Stretchable Fabric Pop Up Display Printed Fabric Curved Trade Show Wall Printed Carpet Event Flooring Printed Fabric Backdrop Printed Fabric Trade Show Pop Up Display Printed Fabric Curved Trade Show Wall Flat Bed Printed Onto Corrugated Cardboard, Die Cut & Folded Into 30 Inch Cubes
  11. 11. Printed Fabric Banners for Canon In The Javits Center Printed Fabric Tent & Vinyl Podium Graphics Printed Vinyl Backdrops Printed Fabric Backdrops & Displays Vinyl Wrapped Beverage Container Vinyl Pull Up Display Fabric Pull Up Display Vinyl Trade Show Columns Printed Fabric Trade Show Backdrop & Carpet
  12. 12. Manufacturers of Unique Digital Images and Displays Enhance a Colour offers our clients the opportunity to have unique displays. We can work with wood, acrylics, metal, plastics, corrugated, ceramics 1-800-894-0264 and just about any type of material available. We have been in business for more than thirty years. Most importantly, we have talented people Headquarters: 43 Beaver Brook Road, Danbury, CT 06810 who have the right equipment to create your unique display. NYC Sales Office: 234 West 39th Street, New York, NY 10018 Printed Fabric Wall Covering Printed & Contour Die Cut Wood Printed & Contour Die Cut Acrylic Vinyl Wrapped Freezer Printed & Contour Die Cut Plexiglass Printed Fabric Transparent Backdrop Fabric Pop Up Display Printed & Contour Die Cut Three Dimensional Hanging Wood Display Printed & Contour Die Cut Foldable Cardboard Printed, Contour Die Cut & Thermoformed Three Dimensional Styrene Display Printed & Contour Die Cut Gatorfoam Printed & Contour Die Cut Acrylic Wall Logo Graphics Printed Carpet Door Mat Printed & Thermoformed Three Dimensional Styrene Display