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Worksheet information for an assignment


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Published in: Education
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Worksheet information for an assignment

  1. 1. Looking for: Information for my AssignmentYou have 20 minutesDo you accept Prensky’s characterisation of the present generation of young people as ‘digitalnatives’? 1. Breakdown the assignment title. Find the keywords and phrases. Write them down in the grid. 2. What kind of information do you need? Will you be looking for books or journal articles? Books can provide a topic overview/ background and detailed information. Journal articles provide current and specialised information and research. 3. Use the Library web site to look for the information you require 4. Use the Search Resources tab. 5. Find 5 books and 5 articles that are relevant to the assignment title 6. Use the paper provided to write down the steps that you take to locate information and the details of the books and articles that you have found 7. When completed then talk with the group next to you about the problems that you experienced and compare the results that you retrieved. You may ask questions of me and the groups around youSam Aston Tuesday, 23 August 2011worksheetinformationforanassignment-110824052919-phpapp01.doc