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Finding information for your first assignment plan


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Teaching plan for inf

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Finding information for your first assignment plan

  1. 1. Finding Information for your First Assignment Facilitators Sam AstonMy aim for this session is to introduce or refresh taught students with the art of searching for information for an assignment.Objectives:By the end of the session I would like you • to be familiar with the library’s search resources • to construct a basic search strategyCourse Outline Time Topic Content Method 5 minutes Introduction Welcome, Aim & objectives Presentation 5 mInutes Description of task Give assignment title Presentation 15 Minutes Search terms Fill in the search grid covering concepts, keyword, Small group work 4/5 Handout synonyms, search elements 20 Minutes Information sources Use the Library web site to look for information In pairs using the Library web using the search terms from previous exercise site. Ask questions as needed 5 Minutes Search Strategy Boolean Video 10 Minutes Search workflow Discuss problems/questions Tips handout 10 Minutes Round up & Feedback Relate to aims, answer questions and leave Discussion & Presentation contact details