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Work Pages in WorldCat


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Senior OCLC Research Scientist Diane Vizine-Goetz presented "Work pages in WorldCat" at the RLG Partnership Annual Meeting, June 1, 2009.

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Work Pages in WorldCat

  1. 1. Work pages in WorldCat Diane Vizine-Goetz OCLC Research 1
  2. 2. Work pages Research project Goal is to create rich descriptions from catalog data Resulting in a page for every work 2
  3. 3. Related projects FictionFinder WorldCat Identities 3
  4. 4. Users want the catalog to be more like their favorite web sites Convenient Easy to use Useful Interesting Fun 4
  5. 5. Users want rich content 5
  6. 6. What’s in WorldCat? FRBR Work Set Count Cover Art 2,365,961 Summary/Abstract 6,278,014 Table of Contents 6 4,714,103 Total works sets 12,169,454
  7. 7. A Work Page aggregates data from a FRBR work set 7
  8. 8. Work pages Content Services Cover art OCLC cover art service Genre terms WorldCat Identities Subjects Classify Formats WorldCat api Summaries and TOCs Google charts & maps Derived terms Part-of-speech tagger Classification numbers Edition information Related works 8 Publication dates / places
  9. 9. Sample work pages Blade runner I am legend In defense of food Fast food nation Girl interrupted The ways of the righteous 15
  10. 10. Project team JD Shipengrover Roger Thompson Diane Vizine-Goetz Harry Wagner Contact us 16