The WorldCat Search API


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Roy Tennant's WorldCat Search API presentation from the RLG Partnership Annual Meeting, June 2, 2009.

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The WorldCat Search API

  1. 1. The WorldCat DLF EVERY Forum Search API CONNECTION has a starting point. Nov. 2008 Roy Tennant Senior Program Officer OCLC R Research h
  2. 2. Typical Application Data Layer Application Layer Presentation Layer Diagrams from David Walker
  3. 3. API-based Application b d li i Data Layer Application Layer XML layer
  4. 4. API Based API-Based Application Data Layer Application Layer XML layer Custom Presentation Layer
  5. 5. Sent to another source to retrieve
  6. 6. The WorldCat Search API • Searches with familiar protocols: OpenSearch and SRU • Returns results in XML: RSS, Atom, MARC21 XML, Dublin Core • A broad range of indexes, including a way to limit g , g y searches by holding library, for authenticated users • Other users search a smaller set of indexes similar indexes, to those in the advanced search • Sort by relevance author title date library count, relevance, author, title, date, count and more
  7. 7. For a single record g • List nearby libraries • Nearbyness – ip address zip code, country, address, code country state/province, latitude/longitude • Get standard citations … APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and Turabian • See other editions
  8. 8. Test Requests and Responses q p The URI Evaluator offers an easy way to test API requests and evaluate their responses.
  9. 9. Example Use: include book links in a web site sidebar
  10. 10. WorldCat Search API and Facebook The WorldCat Widget works with SRU Dublin Core results. From there, links lead to library locations in The CiteMe Widget uses OpenSearch results, with each citation automatically formatted based on the user’s p preference: APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, , g , , , or Turabian.
  11. 11. Karen Coombs’ WordPress Widget g
  12. 12. CSU Library Search
  13. 13. CSU Library Search
  14. 14. WC Search API: Some Practical Uses • Extend searches to WorldCat’s 136M+ records • Format citations • Add library links to search results • Create search-based Atom and RSS Feeds
  15. 15. What is OCLC Grid Services? • An initiative to centralize the creation and management of machine-to-machine services across the organization • Exposes data (e g MARC records) and (e.g., services (e.g., related works) • Includes both production and experimental ( (Research) services )
  16. 16. Why OCLC Grid Services? y • Gain internal operational efficiencies • Provide added value to member libraries • Develop community to advise us on external needs and priorities
  17. 17. OCLC Grid Services • Examples of Other Grid Services: • Identifier Services (e.g., xISBN, xISSN, xOCLCnum) • Registry Services (e.g., Institution Registry) (e g • Experimental Services (e.g., Terminologies) • Support Service: Developers Network
  18. 18. Developer’s Network p • Documentation (wiki) • Communication (blog, discussion list) • Infrastructure for collaboration (wiki, code repository) • Web services pilots • Sponsorship of events (e.g., Hackathon) h // ld /d
  19. 19. WorldCat Hackathon, November 2008, NYPL
  20. 20. WorldCat Mashathon, May 2009, Amsterdam
  21. 21.