The Crosswalk Web Service


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Jean Godby provided an overview of this production service at the RLG Partnership Annual Meeting, June 1, 2009

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The Crosswalk Web Service

  1. 1. RLG Partnership Meeting June 1-3 2009 The Crosswalk Web Service Jean Godby Research Scientist OCLC Research
  2. 2. The Crosswalk Web Service at OCLC • Enables OCLC to translate from one metadata format to another. • A “metadata format” is a triple that consists of a metadata schema, a structural encoding, and a character encoding. • Supported standards are bibliographic, but the software can handle other types of data. • Can be called from any product or service that processes metadata. • A version with a slightly different interface resides on the OCLC Enterprise Bus.
  3. 3. The translations Inputs MARC 21- MARC 21- Outputs 2709 2709 ONIX Books OCLC MARC MARC XML OCLC’s OCLC CDF MODS Common ONIX Books DC XML Data Format MARC XML OAI-DC XML DC XML OCLC CDF DC-Qualified DC-Qualified ONIX Serials MODS
  4. 4. Data flow for a single translation MARC input ISO 2709 522 $a northwest or Convert to input structure <record> <?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?> <header> <record> <qualifieddc xmlns MARC XML <header> name=‘marc21’ <schema dcterms=‘;dc/terms’ > <schema namespace=‘uri:”marc:21’/> name=‘DC-Terms’ <dctermsset> …</header> namespace=‘uri:DC-Terms’/> Translate to DC Terms <dcterms:spatial> <field name=‘522’> </header> northwest <datafieldname=‘a’> <field tag=‘522”> <field name=‘spatial’> </dcterms:spatial> <subfield code=‘a’>northwest</subfield> <value>northwest</value> <value>northwest</value> </dctermsset> </datafield> </field> </field> Convert to output structure </qualifieddc> </field> </record> …</record> DC Terms output
  5. 5. The MARC-Dublin Core relationship OCLC Local Marc DC Terms DC Terms DC Terms DC Simple DC Simple Other local variants OCLC Local OCLC Local DC Terms DC Simple DC Simple
  6. 6. Translations and conversions, expanded XML ISO 2709 Text XML XML XML ONIX-Books Dublin Core XML XML MARC MARC MARC New versions Local Local Local Local MARC Local Local variants extensions extensions variants extensions 21 extensions
  7. 7. From ContentDM to WorldCat Customized CONTENTdm CONTENTdm web sites Collection Build collections Administrator with CONTENTdm Acquisition station(s) Custom CONTENTdm WorldCat maps OCLC Staff, Master file CONTENTdm data analysis and derivatives copies digital DC- linked in metadata master files to archival volumes MARC OAI Harvester Digital CONTENTdm WorldCat Metadata Archive Harvesting program Store digital master files in Digital Archive
  8. 8. Next Generation Cataloging Vendor and publisher records ONIX ONIX ONIX ONIX To CDF WorldCat Translate To ONIX ESweep WorldCat enriched records Enrich data To CDF To CDF Vendors & publishers NextGen process flow
  9. 9. A graphical user interface Inputs Inputs Outputs Outputs Standard <map> translation Source: MARC 245 $a Target: ONIX Title </map> Implied Editing Search translation interface interface Application <map> profile Source: MARC 650 $a Target: ONIX Subject Map </map> database Version upgrade
  10. 10. For more information • Research reports • Encoding Application Profiles in a Computational Model of the Crosswalk • Toward element-level interoperability in bibliographic metadata • A Repository of Metadata Crosswalks • Two Paths to Interoperable Metadata • The public demo • OCLC Crosswalk Web Service Demo • OCLC Information and Services for Publishers