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Terminology Services


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Diane Vizine-Goetz' Terminology Services presentation about experimental services for controlled vocabularies at the RLG Programs Annual Partner Meeting Modeling New Service Infrastructures Breakout Session, June 3, 2008. More information about this session is available on the RLG Programs Web site at

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Terminology Services

  1. 1. Terminology Services Experimental Services for Controlled Vocabularies Experimental Services for Controlled Vocabularies OCLC Research April 2008
  2. 2. Overview • Features • Vocabularies • Indexes and Indexing • Sample Requests Responses • SRU examples • Next Steps
  3. 3. Experimental Web Services for Controlled Vocabularies Features • Search descriptions of controlled vocabularies • Search for concepts/headings in a controlled vocabulary • Retrieve a single concept/heading record by its identifier • Retrieve concepts/headings in multiple representations including HTML, MARC XML, Zthes, and SKOS • Search using SRU CQL syntax