100122 Hca Overview


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100122 Hca Overview

  1. 1. Haulton Constructions (Aust) Pty Ltd Overview January 2010 Haulton Constructions (Aust) Pty Ltd ACN137 110 228 ABN 44 381 952 277 REC. 19694 PIC. 43892 QEC. 27038 26 Malvern Street, BAYSWATER, Victoria, Australia, 3153 Ph: +61 3 9729 0866 Fax: +61 3 9729 0877 Email: admin@haulton.com.au
  2. 2. BACKGROUND Haulton is an Australian owned, multi-skilled company: • Established in 1992 - Civil/Structural contractor • 2000 - Pipeline construction division established • 2001 - Electrical Services division established • 2004 - Water Systems division established • 2005 - Pollution Control division established • Acquisition of ® effluent and pollution control • 2009 - Restructured to create H.C.A. • With separation of the Pipeline construction division
  3. 3. FULL RANGE OF SERVICES Electrical Civil Engineering Engineering Comprehensive design & construction Mechanical capability Water Engineering Systems Effluent & Pollution Engineering
  4. 4. CLIENT PROJECT SUMMARY Over the last 5 years Haulton has completed projects valued in excess of $50m Successful projects executed for major organizations including: Melbourne Water Yarra Valley South East Water Wannon Water Goulburn Valley Water North East Water Central Highlands NSW Dept of Commerce
  5. 5. PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROCESSES Detailed project scheduling to track all significant activities and key interdependencies Progressive O&M documentation as each project develops so they are available at project completion Clear project/site responsibility with up to date OH&S handbooks Comprehensive “Project Management Plans” to ISO9001 Commitment to ongoing training and standards compliance The cross disciplinary management that exists between the divisions ensures efficient project execution (nothing falls between the cracks!)
  6. 6. CIVIL/ MECHANICAL Overview Pressure Reducing Stations Plant room Construction Pump Station re-furbishing Specialised Concreting Flowmeter installation KALKALLO PUMP STATION
  7. 7. STRUCTURAL/ MECHANICAL Overview Pump Station Construction Bridge Construction Plant Room Construction Treatment Plant construction & furbishing General Concrete D&C OH&S compliant Mech.D&C KALKALLO PUMP STATION
  8. 8. PLANT & EQUIPMENT Tray Truck Backhoes Rollers Excavators Mobile Generator / Welder Company Fleet PRV INSTALLATIONS
  9. 9. ELECTRICAL SERVICES Overview Switchboard and System design and fabrication Instrumentation and Control PLC programming SCADA and Telemetry High Voltage D&C Install, commissioning and CRAIGIEBURN PUMP STATION trouble shooting
  10. 10. POLLUTION CONTROL Overview Gross Pollutant Traps Odour Control Systems First Flush diversion Site containment systems Vehicle Wash diversion Storm water isolation After sales Service and STORMWATER ISOLATION Technical Support ®
  11. 11. WATER SYSTEMS Overview Water and Wastewater Treatment Process D&C Project Management Plant upgrades Membrane, Ultraviolet, Media and Chemical treatment Process Risk and Cost analysis WATER TREATMENT PLANT and PROCESS
  12. 12. WATER SYSTEMS Project #1 Sawmill Settlement WTP D&C 1.0ML/day submerged UF WTP and ancillary equipment Goulburn Valley Water Authority
  13. 13. WATER SYSTEMS Project #2 Wangaratta and Wodonga WTP’s D&C Fluorosilicic Acid Storage and Dosing facility North East Water May 2007
  14. 14. ELECTRICAL Project #1 Alex Fraser D&C High Voltage (HV – 22kV) Sub-station and distribution Alex Fraser May 2008
  15. 15. ELECTRICAL Project #2 Deakin University – Geelong Campus D&C High Voltage (HV – 22kV) Sub-station and distribution Deakin University January 2010
  16. 16. MECHANICAL Project #1 O’Shannesy Reservoir Plug D&C 1200mm diameter plug Melbourne Water January 2009
  17. 17. CIVIL Project #1 Catchment Area Bridge Works Construction and replacement of burnt out bridges Melbourne Water November 2009
  18. 18. CIVIL Project #2 Building Construction D&C Concrete slabs and buildings Yarra Valley Water December 2007
  19. 19. POLLUTION CONTROL Project #1 Wetlands protection D&C Stormwater and Spill isolation and control for Wetlands protection Murray Goulburn Co- Operative - Leongatha December 2009
  20. 20. POLLUTION CONTROL Project #2 Spill Containment D&C Effluent Control and Management Victorian Racing Club – Flemington Racecourse December 2007
  21. 21. COMMERCIAL DISCIPLINES A comprehensive Project filter has been developed to ensure we effectively bid for projects with a strong correlation to our skills and experience Weekly management review meetings are held to clearly plan and communicate project resources and priorities Strong financial controls have been implemented with the specific focus of the Commercial Manager on compliance with AS2124 and AS4000 including AS4300 Tenders are efficiently managed with a dedicated tender management team
  22. 22. COMPANY STRUCTURE Board of Directors Exécutive Chairman – Richard Llewellyn Commercial Manager General Manager Admin/Accounts Tender Management Steve Fracaro George Holt Director – Jane Hoddinott Ann Holmes Roger Beck Nick Holt Civil/Mech. Struct./Mech. Plant/Equip. Electrical Pollution Control Water Systems George Holt Bodo George Holt Randhir Kumar Rick Maffescioni Rick Maffescioni Siemenowicz - Pressure - Pump Station - Tray Truck - Switchboard - Gross Pollutant - Membrane MF, Reducing Stations Construction - Backhoes design and Traps UF & RO - Plant room - Bridge - Rollers fabrication - Odour Control - Chemical Construction Construction - Excavators - Control System Systems clarification -Pump Station re- - Plant Room - Company Fleet design - First Flush - Media & Cart. furbishing Construction - MCC’s diversion Filtration - Specialised - Treatment Plant - Instrumentation - Site containment - UV Sterilisation Concreting construction & - PLC systems - Process Risk -Flowmeter furbishing programming -Vehicle Wash analysis installation - General - Telemetry diversion - Chlorination/ Concrete D&C -Install, -Stormwater Chloramination - OH&S compliant commissioning isolation - Chemical Mech. D&C and trouble -After sales Conditioning shooting Service and -Plant upgrades -High Voltage Technical Support Design & Construct
  23. 23. KEY PEOPLE Executive Chairman – Richard Llewellyn Over 35 years experience as a CEO and investment banker Foundation Fellow Australian Institute of Company Directors Fellow of Australian Institute of management Australian Securities License Holder 230680 Serves on many private and public company boards Director – Jane Hoddinott Broad commercial experience as a company director and administrator 35 years experience building and running various businesses 25 years experience as a Media Manager/PR consultant & Events Manager Active involvement in the Water industry since 1992, involving the promotion of products and services to its members
  24. 24. KEY PEOPLE General Manager/ Construction & Fabrication Manager – George Holt 18 years experience as the manager of a Water Industry infrastructure company 40 years trade & design engineering experience Extensive knowledge of steel & concrete structural design and construction Certified Welding Inspector/Certified Welding Supervisor Commercial Manager – Steve Fracaro Broad knowledge and extensive experience with major financial firms 15 years in Commercial Banking & Finance 8 years in Financial Management and Corporate Restructuring positions Extensive knowledge of finance and accounting processes
  25. 25. KEY PEOPLE Water Systems & Pollution Control Divisional Manager – Rick Maffescioni Joined Haulton in 2004 Environmental, Manufacturing and Service Engineering experience Over 16 years water industry experience Business Development, Design and Project Management Electrical Services Divisional Manager – Randhir Kumar Joined Haulton in 2003 Electrical engineer with Electrical Engineering & Power Systems background More than 17 years Heavy Industry experience including High Voltage Power generation, distribution, control systems and systems commissioning Business development, Design & Project Management
  26. 26. KEY PEOPLE Civil Design & Mechanical Divisional Manager – Bodo Siemenowicz Civil & Mechanical Engineer –MEI Aust. CP Eng and Registered building Practitioner (RBP) 38 years extensive Design & Project experience in the Water Industry Specialist in providing innovative design solutions for complex Water Industry problems Tender Manager – Roger Beck Mechanical & Civil construction specialist Active member of the Water Industry since 1995 Wide range and depth of experience as Tender Manager/Project Manager on major Australian & NZ construction projects
  27. 27. BENEFITS SUMMARY Haulton has over 18 years of experience and offers a complete multi-disciplinary engineering team that ensures timely execution We creatively approach difficult problems and innovatively design and construct the required (or better) result more quickly and cost effectively Project management is “hands on” and not profit driven There is minimal use of sub-contractors (and only where long standing relationships exist) to avoid “turf wars” The successful execution of our many projects clearly indicates that management are directly involved and the whole team “cares” about the outcome In house multidisciplinary commissioning, and hand over team ensures that the delivered product is thoroughly tested utilising plans prepared to ISO 9001