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RS-CEL Course Presentation

  1. 1. RS-CEL Course Brief
  2. 2. Blended Learning using ILT (Instructor Led Training) + CBT (Computer Based Training) techniques ILT (Instructor Led Training) • Digital multimedia content in the classroom • Language taught using interactive software • Teacher leads topics using everyday situations • Ample class participation through activities • Confidence building activities CBT (Computer Based Training) • Individual learning in privacy of the headset • Self paced learning • Self assessments exercises • Pronunciation Practice • Ample practice to improve Speech fluency Pedagogy + Technology = Best Delivery
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Here you will be guided step by step about basic conversational styles for meeting people with the help of rich multimedia
  5. 5. Engaging Multimedia content will help you develop situation based speaking rules & develop right pronunciation
  6. 6. After every 8 session, a learner records his own selfie video based on the topic he just finished – Self Evaluation & Skill Portfolio
  7. 7. A sample learner recording her feedback by talking about what she learnt during her last session
  8. 8. Module 1- The basic rules of English language is covered with everyday situations like greeting, self introduction, colors; common professions, etc. Module 2 - It concentrates on basic vocabulary building and parts of speech. Activities like role-plays and speech sessions provide better understanding of the topics such as food groups, colors, shopping, daily activities and others. Module 3 - Formation of sentences with refinement of grammar are emphasized through speaking and writing activities. Module 4 - Stress on listening skills with understanding of speech elements such as jaw opening, mouth movement, pronunciation and speech sounds.
  9. 9. Module 5 - Enhanced listening and comprehension skills are developed here and correcting speech problems with the MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) removal tool. Module 6 - Stress patterns are studied in words as well as sentences. Listening and comprehension skills are refined further along with Grammar and Parts of Speech through activities, speech sessions and motivating exercises. Module 7 - Emphasis is laid upon correct intonation, rate of speech, tone and pitch. It applies the practice of ‘what to speak'; and ‘how to speak', in a crafted manner using proper phonetics and correct vocabulary. Module 8 - All four aspects of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) are taken care of with advanced levels of listening and comprehension. Group discussions and brainstorming sessions are scheduled in course time-line
  10. 10. 1. Modular structure – a total of 24 topic wise sessions with 65 DIY (Do It Yourself) units on software platform. 2. Highly Interactive & Personalized Rich content. 3. Self Paced Learning – a total of 100 hours ; 2 hours daily – 1 hour for ILT & 1 hour for CBT – typically spread over 2 months. 4. Self-Assessment using Video Portfolios (Video recording of learner speech using web cam) after each 8 units on software. 6. Follows the International ALTE/CEFR Framework of English training.
  11. 11. 1. A learner has to record 1 self video after every 3 progressive course session i.e. after every 8 sessions on Software platform 2. A learner must successfully complete at least 35 units out of total 65 units on software. Key Points
  12. 12. A typical Student report showcasing Unit Wise Learning Progression
  13. 13. A typical Student Assessment Report – Unit Wise evaluation
  14. 14. 1. One WORDS WORTH Papyrus Courseware Book – Prep 1 2. One WORDS WORTH Papyrus Workbook – Prep 1 3. One Software Pin – to be used for login into our RS-CEL software for CBT sessions. 4. One DVD with Video Portfolios (Learning Progression Evidence) of student at the end of Course. 5. One participation certificate from RKCL & ACTUNIV on successful completion of Course.