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RKCL Corporate Brochure 2012

  1. 1. RAJASTHAN KNOWLEDGE CORPORATION LIMITED Corporate Profile 2012E-Learning E-Governance E-Empowerment IT shapes future7-A, JHALANA INSTITUTIONAL AREA, JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN – 302 004
  2. 2. IntroductionRKCL - Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited is a Public Limited Company established inRajasthan as a joint venture of Government of Rajasthan; Maharashtra Knowledge CorporationLimited (MKCL), Pune; University of Rajasthan; Jaipur, Maharana Pratap University ofAgriculture and Technology, Udaipur; Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University, Kota; RajcompInfo Services Ltd. and Centre for e-governance.The main objective of company is to develop a new educational framework which can plan,implement, supervise and regulate the developing needs for IT skills in the 21st century in theState of Rajasthan by promoting the IT enabled education programs as practiced in theDepartments of School, Higher, Technical and Medical Education, Government of Rajasthan andto take all such action as may be deemed to be necessary to provide high quality educationincluding better connectivity, computer skills and co-ordination amongst all educationalinstitutions, universities, students and the Government, as well as to obtain sponsorships,institutional backups and financial support for the present and future programs andresponsibilities accepted on behalf of the State Government.Vision To create an IT environment. To create competitive manpower for IT and IT enabled service.Mission To work for e-Empowerment through digital literacy. Moving people up the value chain by bridging the digital divide & resultant Knowledge Divide.Goals Digital Literacy e-Learning e-Governance e-Services e-Empowerment
  3. 3. Board of Directors1. Hon’ble Shri. Shreemat Pandey Chairman, RKCL Principal Secretary-Chief Minister office, DoITC, GoR, Jaipur2. Hon’ble Shri. Sanjay Malhotra Secretary – DoITC, GoR, Jaipur3. Shri Rajeev Swarup, Principal Secretary - Technical Education, GoR, Jaipur4. Shri. Vinod Pandya, Special Secretary - Finance Department, GoR, Jaipur5. Prof. B.L. Sharma, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur6. Dr. Rajan Welukar, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, University of Mumbai, Mumbai7. Shri. Vivek Sawant Managing Director, MKCL, Pune
  4. 4. 8. Dr. Naresh Dadhich Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University, Kota9. Dr. Om Prakash Gill Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur10. Dr. Aatul Wadegaonkar Managing Director Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited, JaipurRKCL Milestones• Incorporated on April 25, 2008• Business Operations commenced on January 12, 2009• Flagship RS-CIT course (regular) launched on 12th January 2009• 3+ years of self-sustaining, wealth-creating and ever growing operations with social accountability.Transformative AgendaMoving Towards a Knowledge Economy…Creating a knowledge-led economy and knowledge-based societies in the world is a key tosurvival and development of people in the emerging knowledge era.RKCL believes that there is a great potential in societies to emerge as a knowledge-led economythanks to their large but latent talent pool. The challenge exists in transforming theirpredominantly agrarian or industrial economy into a new knowledge-led economy.This Transformation can be reached by imbibing a culture of life-long learning. The severe threatof marginalization of the masses emerging from the Digital Divide and Knowledge Divide canbe effectively averted through mass IT literacy. Only an IT Literate society can enjoy a greatershare of global business opportunities and global job opportunities.
  5. 5. RKCL is an entrepreneurial endeavor to bridge this Digital Divide and the resultant KnowledgeDivide by offering actionable knowledge to masses for socio-economic transformation.RKCLs synthesis of a new paradigm of education is to offer education:  To very large and diverse population with various diversities – Bigger  With high quality of relevance and applicability in life and work- Better  At an affordable cost- Cheaper  Within shortest possible time – Faster  With wide accessibility from metros to villages – Wider  In a mass-personalized and deeper experiential manner- DeeperRKCL attempts to address these six challenges simultaneously by pervasive and appropriate useof IT for empowerment of the masses in general and youth in particular.FocusRKCL commenced its business operations in Jan 2009 over the entire state of Rajasthan, thelargest state in India measuring about 342,269 sq. km. with population exceeding 6.86 crores(Census 2011).In a short span RKCL has emerged as a high-tech and high-touch initiative focused on design,development and delivery of innovative eInfrastructure, eLearning, eGovernance, andeEmpowerment technologies, solutions and services to its ever growing base of customers ineducational institutes, Governments, and Communities.Unique Equity ProfileThe Government of Rajasthan (GoR), three Universities in the state, community institutions, ITand non-IT bodies, etc. are among the initial major equity holders of RKCL. With GoRs equityof 30%, the company has a unique blend of governmental credibility and social responsibility onone hand and entrepreneurial competitiveness, market orientation, flexibility, productivity,profitability and self-sustainability on the other.
  6. 6. The founders conceived a unique identity of RKCL as a fast-track IT enabler and acomplimenting and supplementing partner of the universities, governments and communities forthe fulfillment of the new and growing aspirations of students in particular and people in generalin the emerging knowledge society and knowledge-led economy. % Shareholding Govt. of Rajasthan 5% 5% MKCL,Pune 10% 30% VMOU,Kota 10% RU,Jaipur 10% MPUAT,Udaipur 30% Centre of e-Governance RajComp InfoServices LtdRKCL Financials• Authorized Capital: ` 5.00 Crores (` 50 Million)• Subscribed Capital: ` 2.00 Crores (` 20 Million)• Shareholders:  Government of Rajasthan: ` 60 Lac  MKCL, Pune : ` 60 Lac  Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University, Kota: ` 20 Lac  Rajasthan University, Jaipur: ` 20 Lac  Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur: ` 20 lac
  7. 7.  Center for eGovernance, Jaipur: ` 10 Lac  RajComp Info Services Ltd., Jaipur: ` 10 Lac Turnover (in Million `) 300 250 200 297.42 150 100 166.76 131 50 35.048 0 FY 2008-09 FY 2009-10 FY 2010-11 FY 2011-12 (till 15th March 12) Dividends Paid for FY 2009-2010  Dividend @5% i.e. ` 0.50 per Equity Share of ` 10/- each of the Company  Cash Outflow = ` 10 lacs  Tax on Dividend = ` 1,66,088/- Dividends Paid for FY 2010-2011  Dividend @5% i.e. ` 0.50 per Equity Share of ` 10/- each of the Company  Cash Outflow = ` 10 lacs  Tax on Dividend = ` 1,62,225/-RKCL has created self-sustaining and wealth creating operations right from its inception. Theturnover of the company has exceeded INR 297 Million in the financial year 2011-12.
  8. 8. RKCL Program Summary RKCL, in its incessant pursuit of accomplishment of its vision and mission, implements various programs under the following four categories: 1. Enabling Programs These programs create an enabling environment, infrastructural facilities, technological and managerial support for the other programs to take-off and sustain. They themselves are not the direct lines of business but are the lines to enable the business in other programs. These Programs are:  eLearning Frameworks Development Program  Channel Partner Network Management Program  Information Technology Infrastructure Development Program 2. Education Programs  IT Literacy and Functionality Program 3. Educational e-Governance Programs  Digital Frameworks (Digital College, Digital University, etc.)  Online Application Solutions & Integrated Services (OASIS) 4. e-Governance Programs  eTendering Framework  Generalized eGovernance Framework (e-Judiciary, Digital Directorate, etc) A. Enabling ProgramsChannel Partner Network Management ProgramIn Rajasthan more than 1700+ IT education institutes are connected and managed through thisprogram. It is the largest IT education network in North India. The coordination of this networkis done through a fully web-based management framework viz. SOLAR designed and developedby MKCL (RKCL’s Technology Partner). This framework has brought the uniqueness to RKCLmanagement model as it enables almost paperless management of such a massive network ofauthorized learning centers in a time-bound manner and on a large geographical region amidstoccasionally adverse conditions beset with power outages, telecom link failures, paucity ofbandwidth, etc.Another unique software framework for asset tracking designed and developed by MKCL
  9. 9. (RKCL’s Technology Partner) for channel partners are enlisted below:-  WORM - an Infrastructure Asset Monitoring Framework for Channel Partner Network.Information Technology Infrastructure Development ProgramRKCL has successfully catalyzed the process of setting-up and managing a large serverinfrastructure and web-hosting facility, a base of about 8,500 desktops connected in about 1700+LANs, State-wide Distributed Classroom at 1700 locations across Rajasthan; Broadband VPN,nation-wide Multipoint Video Conferencing Facility for delivery of high-end courses, eLibraryof structured eLearning and archived video content, State-wide Asset Management andMonitoring System, SMS and IVRS Gateways, Instant Messaging Solutions, Security, Back-upand Recovery Solutions. These facilities are the largest and one of their kinds in the Indianacademic sector.eLearning Frameworks Development ProgrameLearning Suite designed and developed by MKCL (RKCL’s Technology Partner) falls underEnabling Program category and is available to customers under the brand name ERA (eLearningRevolution for All). ERA includes the software frameworks for:  Borderless Collaborative Content Development and Integration Framework  Learning and Content Management System (LCMS)  Classroom Management System  Campus-based Learning Management Solutions  Assignment Management System (AMS)  Online Evaluation, Assessment and Instant eCertification System (OES)  Distributed / Virtual Classroom Solution B. Education ProgramsIT Literacy and Functionality ProgramThis program of IT literacy is only of its kind in North India that is available at affordable cost. Ithas received a wide acclaim all over Rajasthan state and has attracted over 2 lac learners in thelast 3 years including students and teachers, professionals and entrepreneurs, farmers andworkers, housewives and senior citizens, etc.
  10. 10. As a first step to accomplish the mission objective to integrate in a self-sustainable manner theIT education and the IT enabled education with the basic teaching, learning process and itsmanagement, RKCL launched a state-wide IT Literacy drive in the form of Rajasthan StateCertificate in Information Technology Program - RS-CIT in January 2009.This program is implemented across the state through a private-public-partnership (PPP)network of about 1700+ IT Gyan Kendras (ITGKs). This has emerged as the single largestnetwork of the IT Training Centers in the whole of North India. The coordination of this networkis done through a fully web-based management framework viz. SOLAR designed and developedby MKCL (RKCL’s Technology Partner).All ITGKs utilize RKCLs brand identity and thereby benefit from its high credibility among themasses. Under the RS-CIT Program, RKCL offers a novel curriculum, excellent study materialin the form of highly illustrated books supplemented by ERA, an interactive multimediaeLearning management system with rich voice over in English & Hindi containing both informand perform types of content. eLearning Revolution for All (ERA) includes teachers resourcematerial, day-wise monitoring of curriculum schedule, learning sessions, interactive sessions,practice sessions, hands-on assignments, eForums, chat with peers and learning facilitators,ePortfolio and question banks leading to intermediate formative skill tests, final onlinesummative examination and instant e-Certification jointly with the Government of Rajasthan.All the IT Literacy and Functionality programs are being offered through a network of IT GyanKendras spread over the metropolitan, urban, semi-urban and also the rural, tribal and hilly areas.A large number of centers have been set up in colleges, polytechnics and Industrial TrainingInstitutes without any substantial capital expenditure of these institutions. Major coursesinclude:-  RS-CIT (Rajasthan State Certificate Course in Information Technology) RS-CIT - Rajasthan State Certificate course in Information Technology has been approved by Dept. of Information Technology and Communication, Govt. of Rajasthan. The detailed GR (Govt. Resolution) about RS-CIT can be seen below:-
  11. 11. In order to remove the fear of IT RKCL has launched an IT friendly course for the peopleof Rajasthan.RS-CIT is a high quality and low cost IT literacy program which offers a novelcurriculum, excellent study material and learning management system in local languages.A state-of-the-art delivery mechanism leads to online examination and instant e-Certification.
  12. 12.  RS-CFA (Rajasthan State Certificate Course in Financial Accounting with Tally ERP 9)  Tally, a pioneering company powering 95% of businesses in India & its firmly committed to Indian businesses.  Knowledge of Accounting on Computers Using Tally ERP 9  Theory & Computer Based Training  Course supported by Tally ERP 9 Version  Joint Certification by RKCL & Tally  RS-CEL (Rajasthan State Certificate Course in English Language)  Course powered by Words Worth – a brand of ACTUNIV Group  Provides knowledge on English field  Supports both ILT & CBT learning modes  Joint certification by ACTUNIV & RKCL  WAVE (World Class Academy for Vocational Excellence)  Advanced Job Oriented Courses covering Desktop Publishing, C/C++ programming & Personal Financial Management.  Course Learning via LMS called ERA & available in English/Hindi languages.  Joint certification by VMOU, RKCL & NSE. C. Educational e-Governance ProgramsRKCLs Educational eGovernance Suit includes the Higher Education and Open and DistanceEducation Enterprise Frameworks such as:  Digital University Framework (DU)  Digital College Framework (DC)  OASIS (Online Application Solution & Integrated Services) FrameworkUnder the program (DU/DC) with the help of the state-of-the-art software tools andmethodologies, RKCL offers an academic ERP suit to the universities for their academicmanagement from admissions and eligibility to examination, evaluation, result declaration andcertification challenges owing to large enrollments in diverse disciplines and in a highlydecentralized academic decision making environment.This program offers various eServices through DU, DC and OASIS designed by MKCL(RKCL’s Technology Partner) and deployed by RKCL.This portal offers various Information Services, Administrative/ Facilitation Services, eLearningServices, Participative /Collaborative Services to the College and University students. It also
  13. 13. offers services for finding career opportunities, scholarship/fellowship opportunities and careeradvancement openings through national and international competitive examinations, certificationexaminations, etc.The fundamental aim of this program is to give millions of students an access to their Universityand career universe through single entry portal and offer direct facilitation to students, teachersand managers of the Universities. This program offers eFacilitation to millions of Universitystudents throughout their academic life cycle right from search of courses, admission, to finallythe award of degree. It goes further and also provides search in placements.EASY (Employment Assistance Services to Youth) - designed and developed by MKCL(RKCL’s Technology Partner) – A multifaceted job portal for career seeker as well employerwhich offers jobs not only from private entrepreneurs but Government too. Unlike general jobportal EASY offers services like competitive exam information, employment opportunities listedin all the major newspapers of India.Under the OASIS program, RKCL has also developed a generalized eAdmissions Framework foronline admissions to all professional and other courses. It has facilitated over 35000+ candidatesin last 1 year for hassle-free admissions. The eRecruitment Framework developed under theOASIS program has been used for recruitment on 871+ posts in various GovernmentDepartments, Ministries, Corporations, and Semi-Government Bodies.Libreria - designed and developed by MKCL (RKCL’s Technology Partner) is a premier stateof art Library management system, to meet the needs of libraries both large and small. Thesoftware is designed to automate all functionalities and operations of library according tointernational standards. Libreria offers an efficient, flexible, and cost effective and user friendlysystems for Academic libraries, Colleges, Corporate houses as well as Public libraries.All these frameworks are comparable to the best ones in terms of their architecture, performance,mass personalized services and direct value addition to the customers. All these frameworks arealso seamlessly integrated with each other. D. e-Governance ProgramsRKCLs eGovernance Suite (developed by MKCL – RKCL’s Technology Partner) includesSETS (Secured eTendering Solution) – a software framework tendering goods and services forlarge enterprises.The customized state-of-the-art eTendering solutions derived from this framework have beenvery successfully deployed and used by large Public Sector Undertakings in Energy Sector fortheir procurements of goods and services as well as award of works and contracts. The totalprocurements through this highly secure system have exceeded US$ 2 Billion so far in India.This framework has received national acclaim and demand and will be deployed in large number
  14. 14. of undertakings beyond Energy Sector.Government IT literacy/training schemes as catered by RKCL RKCL Course Schemes for Masses Government Department RSCIT, RSCEL Skill Development Programme for ST Tribal Area Development Youth conducted at (TAD) TAD/MADA/Bikhri Hostels RSCIT, RSCEL Swarna Jayanti Shahiri Rozgar Yojana Directorate of Local Bodies (SJSRY) for Urban BPL Youth (DLB) RSCIT,RSCEL, Akshat Kaushal Yojana for Unemployed Directorate of Employment RSCFA Graduate Youth (DoE) RSCIT, RSCEL Minority Youth Skill Development Directorate of Minority Programme Affairs (DoMA) RSCIT, Digital Skill Development for Women Women and Child Saheli Development (WCD) RSCIT SC Youth Skill Development Programme Scheduled Caste Development Corporation (SCDC) RSCIT, RSCEL Skill Up gradation of Potential Emigrant Rajasthan Mission on Skill & Workers Livelihoods (RMoL)RKCL Course Govt. Departments for whom staff training was conducted RSCIT, CCTNS Police Department Exam RSCIT Board of Revenue for Rajasthan (BoR) RSCIT Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (JVVNL) RSCIT Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (AVVNL) RSCIT Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Limited (RVPNL) RSCIT Jodhpur Discom Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (JdVVNL) RSCIT Home Guards & Civil Defence RSCIT Select State hospitals/medical colleges under DoIT&C governed Arogya Online aka eHealth Project RS-LITE Indira Gandhi Panchayati Raj & Gramin Vikas Sansthan (IGPR&GVS) RS-LITE District e-Mitra Society at all districts RKCL Course Plan Proposed Future Training Projects for Govt. Departments RSCIT for Urban BPL Youth Department of Planning (Manpower) RSCIT for disadvantaged groups in society Social Justice & Empowerment Department RSCIT for Inmates at Central Jails Rajasthan Prisons Department RSCEL for Police Trainees Police Department
  15. 15. RKCL Performance in Numbers - eLearning Beneficiary Count during last Fiscal i.e. FY 2011-12 Total Course Scheme/Batch Department Learners Total Trained Regular Monthly RKCLs own program 77513 Batch Women & Child RSCIT - Women 13015 Development TAD/MADA - Hostel Tribal Area Development 5712 Skill Development Directorate of 2766 Program Minority Affairs IT Skill Up gradation for newly recruited Police Department 6442 constables RSCIT 111027 SJSRY - Urban BPL Directorate of Local Bodies 3821 Youth BNRGSK - IT Education Rural Development & 46 at Rural Areas Panchayati Raj Akshat Kaushal Yojana - Unemployed Graduate Directorate of Employment 1487 Youth IT Skill Rajasthan Mission on Upgradation for 225 Skill & Livelihoods Potential Emigrants District e-Mitra Society RS-LITE Staff Training Indira Gandhi Panchayati 1440 1440 Raj & Gramin Vikas Sansthan Regular RKCLs own program 135 SJSRY - Urban BPL RS-CEL Directorate of Local Bodies 3122 5611 Youth TAD Hostel Tribal Area Development 2354 Basic IT Literacy for Women & ChildDigital Saheli 22271 22271 Women Development RS-CFA Regular RKCLs own program 336 336
  16. 16. RKCL HighlightsCapacity Building  Network of 1700+ ITGK in the state well equipped with more than 8,500 computers with state-of-the-art hardware, software and internet connectivity  Huge capacity building and enrichment of infrastructural, financial, human and intellectual resources for the state for providing learning, governance and empowerment services to people  Network Coverage in all metropolitan, urban, semi-urban, rural, and tribal areas of the state  Network Coverage in all districts and 200 + tehsils of the stateServices to the People  2 lac+ youth in the state were given state-of-the-art IT Literacy Training through RKCL’s RS-CIT course in last 3 years at affordable cost  35,000+ youth have been given Online Government Recruitment Services across the state through OASIS Framework.Employment Generation  7000 youth in the state got direct employment and self-employment opportunities in this network with decent and stable income at their own native places.  12,000 youth in the state got indirect job opportunities in this network at their own native places.Financial Benefits to Government  Turnover grew from ` 35 million to ` 297 million in 3 years i.e. from 2008-09 to 2011- 12 and Profit after Tax in 2011-12 to the tune of around ` 20 million gives a confidence to state established enterprises  Paid ` 4 million+ to Government of India in last 3 years by way of taxes.
  17. 17. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for RKCL Total no. of RSCIT Literate Learners120000 11102710000080000 Total no. of RSCIT 64903 62647 Literate Learners60000 490704000020000 10583 0 2008-9 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 (1st Qtr.)
  18. 18. No. of Recruitment Applications processed via OASIS 16000 14000 15352 15771 12000 10000 No. of 8000 Recruitment 6000 Applications 2526 3000 processed via 4000 OASIS 2000 0 Commercial Dept. of IT&C Food & Civil Pre Primary Taxes Dept. Services Education Dept. Teacher---------------------------------------xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx---------------------------------------