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Free SSC Test Learner Registration cum Course Loading Guide


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Free SSC Test Learner Registration cum Course Loading Guide

  1. 1. Free SSC Practice Test Guide 1 – Learner Registration & Course load on ERA
  2. 2. SSC Test Learner Registration using BizClient Login Biz Client
  3. 3. Click SYNC with solar option and SYNC
  4. 4. Select all option and click on SYNC button
  5. 5. Select SSC Course and Novem ber Batch
  6. 6. Fill student Form same as RSCIT
  7. 7. Click save button
  8. 8. Fill section2
  9. 9. Click save optio n
  10. 10. After Form Fill click on upload download option and select data button
  11. 11. For data uploadin g click upload all button
  12. 12. Data upload process is running so please wait 5 minutes and than close
  13. 13. For verify data upload please login using your solar ID
  14. 14. Select SSC Practice Test as Course and Nov 2013 as Batch Select Course and batch than submit
  15. 15. Check for Data Upload status
  16. 16. Now Click & Open ERA Data Traveller Application
  17. 17. Under Download section – first click Download Learning e-content
  18. 18. Now enter SOLAR Login Password for downloading SSC Practice Learning content
  19. 19. Now Select RKCL SSC Practice Test from Import List
  20. 20. We will now finally receive download Congratulation message
  21. 21. Now Click on Download Assessment under Download Option
  22. 22. Now Select Course to Import New Assessment Material
  23. 23. Now log in onto ERA Learning Facilitator (LF) Login ERA5 Facilitor
  24. 24. Now Download Batch wise learner login ID and Passwords Download batch wise learner login id password
  25. 25. Select SSC course and batch
  26. 26. Click this button to view report
  27. 27. Here you can find ERA id and passwords for registered SSC learners
  28. 28. Now you can guide your registered learners to start SSC practice Test using their ERA Learner Login Thank You