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Exam Software Training Guide


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Published in: Technology
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Exam Software Training Guide

  1. 1. WebcamVerily learner information before examExam Result uploadExam Data submissionExamination Claim
  2. 2. Webcamo Webcam is compulsory at every exam center.Verify learner information before examo Check learner’s Details on permission letter and match with Exam Server Details.o In case of Photo-Sing not available, Please match permission letter name with the name available in Exam Server.
  3. 3. Exam Result Upload Upload exam result after every exam slot because if examserver is not working or corrupted due to Electricity cut or some other reason the exam data will be lost and can not be recovered.
  4. 4. Exam Data submission Reports•Day wise Report•Marks Wise Report•Attendance Report•Slot Wise Report
  5. 5. Result database backup CD• ZIP or RAR files of Back up stored at AlterNet Back up Folder.• ZIP or RAR files of Data Base backup of whole exam event.• Following three things will be written on the cover of CD• The Exam Center Code.• The Exam Center Name.• Exam Event Name
  6. 6. Examination Claim• Centre claim form get printed from attached PDF with complete Seal and Signature and Revenue stamp if required. (Exam Center Claim form should be signed by appointed VMOU Controller)• Controller Claim form with seal by exam center and signed by Exam Controller.• Important Point: Claim Form Should be filled properly, Name of each person with signature should be provided as per asked in the Claim Form.
  7. 7. RS-CIT FINAL EXAMINATIONServer Installation
  8. 8. ClickHere
  9. 9. ClickHere Click Next to Proceed
  10. 10. ClickHere to Install
  11. 11. ClickHere
  12. 12. ClickNext
  13. 13. ClickNext
  14. 14. ClickHere
  15. 15. Check Status forPrograms Installed Click Here
  16. 16. Double Click this icon to RUN RS-CIT Server
  17. 17. Enter Center Code and Password
  18. 18. ClickHere Click Next
  19. 19. To create Backup minimize this window
  20. 20. Create a folder in anydrive except Cand share this folder and allow all properties
  21. 21. Click on tools and go to ‘Map Network Drive’ Option
  22. 22. Select any drive Enter server name andfolder nameas instructed
  23. 23. DriveCreated
  24. 24. Restore Exam Server Window Click here
  25. 25. Select the created Drive from this Window
  26. 26. ClickHere toCheck
  27. 27. Successful Message
  28. 28. Select Mock test/StartExamination Click OK to Start Exam
  29. 29. RS-CIT FINAL EXAMINATIONClient Installation
  30. 30. Double click here to Run RS-CIT Client
  31. 31. Run Server to Start Exam
  32. 32. Clickhere
  33. 33. Complete details and click OK
  34. 34. Registration StartedAll clients will appear here
  35. 35. Double Click here to Run Client
  36. 36. Wait for Examination to start from Server
  37. 37. Clickhere
  38. 38. ClickHere
  39. 39. Click here aftercompletion of Exam
  40. 40. Click OK
  41. 41. Click OK
  42. 42. Click OK
  43. 43. EnterCoordinator Password
  44. 44. Click here to END ExamLearnerDetails